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Academy of Unseen Dark Arts

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Ayrith, population of 3,400. Located by the seaside and hometown to "Hells Gate", or so it is advertised as that. In the woods of the town there are some natured-formed branches and phenomenon that attracted tourists. It gained its name after the history of the town.

Now a days Ayrith also holds the veil keeping an academy hidden -- not just any academy. Academy of the Unseen Dark Arts, home to witches and warlocks. When people go missing and start turning up dead - namely witches and warlocks, what does this mean for the supernatural town of Ayrith?

What other secrets could it be holding? Better yet, who is to pay the price and feel the wrath of the Dark Lord himself?
[first name. family name. username]

馃拃Necromancy class:
Dominic Delvaux 23 -Piddu
Morgan Bloodstone 20 -dvs194
Sage Balor 25 -Bad18life
Wesley Parsons 22 -Pokepat [DEAD]

馃尡Healing/Elemental class:
Elijah Cohen 21 -Turkeylover
Isidora La Croix 22 -Maya10
Martin Tores 21 -Hudspith

馃挮Conjuring class:
Audrey Bon茅t 19 -Ajathekween [DEAD]
Aurora Ahriman 21 -Rain848
Brody Grimm 20 -Bigdizzleyomama
Nicolas Cain 21 -Symetry88
Tae Akito 23 -iGoddess

馃ИPotion-making class:
Grayson Right 23 -Rain848
Vegas Calloway 22 -Tizian
Michael White 21 - Hazbez94 [DEAD]

鉁堬笍Traveller class:
Gabriel Kale 21 -Benner_2304
Lilith Kane 20 -KingGeek
Sebastian Thronheart 20 -Logie56
Zia Ahriman 22 -iGoddess

馃鈥嶁檪锔廈randon Hawkins 20 -PennyTrationStan

馃КHumans (supernatural potential):


Ep. 1 - Broken Mirror
Ep. 2 - Three Crows
Ep. 3 - Darkness Engulfs the Night
Ep. 4 - ???
Ep. 5 [FINALE] -

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Academy of Unseen Dark Arts

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