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my life in a nutshell

0 sihz, Jan 20, 2016

#sihz: FighterMan's other half. A freak hoe. Bad bitch. I love him but we don't talk.


why? =[

0 _Teemo_, May 16, 2015




2 Sihz_, May 12, 2015

I'm permed for "Posting porn" - I NEVER POSTED PORN!!! Moderation won't unban me OR let me make a new account, and they blocked me on gmail for "obsessive mailing"
Well here's a little message for you all :
Stop wasting your life on a site that can't be moderated, and has staff that literally sit their fat asses on their comp 24/7 thinking they just bet obama in an election.
I'm leaving forever and don't bother skyping me cuz I'm logging off that too. People I've met here are too vile and I want to forget I ever been on this site.
FINAL CONFESSION : My name is not Sergio. bye



2 Piddu, May 9, 2015

when #Sihz is probably not permed and is banned for 14 days just like fighterman was and claimed he was permed. #FoolMeOnceShameOnYou #FoolMeTwiceShameOnMe


hello everyone

2 dmann, May 3, 2015

could the following people please mail me asap, ill probably mail you regardless ok
its kinda important, thx
bluestar - inactive
#sihz - filtered/banned
mikec51 - done
foxox - done
bamold1999 - done
jordanlloydfan - done
mikey04wp - inactive
suzycroatia - done
owlb0ned - done
#vixanu -
zimy  - inactive
allieboballie - not doing it
vanili - done
lucinda - done
minie - done
rebelman2227 - done


Nailed it

7 sihz, Jan 17, 2015

Obsession thats the only way Fighterman gets his friends.......... he is obsessed with #Sihz and DanielleDonato they just gave into his obsession and just keeps him in his spot
Sent by dayum,Jan 17, 2015



56 MelloJello, Dec 27, 2014

& I will let you know if I like you.
I'm feeling really blunt tonight.
#sihz ummm.....yeah
#danielledonato yes!
#Music yes, I love your taste in music tbh.
#Padfoot when I get my two gifts then I will like you.
#BBlover96 haven't talked in awhile but yeah, you're fine.
#MariahAnn don't know you hun
#lexibear you seem alright
#sosyomomma your username annoys me
#ElectricCheddar ew. i hate cheese.
#plopop no.
#ghrocky100 nope
#bowling4fun yes because you love lana just like me (: sorry, i meant to message you back yesterday
#SomebodyAwesome WTF I didn't see you! lol, but yeah i like you. its too bad you don't every try to talk to me
#Orlando652 you're so judgemental
#SurvivoroftheTocans sure, you seem sweet
#bunnycat yes lol, you've been here forever just like me :)
#Thumper91 never talked to you but you seem really nice!
#brandonljw no sir
Jdempewo I have never seen you before
CocoaBean I like that you have Lana on your profile page (:
bbdamian not really tbh
posiedonrox you're pretty cool
Guigi I like you.
RobertGuajardo Yes, you're cute.
Survivorgame1 No.
cotbey Yes, you're cool.
Booyahhayoob I like you're avatar tbh, its neat. but your username is a no-no.
temponeptune who are you tbh
katnisseverdeen um....yes! iloveyou.
Supahhero You're not cool.
realityfreek you're like one the only people on here that isn't fucking stupid
chelss yes, you're honestly hilarious
tylerk I like you & i'm so happy we started talking again!
Justunreal who?
Jouix you're incredible < 3
baza76 um..yeah i like you. but, you've ignored me twice so
baconbae okay so im torn. I like the first part of your username, "bacon" but i dont like the word "bae" so idk with you :)
JordanLloydFan Don't know much about you but you seem like a pretty cool guy and you've been here for along time just like me :)
Sweet_susan I like you only when you flirt with me ;)
cody_ No, because you didn't gift me from your shop.
JGoodies OKAY so, you're really into lana therefore I like you. & idk why but it seems like you are really attractive irl..
1Swampy8 yes, you're perf.
superkevin79 yes. you're hipster & super adorable.
Tetsuya You seem like a really sweet person (:
MoooHades You're so cute!
Steel yeah you're a cool guy & you like the show LOST which is amazing
monomial it's nice to see you..


