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Hello, my name is This is no longer Piddu from zwooper.


Group Game Achievements:
Gaia's Survivor 9: Pitcairn Islands: 4th
Bingo21's Season 10: Survivor Hosts vs The Toast: 2nd ( )
Gohan's Survivor: Hogwarts (Season 1): 1st
Cmacks Survivor: Brazil: 12th or something
RSF Season 13: Battle of the Seasons: 1st (Partnered with Supahhero)
Gaia's Survivor 12: Second Chances: 1st (7-1-1)
Bingo's Survivor 12: Mesopotamia - Loved Ones: 1st (5-2 (two inactive jurors) Won against Shadowballer000)
Cmack's Survivor: Mount Olympus: 1st (7 to 4)
RSF Season 15: The Ruins: 1st
RSF Season 19: Freshmeat 2: 1st (Partnered with Sarge455)
TTRS 13- Gauntlet 2: Winner
RSF Season 20: A Coaches Game: 2nd (Coached Bad18Life)
itspipez I Love T$ 5: 1st (4-2-1)
TTRS 19: Second Chances: 1st (5-4)
Bingo's Survivor 25: Then vs Now: 2nd (3-5-0 Lost to Shadowballer000)
RSF Gen 2 Season 2: CUTTHROAT: 1st (Gray Team Members: Piddu)

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  1. LOL @ the Nolan Twins
  2. Anyone know what the equalizer is
  3. So I had a double interview this morning
  4. ok
  5. When you try to do clownery
  6. What is everyone going for halloween
  7. Since when was getting red nosed
  8. Are we allowed to log into other
  9. Why is there still a top blog
  10. lol at the cara/marie voting scene
  11. Christopher Columbus raped 9 year old
  12. Was Columbus a bad man
  14. Twitter Challenge fans are so annoying
  15. Why did Zach act like it was Amanda's fault
  16. Shoot him now Ms Meade
  17. What happened
  18. Anybody been to cheesecake factory
  19. What Marie did in this ep
  20. Wear black for Petro

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