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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Xbac5

''''''''''''''''''&apos <33333333333333
old words: 1,903
new words: 2692
guitar kp: 2068
guitar tiw: 2157
numbers: 2080
new numbers: 1630
match 3: 79750
endurance: 2,372
DOND: 2,000,000
wof: 90,650
maze: 928
snowflakes: 443
LineBalls: 207,320

peak rank: 39
karma per game: 17.48
=karma per month=
2015 September - 160
2015 October - 419
2015 November - 200
2015 December - 200
survivor stuff 2015-2016

Xbac - Austin you are the prime example of a great player and a great person! You have always been so nice to me and helped me out with anything you could, and I wish I was half the friend and half the challenge player that you were :P But in all seriousness, I have a world of respect for you and I really hope that we can keep in touch for a long time because you strike me as a great long-term friend that I could talk to anything about :)

♥Xbac- Amg, What a cutie you actually are, I love everything about you, I love the time when You did something wrong and actually went out of your way to make it up to me, Are friendship has just went from there, we talk so regularly, and I love how I know that without a doubt I can trust you! You also say the most sweetest things which just light up my day! I also love how we have been in quite a few games together, and How we were friends back when I was a noob! Thankyou so much for joining My gold game, that was sooo sweet of you, And I love how I was in the final 2 with you in it! I couldn't of asked for anything better! :* <33

Xbac5... I'm so happy that we started talking more recently. I have played with you in the past in duels and we all know how great I am with those games. You surprised me in our recent Rookies. Not because you nommed me, but because I saw how highly you think of me when you were honest about nomming me and we ended up working together later in the game. It was fun comparing strategies with you after the game was over. I'm sorry I did not end up staying in Susan's alliance after you invited me. I think I was in too many groups on Skype. I cut back to the few ones that I talk regularly in. I hope to have a chance to play with you again sometime, especially in a duel. You're sweet, Austin. Stay that way!! :)

Xbac-Thanks for being a True Friend....when I just entered you greeted me with open arms and was willing to Help me! Your a really good leader and strategist....I hope we can play together soon and thanks for the Help!

Xbac5 You are pretty good at challenges yourself if I do say so myself :P But besides that you are a character, to me you don't get enough credit for stuff you do (how good you are at challenges, how good you are at games, ect). One day you will get very far on this site. Oh and I love reading you games every so often, you sure love doing them :P

Xbac5 Omg Austin you are such a beast at challanges :| I love you so much you are always so nice! And btw I am the cutest :(! Ilyyyy! ♥

Xbac5 - We've never played a game together or had any kind of conversation, but I'd LOVE to join a survivor with you, apparently you get some of the highest scores on this whole website so I'd love to be on that team (Y) =D

#Xbac5 - Austinnnnnnn < 3 One of my favorite people on Tengaged. You've honestly become one of my best friends, and someone who I care a whole lot about. It's odd because I was so pissed when you first lied to me in Survivor, and usually I don't get over those things easily, because trust is the foundation for a friendship (in my opinion). But, your sincere apologies meant something to me, and Im really glad I let all of that go, or else I wouldn't have someone in my life as amazing as you. I remember going in the bathroom last year to call you because my roommate was sleeping LOL... You always make me laugh, and you're SUPER loyal which means everything to me. There's so much more to you than your incredible Tengaged challenge scores, I love youuuuu and I hope we remain friends for a long time. < 33

My Games 563 games played

30 Aug, 20
25 Aug, 20
20 Aug, 20
17 Aug, 20
15 Aug, 20
14 Aug, 20
14 Aug, 20

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