Now that I probably won't join Stars

75 Funnehliner, Oct 1, 2014

for an approximate of at least 10 weeks, it's time to slam out honest opinions so PYN :p
#sihz - Sergio we don't even talk that much anymore but I enjoyed talking to you whenever, you're really nice :p
#maxiphone27 - me when we barely interact, idk I just know you from like.... Stars?! I also hope that everything's well with your depression etc.
#Marwane - I think I either never really talked to you or forgot what it was like talking to you #awks
#Don_Draper - I bet you still have me filtered bitch, fuk u for blindsiding me in vivor but I think you're a kinda ok guy but we like genuinely never talk since the Croatia chat died
#chibideidara - Edgar, you're a really sweet guy, thx for showing me that a design like a mustache exists even tho you didnt gift me it #bitch but yeah I like you a lot
#blueu22 - When I met you, you were one bitter bitchhead LOLLLLLLLLL but yeah after Ria's BB we kinda became.... neutral and now we dont talk anymore so rip
#SomebodyAwesome - Dear lord, I genuinely forgot what your personality is like because I havent talked to you in forever, but you were the person I got in the Toxics Quiz so I got that going for me which is nice
hobnobgpro -  [21:47:00] hobnobgpro (Matt): I garuntee i'm smarter than you. - Haven't privately talked to you a lot either but you're still the nice guy from after our idiotic fights over whatever reason
Tommeh208 - Oh dear, you know what I think about you pls don't ask me for a paragraph here ROFL
mradamman12 - I don't think I ever talked to you lol
JetsRock12 - When I played with you, you were a shady sheep bitch, or maybe not sheep idk how you played but you put me up with Lauren so ,,/,, also ty for voting me in finals xo I haven't talked to you in ages either lol
JasonXtreme - Never talked to you either but I think I plus your spam lol
Thumper91 - I skipped you on purpose, shame on you that you lost to David ahahaha, thx for giving me the opportunity to win the game, I really appreciate it < 3, i love you as a person, I love when you have your bitchy fits on people that deserve it LMFAO, and I especially love you saying "OH MY GAWD, STOOOOOOOOOOP"
EliotWhi - Another person who knows it already, pls shoo shoo I'm too lazy for paragraphs
Slice - I don't know you sry but thx for streaming BB Canada 2
owlb0ned - Jess, little cute whatever I dont know where the fuck you come from US or UK, muffin with a cute singing voice. I love your humor at some parts but I absolutely hated playing Stars with you, simply for the fact that the game got too much in your head and made you way too sassy & controlfreakish, otherwise since then we never really talked but I still think that outside such stressful shit you're a genuine nice person
XxLoveWakizaxX - Loves me Wakiza, loves playing games with..



0 Piddu, Jun 2, 2014

=[ http://www.tengaged.com/user/sihz
Last Activity: 7 hours ago
Remove friend


The "Sit On My Face" Game.

39 jakel0vespicklerr, Mar 26, 2013

Post the user you'd let sit on your face.
The winner gets to sit on Randomize's face.
I'll start - FunnyLookinKid. Go.
(Updated 2:46PM PST)
#Sihz - 3
#MikeDistanz - 2
#Playboyy - 2
#Lauren244 - 2
#Austin - 2
#FunnyLookinKid - 1
#Barney (The Dinosaur) - 1
#Samhuss - 1
#Ianfitz0012 - 1
#Akron - 1
#Sergio - 1
#Spookie - 1
#Torimarie - 1
#Obscurity - 1
#MattyBB9 - 1
#Malibu - 1
#Dools - 1
#Jouix - 1
#WillyEx - 1
#Gabriel24 - 1
#Sandizzle - 1
#Alex1991 - 1
#Randomize - 1
#TaylorStLouis - 1
#Lemonface - 1
#Gotanygrapesxo - 1
#Diva1 - 1
#Matthew09 - 1
#smuguy2012 - 1
#Monomial - 1
#ShayyBayy - 1
#MattyGee - 1
#Dusty12910 - 1
#KbeastW - 1


MB is Silver!! PYN!

