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70 STOKES2009, Feb 11, 2013

I just broke 9000 karma, I'm not a  karma whore ,lol  I just like to play the games :)
PYN  and I will say a little something about you !!
Don_Draper  -  You are the froot to my loop,the peanut to my butter,the star to my burst,the kit to my kat,the angry to my birds,but most of all you are the best to my friend. You are my b-f-f-n-w-h-y-w-a-l-m (best friend forever no-matter what happens you will always love me..I love you!
#tharealmike - you are really a nice guy
#miya - I don't know you but you seem nice
Vitamin - I would like to get to know you more
#mattmon3365 - really nice
brookie_cookie  - you have always been nice to me :)
kindlycruel1 - This is the song that never ends!!!  lol
tycoon1234 - Really a sweet guy
#Istvan - Don't know you
#chancepryor - played a few games with you , but I don't really know you
#austino15fffan - seem nice
#sw33t - very nice guy
#Jallina15 - we hardly ever talk, but you are one of the sweetest girls on this site
#tyboy618 _ you seem nice
SenorBluejeans -  You make me laugh , we have a lot of fun playing games on omgpop and chatting and going on call every night, even though you don't like tengaged we still have fun..
#Runaway  -  I don't know you
MikePerko - we just started playing games together and you are really a nice guy :)
faygo  -   LOL
#Spookie - you always seem nice
#KyleDile - don't know you
sdriver999 - you are truly one of my best friends on here, you are so funny,you are one of the sweetest people I know, I love you to death, we need to go on call more and talk , love you..
#meduncan - you are so funny on call
#Tigger  - you seem cool
#AustinRules6969 -  really nice
#Rebelman2227  funny, nice
KBeastW - sweet
smuguy2012 - known you for a really long time, love you
#Music -  don't know you
#Ninihead25 - you are nice
#Spinner554 -cool guy
#bamold1999 -  we are off and on but you are pretty nice outside a game
#Lachie227 -  don't know you well
#HelenCoops  don't know you
#vh1clown - we have had a lot ups and downs, but lately you seem ok
#pugsrule13579 - always been nice to me
vh1luvr15 - funny as hell on call, love our chats
#finklestein123 - you seem like a really nice guy
#DixxieMint  -   nice
mrkkkkyle - you have been really nice to me , you are a sweet guy
mercedes415 - omg girl I love you, I miss our calls and we need to get them going again soon, always have fun talking to you ..
#JasonXtreme -  don't know you but you seem cool
evilgenious448   - funny funny funny, I love our calls every night  lol huhhhhhhhhhhhhhh   you are a really good friend. love you!
#beautifulbones - you are so sweet and caring


Happy Birthday to me! [updated]

55 Foxox, Dec 5, 2012

On tengaged. :D
I'm officially one today.
Soooo. Pyn for how you've influenced my time here.
Bo_oM - You encouraged me to blog when I'm drunk. I was inspired by your late night blogs from the bar. Also you're quite amazingly lovely. xx
Mintcokeify - OMG in love with you. You're one of the only female friends I have on here. You gave me the confidence to cat daddy. And I would do the superman one if I knew the moves too. Ily sexy lady. :*
suzycroatia - The official face of Hunger Games. That makes you my idol.
KyleDile - You're one of my Australian lovers. Our frookies together were cute but I think one of the reasons I stopped playing them. I had to backstab people and I felt bad. I'm pretty sure I've never backstabbed you though because you're way to amazingly cute.
Lachie227 - Thanks. :) Well we can get to know each other.
MoooHades - Thank you. :)
evilgenious448 - Lol you've improved my counseling skills since you always come to me if you have any problems. I'm glad you do though, and I hope sometimes I help you out a bit.
Helencoops - OMG HI BFF! Ilyyyy. And I'm not emotional enough to write a decent one of these for you because you're way too amazing. I'm SO glad I met you though. I don't think I would still be on this site if I hadn't. Soon we'll go on a cruise around the world together getting drunk and sexing sexy boys. 
Mustarrd - I just ate you on my sandwich. It made it quite delicious.
andreatranchina - Oh you're in the horrible crookies. :) Hi. I think you're quite lovely even though we just met. I think you might get evicted though. :(
Aquasor - Thanks. :D I met you just before. You seem nice and you're clearly better than me at gifting. Grats. xx
Majik - You're a really fantastic designer. :) You make me want to design too. I sort of gave up though. lol.
doodyful - You're pretty weird. Especially cause I know you don't like me but you still blog about me all the time and join games I'm in with multi's and talk about me all the time and watch 3 week old vlogs of mine and then make weird blogs copying word for word what I said. So yeah.. weird. lol. You should try to stop doing that.
Sokerdude7 - That little super tribe of yours made me soo much better at challenges. I saw all the scores you got and I was like o_O wow I'm shit. lol. So yeah, then I got better. :) And you personally are a really nice person and really funny I think. I'm sad we stopped talking.
gotanygrapesxo - You made me sort of a bitch because you tried to ruin my charity. That was the first thing on here I was genuinely mad about and I think Chazz got my first actual hate blog. After that I was a lot bitchier all around. I still don't like you that much since you tried to ruin my charity...

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