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Hello, my name is Ethan


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“O God of my praise, Do not be silent! For they have opened the wicked and deceitful mouth against me; They have spoken against me with a lying tongue. They have also surrounded me with words of hatred, And fought against me without cause. In return for my love they act as my accusers; But I am in prayer."
Psalms 109:1‭-‬4

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."

"I dream of a better tomorrow...where chickens can cross roads and not have their motives questioned."

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Mark my words. I will get on Survivor. Someday, Somehow, it will happen.

"It’s a cliche, but like all cliches it’s the truth. Your life can change overnight, or in a moment." -Zoe Benson [AHS: Coven]

“If the Champion Boys throw this challenge, they’re banking on KellyAnne being chosen to go into The Ruins. I don’t want to go against KellyAnne. KellyAnne isn’t a human, she’s a fembot, and could clearly beat me because I’m a mortal.” -Susie Meister [The Ruins]

★☆★ TV STAR #530 ★☆★
- November 1st, 2015

••••••••••••••••••••••~*~*~GROUP GAME HISTORY~*~*~••••••••••••••••••••••

------------------ ∆•∆•∆ NON-SURVIVOR/BB GROUP GAMES I'VE PLAYED IN ∆•∆•∆ --------------


• RSF 25: Endurance Bora Bora (Winner) *Partner was coltsfan876*
• RSF 27: The Inferno (Runner-Up)
• RSF 30: The Quest (10th Place) (Voted out in a tie)
• First person to never have played in Gen. 1 to make the Hall of Fame
• RSF 32: The Gauntlet 2 (Runner-Up)
• RSF 33: Redneck Island (6th Place)
• RSF 34: American Grit (Winner)
• RSF 37: The Duel 2 (6th Place)
• RSF 38: Battle of the Seasons 2 (Out Episode 6)
• RSF 39: Solitary 2.0 (Winner)
• TTRSF 41: Are You The One? (4th Place) *Perfect Match was Neme91*
• RSF 42: Cutthroat 3 (Winner) *With mysterygame2 & dragotistic*
• RSF 44: Redneck Island 2 (Winner) *Partner was semajdude*
• RSF 45: American Grit 2 (Runner-Up) *Cadre*


• NB Reality 2: Glass House (Winner)
• NB Reality 4: The Inferno (27th Place) (I was out of the country at the time :/)
• NB Reality 6: I Love Money Triple Threat (8th Place)
• NB Reality 7: WhoDunnit Death and Despair (4th Place) #TheButlerDidIt
• NB Reality 8: Fresh Meat (Winner) *Partner was Youssarian*
• NB Reality 11: Cutthroat (Winner) *With Jordonk & TDO88*
• NB Reality 12: The Mole (6th Place) (Tied on the quiz, and was out by 22 seconds)
• NBTTRS 14: Solitary (Runner-Up) [Pod #3]
• NB Reality 17: The Genius (5th Place)

=== TURNEY1805'S SERIES ===

• TTRS 30: The Duel 2 (Winner) (Rookies)
• NBTTRS 33: Solitary (Runner-Up) [Pod #3]
• TTRS 35: I Survived A Japanese Game Show (Winner)
• TTRS 37: Legends of the Hidden Temple 2 (Winner) *Partner was zorbo678*
• TTRS 38: Cutthroat (Winner) *With Aiwfwyattroh & Bigben1996*
• TTRS 40: Friends (Winner) *Partner was Aiwfwyattroh*
• TTRSF 45: Are You The One? (4th Place) *Perfect Match was Neme91*
• TTRS 47: The Gauntlet 3 (Out Episode 6)


Tengaged Elimination History:

WINS: 23

Ethan000/Youssarian vs Edu84/SummerRae101 [NBR: Fresh Meat]
Ethan000/Youssarian vs splozojames50/Absol [NBR: Fresh Meat]
Ethan000/Youssarian vs Ladybug5/Cray [NBR: Fresh Meat]
Ethan000 vs Leonine_Divine [RSF: The Inferno]
Ethan000 vs mysterygame2 [RSF: The Inferno]
Ethan000 vs coltsfan876 [NBR: Cutthroat]
Ethan000/mysterygame2 vs Steven7/Jkjkjk15 [TTRS: ISAJGS]
Ethan000 vs ShazamMcAmazing/harrywasnak/Halloween [TTRS: ISAJGS]
Ethan000 vs LaFierceBrittany2 [RSF: The Gauntlet 2]
Ethan000/zorbo678 vs Leonine_Divine/HipposUnite [TTRS: LOTHT2]
Ethan000 vs IceIceBaby [RSF: Redneck Island]
Ethan000 vs Beast1234 [RSF: Redneck Island]
Ethan000 vs jman96 [TTRS: Cutthroat]
Ethan000 vs jman96 [RSF: American Grit]
Ethan000/aiwfwyattroh/Lemjam6/Arcaninemaster vs Mybash_/Saftronbtr999/Aquamarine/donaam [TTRS: Friends]
Ethan000/aiwfwyattroh vs Lemjam6/Arcaninemaster [TTRS: Friends]
Ethan000 vs IceIceBaby [RSF: The Duel 2]
Ethan000 vs mattmon3365 [RSF: The Duel 2]
Ethan000/aiwfwyattroh vs RShowFreak/mysterygame2 [TTRS: Friends]
Ethan000 vs Jkjkjk15 [NBR: The Genius]
Ethan000 vs coltsfan876 [RSF: Cutthroat 3]
Ethan000 vs Darriusdabest [TTRS: The Gauntlet 3]
Ethan000 vs RShowFreak [TTRS: The Gauntlet 3]


Ethan000 vs Samhuss/TDO88/Cassie_Colvin (Inactive) [NBR: The Inferno]
Ethan000 vs Absol [RSF: Redneck Island]
Ethan000 vs Skyler_TW [RSF: The Duel 2]
Ethan000/mysterygame2 vs iYBF/Skyler_TW [RSF: BOTS2]
Ethan000 vs Zinger [NBR: The Genius]
Ethan000 vs Christian_ [TTRS: The Gauntlet 3]

------------------ ∆•∆•∆ BIG BROTHER GROUP GAMES I'VE PLAYED IN ∆•∆•∆ ------------------

=== TURNEY1805’S SERIES ===

• TTBB Season 7: Battle of the Block (9th Place) (4-1 Vote)
* HOH Wins: 1
* POV Wins: 2
* BOB Wins: 1

• TTBB Season 8: Project BFF (5th Place) (1(2)-1 Vote)
* HOH Wins: 2
* POV Wins: 3

• TTBB Season 15: Chaotic Clash (TBA)
* HOH Wins: ?
* POV Wins: ?


• Dara's Big Brother 1: Elements (Winner) (6/8 Jury Votes)
* HOH Wins: 3
* POV Wins: 5


• NB’s Big Brother: The Victory House (Winner) (4/7 Jury Votes)
* HOH Wins: 4
* POV Wins: 1


• Euro’s Big Brother 3: The Rivals (6th Place) (2-1 Vote)
* HOH Wins: 3
* POV Wins: 2


• Janelle’s Big Brother 3: A Tale of Two Houses (9th/17th Place) (?-? Vote)
* Voted out right before the Merge of the Two Houses (24 Total Houseguests)
* HOH Wins: 0
* POV Wins: 0

------------------ ∆•∆•∆ SURVIVOR GROUP GAMES I'VE PLAYED IN ∆•∆•∆ ------------------


• Suitman's Survivor Allies vs Adversaries (6th Place) (6th Member of the Jury) (0 Immunity Wins)
• Suitman's Survivor New Zealand (Runner-Up) (3/7 Votes to Win) (2 Immunity Wins)
• Suitman's Survivor Last Leap (6th Place) (7th Member of the Jury) (1 Immunity Win)
• Suitman's Survivor Entitled vs Earned (5th Place) (10th Member of the Jury) (3 Immunity Wins)

=== BIGBEN1996’S SERIES ===

• bigben1996’s Survivor Greece (5th Place) (9th Member of the Jury) (3 Immunity Wins)

=== CMACK311'S SERIES ===

• Cmack311's Survivor Madagascar (Winner) (6/8 Votes to win) (4 Immunity Wins)
• Cmack311's Survivor Battle of the Champions (20th Place)


• LoganWorm's Survivor Galapagos (Runner-Up) (3/8 Votes to win) (2 Immunity Wins) (The vote tied at the FTC 3-3-2, so the 2 people who voted for that person, re-voted, and they both voted against me)

=== LELI14'S SERIES ===

• Leli14's Survivor Comoro Islands (Winner) (4/7 Votes to win) (1 Immunity Win) (9 Duels Won)
*Returned to the game at the Final 4, due to Redemption Island* (I returned from Redemption Island after being voted out in 14th place, won the Final Immunity Challenge, and ultimately won the game)
• Leli14's Survivor St. Croix: Heroes vs Villains (5th Place) (7th Member of the Jury) (2 Immunity Wins)