56 TheMB305, Jan 5, 2013

Wohoo Finally silver, its been quite a journey to get here.. But I made it!
Met wonderful people on this site.. Thanks everyone for making my tengaged experience the best!
Shoutouts to ;
Now PYN for an Honest opinion ^.^
Steel - I love you dude. You are a great friend but we don't talk much as we use to :/
DanielKennedy111 - we just recently met, You are such a great friend! You are so funny and ily :)
Bryce12 - We talked for a bit about a design but then we stopped =[ PM me sometime again :)
Glam - Hi I really don't know much of you but you seem to be a nice person :)
Volcomvans - Dude, I freaking love you. No matter what any bitches say, you are one of my best friends on this site.
Gagaluv - first and for most Thank you tons for the gift it was very kind of you! You are so nice but I hate how people bully you :/ Well i'm here to defend you and if you need anything just let me know and i'll help you :)
Obscurity - I see you blog sometimes, but I have a feeling you don't like me much :[
Sihz - I love you sergio, You are so nice and funny! Now time to -11 all your blogs! >;]
Mooohades - Love you Liam! You are the sweetest person on this site, i'm so glad I met you :')
Miya -  Love you lots Nathan! even though some hate you, No one will change my good opinion of you :))
Tharealmike  - I love talking to you and i'm glad we became a lot closer these few days :)
Soxroks247 - You seem like nice person! We haven't talked though.
imthtawesom - You know I adore you my trash!



2 sihz, Jul 25, 2012

I'm a trend topic #sihz



2 sihz, Jul 25, 2012

#sihz - good looking guy, fun person tbh. used to be nice and kind but now a little bitchy. must be dmanns influence.
what a bitch carlab1 loves ya tho!


PYN and I will say something I like

62 Sweetheart95, Jul 19, 2012

about you in one sentence. Copying tommyboy614 because I love him < 3
Austin - How sweet you are, and how you're always plussing my annoying blogs. Thank you sooo much Austin I love you < 3
Dabomb127 - How friendly you are and how you can always make me smile with our random convos that don't even have a point to.
Chicaaaa - How pretty you are, Lol everytime you comment on my blog I always bring this up. Sooo I also like how nice you are, I don't think I've ever seen you in an argument and it's nice seeing people like you on tengaged.
Butcher - I LOVEEEE how you always post your name on my PYN blogs lol. It means alot to me that you do and I hope we can start talking < 3
Lemonface - I like our short fake arguments we have over Danny lol. You're pretty nice and chill and yeah I like talking to you even if it's over danny
Helencoops - I love how friendly and playful you are. You are just like Chicaaaa in a way. I don't think I have ever seen you in an argument or sad or mad. You make me laugh and I love talking to you
Tommyboy614 - I love how we would join games together and talk and our convos would last the wholeeee day but it would be entertaining talking to you
Lotus - I like how you posted your name on this blog however I DISLIKE that we haven't talked before :/ By you posting your name you look like you're willing to meet new friends which I like and I am willing to talk to you and become friends
Notafraid - I loveeee how funny you are and I love our friendship and how we have such a good friendship I don't think anyone can tear it down. I don't know how we started talking but I'm thankful for it
SSDZ - NO GIRL YOU NEED TO SIT DOWN, NOT STAND! Lol jk I love how you are always so nice to me and how you always try to talk to me. I LOVE YOU SSDZ AND YOU NEED TO SIT DOWN GIRL < 3
xXandytraicyXx - How your my favorite Mexican on tengaged. You are hilarious and you remind me of George Lopez in some weird way. I love talking to you because it's always random things that we talk about but it's actually funny. We should talk more :P
Starfresh33 - How even though you bully me at times, we're still pretty close < 3 Butttt you're not getting any nudes out of me OOPS XX
1Swampy8 - I miss how close we use to be before. We were reallyyyy close girl. And I remember when we were both Dark green level LOL with our noob avis and now here we are. All unnoobed up LOL
Vh1luvr15 - How nice you are and I like how close we use to be before, I don't know what happened butt I miss you
Connorthomson - Ugh I love everything about you Mister ;) A sentence can't describe what I like about you < 3
Ohhayy - How close we became once you came out as a boy. Before we use to hate each others..


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