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I think it's funny how

0 GalaxyOrb, Sep 11, 2016

#Padfoot filtered me when he owes me a gift.


PYN your KPG

15 NotNicky333, Jul 14, 2015

and we can have a kpg ladder of highest to lowest.
#Padfoot - 44.68
#amills27 - 19.79
#koolcoop - 17.7
#Ashleybabyx3 - 12.7
#huzzah - 12.19
#Marchesa - 8.5
#Willie_ - 7.5
#ForYouSelena - 6.16
#GoodKaren - 4.90 (Rounded)
#Jouix - 4.73
#Sedona173 - 3.37
#Petro - 3.33
#NotNicky333 - 2.78
#Girllover101- 1.27



0 ColdWaters, May 13, 2015

#padfoot getting a shop only hours after he banned himself


Hayley. Closed!

6 LittleMix, Apr 1, 2015

First of all I would like to thank all the lovely people that helped me get my shop in the first place:
Padfoot Thumper91 Yoshicoolman Monique90210 Papibadd Mikey04wp Sallyyisfabulous Dash
Without you it wouldn't have happened so thank you to my spammers/buyers < 3.
Now I would like to thank my gifters this week for making me get 35/35 which out of 7 shops I had never gotten before:
Phenomanimal Michaelf1114 Gardenia GoodAllan #Padfoot Cotbey EliotWhi Lucinda RickTwoRick1 TheSexiestDude990 JayElVeeIsBack Orlando652 Vixanu
Without you I would not have gotten all of my stock given to those who I had owed (since literally 27/35 stock went to people I owed, shoutout to seanindc for getting the ONLY design that was not owed besides the ones going to myself).
And finally the designers and permission givers:
iScotty Gemma17 TrishyTrash _Aria #Lucinda RoughNightBro SexyBanana & Wonderland
Without you, and other designers I wouldn't even care to get shops, so thank you for that!


♥ BigBrotherDonny ♥

20 dayum, Mar 6, 2015

NEWEST SILVER LEVEL!!!!! PYN for an opinion
#Padfoot - Jake you're a really cool guy, at first i thought you were some lame ass idiot who quickly levelled up but you're probably one of the more genuine people on this site. We need to talk more :P
#RealityObessed - Well we dont really knoweach other that well but you're in the Area 51 chat so i guess youre a cool dude, uhm from the few words we've spoken you seem like an interesting guy
#VictorLordJr - We dont know each other, however we should change that mail me sometime :P
#Christossss - #Twins haha woot your hoot mate, love you like a brother thanks for being there through all the good, bad & stupid times (AKA when you said circles had points lmfao) you're the nicest, funniest, coolest, most amazing person on this site ily
#Davidftw123 idk you very well i think we played a frooks together sometime back in the day, you seem like a pretty chilled person mail me sometime :P
#KrisStory - You're the coolest stat guy i know :P We have had a some good times together discussing you obsessed with stars lmfao, uhm you're a really cool dude & i love talking to you ♥
#Bb123 - We dont know each other, but bought silver cause you said so :P Mail me sometime :P
♥ People who i can happily say are my friends ♥
skye10 did not put you on top of joe on purpose ;)
TheJoe did not put you under skye on purpose ;) 
Sorry if i forgot you, just names off the top of my head, love you all ♥



10 Lol4ever, Feb 21, 2015

Day3 #Padfoot got out
AlaskanFiredragoN SAFE
CharlotteArnold SAFE
harrywasnak OUT
zach3051 SAFE
woollybear98 SAFE
Cotbey SAFE
bigdizzleyomama SAFE
SurvivoroftheTocans safe
hwest14 safe
QueenFrossy SAFE
13th: Mariahann
12th: Joaquint561
11th: Padfoot
Trend a player with that starts with a V



91 JayElVeeIsBack, Jan 22, 2015

For a prediction of how many kids I think you will have in the next 10 years
#padfoot - 2 You will get married to #JColeWorld and adopt 2 Children
#Michaelf1114 - Since your a pimp im going to say 8 With 3 different women LOL
#Shalissa - I have a feeling your a multi and depending on who you are Rosemaria - 0
#Maxi1234 - You are gonna meet up with Oliviaxoxo and in a drunken frenzy have triplets in one night by accident
#EliOrtiz1234 - You Will have 4 little ShyanneOrtiz's with Shyanne
#PSULucky - You will have 4 but both will be twins from a set of twins that your gonna hook up with
#Wonderdog - Sadly you will find out you are sterile and you will find that your owner neutered you since you are a dog. LOL JK But Idk how old you are so idk how many you would have :x
#Ohheydudeski - Getting it in since age 12 you probably already have 10 children you dont even know about so I will guess 30-35 not knowing about atleast 29 of them
#Guigi - You will marry Ashleybabyx3 and he will give you 2 children and you will be the perfect family ;)
#Owlb0ned - You and Ben will get married and have 4 children but somewhere in that time you are gonna hook up with Peetah32 and Bengalboy and have 2 more and ben will think all 6 kids are his
#Smoothstalker12 - I forget how many puppies a dog has @ one time so I will just say you will have 2 litters with that girl dog from Lady and the Tramp
#Lexibear - You and CarsonL are going to have 5 Children and all of them will be named a form of Carson.  CaronJ, CarsonK, CarsonM, CarsonP.Diddy, and CarsonThug
#Rocker917 - Billy you are going to get drunk one night and end up impregnating Miley Cyrus Good Luck LOL
#tditdatdwt1234d - You will adopt 2 children and rename them some weird ass name like fpshfsidn an oepruoeuih
#JColeWorld - While Eli is impregnating Shyanne you are going to somehow Also impregnante her and its going to turn into twins with 2 different dads
#Danger - Starfresh is going to make you the first ever pregnant guy GL
#BengalBoy - In 10 years you will have 10 kids more then your age by then.
#ShyanneMystik - However many cycles of Birth you can go through from now until then is how many children you will have with Macken Marwane JColeWorld EliOrtiz1234 and Hujain
#Starfresh33 - Yes you are with RJ
#NotAfraid - You will have a meetup with Eminem and he will have 2 children with you and try to get you to name one of them Haille
#Ghrocky100 - You wont have any by then because you are going to join the army and be deployed for the next 10 years
#LordJza - None cuz you ugly
#Thumper91 - You will have 15 due to pity sex and due to having kids with tons of random people cause YOU LOVE THEM and by pity sex I mean YOU LOVE THEM so you willl feel bad and have kids with them
#Spinfur - You will spin a midget around while you have sex with them so you will have a child with a midget
#SomebodyAwesome - You and chibi will have multiple children Im going to guess 3 because this..