=== BINGO21'S SERIES ===

• bingo21's Survivor Tuamotus (Winner) (6/6 Jury Votes) (4 Immunity Wins)
• bingo21's Survivor (6th Place) (Out of 25 People) (7th Member of the Jury) (1 Immunity Win) #IdoledOut


• Nbkiller's: Survivor Caribbean (10th Place) (3rd Member of the Jury) (1 Immunity Win)


• BestHeroD's Survivor Fiji (9th Place) (3rd/4th Member of the Jury) (1 Immunity win) (I also was asked back for All-Stars & Fans vs Favorites, but I regretfully had to decline)


• Mearl's Survivor Mutiny Island (12th Place) (0 Immunity Wins) (Voted out with an idol)


• Epstar59's Survivor The Alps (3rd Place) (1/7 Votes to win) (6 Immunity Wins)
• Epstar59's Survivor All-Stars (10th Place) (4th Member of the Jury) (1 Immunity Win) #IdoledOut


• Janelle_Pierzina's Survivor Cayman Islands (Winner) (6/7 Votes to win) (4 Immunity Wins)
• Janelle_Pierzina's Survivor All-Stars (12th Place) (0 Immunity Wins) (The only winner to return) (Voted out with an Idol Clue)

=== 01GOHAN'S SERIES ===

• 01Gohan's Survivor Andes (10th Place) (First Member of Jury) (0 Immunity Wins)
• 01Gohan's Survivor Pangea (11th Place out of 42 Contestants) (35th Voted Out & First Jury Member) (1 Immunity Win *Bought at an auction*)
• 01Gohan's Survivor All-Stars 2 (3rd Place) (1/6 Votes to Win) (7 Immunity Wins)

=== CK11'S SERIES ===

• CK11's Survivor Vanuatu (2nd Place) (2/4 Votes to win) (5 Immunity Wins) (The winner was decided by a non-jury member who didn't vote for me) (It was revealed at the reunion that SurvivorRulz did vote for me and it would've given me 3 votes and the win, but he did not vote in time)
• CK11's Survivor All-Stars (5th Place) (7th Member of the Jury) (3 Immunity Wins)


• Kantus's Survivor China (7th Place) (6th Member of the Jury) (2 Immunity Wins)


• Themissinglink's Survivor Japan (5th Place) (6th Member of the Jury) (2 immunity Wins)
• Themissinglink's Survivor Pearl Islands (10th Place) (3rd Member of the Jury) (0 Immunity Wins)


• KidA's Survivor Kenya (8th Place) (2nd Member of the Jury) (1 Immunity Win)

=== COLE91'S SERIES ===

• Cole91's Survivor Dominica (10th Place) (0 Immunity Wins)


• Donosaurus_rex's Survivor: Roraima (5th Place) (7th Member of the Jury) (3 Immunity Wins) #IdoledOut


• Ryan_Jambe & Samhuss's Survivor: Bora Bora (8th Place) (5th Member of the Jury) (0 Immunity Wins)


• Wangifold/Manalord's Survivor: Libya [Battle of the Seasons] (7th Place {Out of 36}) (4th Member of the Jury) (4 Immunity Wins)
• Wangifold's Survivor: Heroes vs Villains (8th Place) (4th Member of the Jury) (2 Immunity Wins)


• Manalord's Survivor: Friends vs Favorites (7th Place {Out of 22}) (5th Member of the Jury) (1 Immunity Win)


Nice comments about me:

"FYI I have been friends with ethan and at first enemies. But being his partner i got to look at how he plays the game and he is so underestimated when it comes to his social game. It is amazing what he can do and how he can get people to rally with him. I have never played with anyone as good as him overall ever" -Jordonk

"I am not trying to attack anyone, but I honestly feel like Ethan’s team is like those music groups that are only known for one member, but are still very successful and talented." -BigBrotherFan132


On 12/15/16, at 5:05 PM, Chris (Gaiaphagee) wrote:
> god I want to beat you up

On 12/15/16, at 5:05 PM, Chris (Gaiaphagee) wrote:
> with a passsion

On 12/15/16, at 5:05 PM, Ethan000 wrote:
> Too bad you wouldn’t

On 12/15/16, at 5:06 PM, Chris (Gaiaphagee) wrote:
> oh yueah?

On 12/15/16, at 5:06 PM, Ethan000 wrote:
> spelled yeah wrong


On 7/16/17, at 4:56 PM, Eric A wrote:
> who is Jesus

On 7/16/17, at 4:56 PM, Eric A wrote:
> I only believe in Ethan

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