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Trio RP™

RP Co-Hosted by Mildsalsa, Crocadilly, and Chicklet

[Mature Content]

Coming 2018

     Nearly a century ago, an unknown enemy called “The Adversary” began pillaging numerous territories in the Homelands, a realm inhabited by famous and fleeting characters from storybook tales. After news spread of an untouched world that could be a sanctuary, the Fables traveled to this New World in an event known as The Exodus.

     During the Panic of 1873, the Fables established a new home in the Upper West Side of Manhattan that became known as Fabletown. The inhabitants created and signed the Fabletown Compact, establishing the rules and laws and granting amnesty to all for their crimes in the Homelands. Fabletown exists among the mundane world, but the Fables have kept it secret from mundane authorities and people, commonly known as “mundys.” To these outsiders, Fabletown appears to be a regular neighborhood in Manhattan, but the inhabitants know the truth behind the magic and mystery of the small neighborhood.

     The government of Fabletown is primarily democratic and is modeled after that of the mundane world. The primary role of the government is to ensure the safety and secrecy of Fabletown, and they’ve proved successful year after year.

     Now, it is December of 1972 in Fabletown, and magic seems to be waning. Fabletown’s economy is entering a depression and most of the inhabitants live below the poverty line in an area known as the Slums. The streets are rotting with crime and corruption, and the drug trade is at an all time high. Those who are fortunate enough live on the residential floors of the Woodlands, the main building in Fabletown that also houses the political offices and police headquarters. The Rabbit Hole stripping club, owned and operated by March Hare, has become the mecca for activity in Fabletown and is crawling with characters of all types. Fabletown hasn’t seen darker days. However, the worst seems yet to come, especially after the discovery of Deputy Mayor Cock Robin’s body outside of The Gingerbread House Hotel.

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•Anna Tremaine - Crocadilly
•Briar Rose - Mildsalsa
•Aya Piccaninny - Chicklet
•Nibs “Rabbit” - Hudspith
•Rose Red - Maya10 (DEAD)
•Chester Feline - Spinfur
•Dorothy Gale - coolKat
•Jack Frost - Tizian
•Phillip Newcastle - Rain848
•Hansel Zucker - Finnick
•Gretel Zucker - RyanAndrews
•Kitty Delgado - Dvs194
•Wolve A. Amarok - Rocketokid13
•Todd Firefox - Piddu
•Simon Kaa - UnicornChicken
•Mulan Yi - Coyle14
•Belle French - SummerRae101
•Adam French - Rhysarnie14
•Chip "Chippy" Potts - bigdizzleyomama
•Glinda West - crush
•Arielle Poole - Pokepat
•Winston Diaval - PoohSnap
•Maia Acacia - Symmetry888
•Tobias "Toby" Piper - Cyrus
•Woody Fibber - Coolbrandonman
•Elsa Lind - Noxity
•Marie Muffett - Glinda (DEAD)
•"Jasmine" aka Badroulbadour Sultan - Avatar20

•March Hare, owner of the Rabbit Hole
•Old Mother Hubbard, owner of Hubbard's Happy Eats
•Humpty Dumpty, landlord of Slums North and South
•Doc, a bartender at the Rabbit Hole and one of the seven dwarves
•Boy Blue, Humpty Dumpty's subordinate
•Morgan La Fey, the Head Witch on the 13th Floor

1. "Who Killed Cock Robin?" - Series Premiere - Friday, December 28, 2018 - Saturday, December 29, 2018
2. "Once Upon a Time in New York City" - Sunday, January 6, 2019 - Monday, January 7, 2019
3. "A Rabbit, the Police, and Five Gunmen Walk into a Bar" - Friday, January 11, 2019 - Saturday, January 12, 2019
4. Season Finale Part 1: "TBA" - Summer 2019
5. Season Finale Part 2: "TBA" - Summer 2019

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