Stars PYN Results 2

6 rawr121, Jan 10, 2015

16th: Wildboy12 - 51.1% against #Padfoot
15th: Arris - 56.8% against #Padfoot
14th: Krrais - 50.2% against #2Beastly
13th: Pens87 - 53.3% against #2Beastly (Me at all these renoms)
12th: JonMcGillis - 56.1% against #PureEssence
11th: Jassos4 - 61.1% against #PureEssence
10th: EternalBlossom - 55.1% against #TheSexiestDude990
9th: Joaquint561 - 51.1% against #JasonXtreme
8th: Coreyants - 57.2% against #JasonXtreme
7th: Padfoot - 56.5% against #JasonXtreme
6th: TheEclipse - 56.1% against #JasonXtreme (Random.org hates you Jason :( )
5th: TheSexiestDude990 - 50.4% against #PureEssence
4th: 2Beastly - 53.9% against #PureEssence
3rd: IceBeast - 12.1% UNNOMMED but created two heavily supported people
2nd: PureEssence - 42.8%
1st: JasonXtreme - 45.1%


CES's Big Brother Random.org S1 Week 3

5 coolexchangestudent, May 20, 2013

1. AlanDuncan - Alan
2. Guess_Who - Davy
3. MrPokeguy9 - Joel
4. Carlisle - David
6. Ladybug5 - Jeremy
7. Wicky - Jaylen
8. Haiiderr - Haiiderr
9. Typhlosion37 - Ryan
10. Padfoot - Jake
11. Darriusdabest - DJ
12. Lynette - Danica
14. Dane_Williams - Daniele
Davy's alliance were relieved that Dean went home, even though splitting their vote up was the plan. Alan, Davy and Joel were discussing about taking in Jake in the alliance to gain full control of the vote. Meanwhile, Daniele and Jaylen had their first kiss after the eviction. Daniele thinks that she has full control of Jaylen and can use it as an advantage and kinda just went with it.
Surprisingly to everybody, Danica won the next HOH. Daniele was so happy that she won HOH, yet she has to convince to save the alliance. She tried her best, and she thinks that she convinced her to save the whole alliance. Just AFTER she left, DJ went in and talked to her. He told Danica that if she doesn't nom one of them, she would be next to go. Since they have full control of the whole house right now.
Danica made very surprising noms, Jake and Jaylen, which let Daniele go full bitch mode on her, making Danica cry her way to the HOH room. Davy, Alan, and Joel is mad at Daniele because she didn't convince her much, which she did. So Davy, Alan, Joel and Jake, the newest member of the alliance, decides to get rid of Jaylen and Danica since they might put the whole alliance a big target on their backs. Meanwhile, Jeremy is now comforting Danica in the HOH room. Danica now thinks this could be a huge advantage to her so she is now flirting him. Which worked, and now puts another showmance in the house.
At the POV competition, it came down to Danica, David, and Alan, as they beat DJ, Jake and Jaylen. David won and everybody's now wondering if he's gonna use it or not since everyone doesn't know who the fuck he is. In a last ditch effort, Jaylen pleaded to David to use it on him, as he will try to break Davy's alliances which are going on right now with Daniele, as he heard that he will get evicted by the 4 if he didn't. Jaylen's effort paid off and gets taken off the block, which again surprises everyone. Danica puts a random person on the block, which is Ryan. Danica thinks he is a big floater. After the Veto ceremony, Danica is officially in Jeremy's alliance. Alan groups up the alliance and told them he thinks that Jake isn't trusted. Everyone decides to think about it, even though Jaylen and Daniele is trying to get rid of the alliance. While Jeremy's alliance decides to split the vote at the last moment.
Alan: Jake, hopefully they know you can't be trusted.
Davy: Jake
Joel: Jake
David: Jake
Jeremy: Ryan
Jaylen: Ryan
Haiiderr: Jake
DJ: Ryan
Daniele: Jake..

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