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Fables 1.3 "A Rabbit, the Police, and Five Gunmen Walk into a Bar

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853 days 8 hours ago
Date: December 21, 1972
Weather: 25℉, snowy

December 21, 1972, 5:00 p.m. - Woodlands Basement, Woodlands Cells -

        Toby Piper escorts Todd out of his single cell and walks him to the rotary hanging on the wall. “You get one phone call,” Toby sits in a chair nearby and motions to the phone.
        Todd nods and grabs the receiver. “You’re just going to sit there?” He starts dialing.
        “Oh,” Toby smiles, “and you’ve got five minutes.” Toby’s smile widens, and he leans back in the chair. “The floor is yours.”
        Todd rolls his eyes and finishes dialing, putting the phone to his ear. “Please pick up,” he says under his breath. The dial continues to ring, and Toby yawns, looking over at the clock on the wall.”
        “Thank god,” Todd says. “Is Nibs around?”
        “No,” Aya sighs. “He’s just gone over to the Rabbit Hole, and I should be following after him. What is this about Todd?”
        “You haven’t heard?”
        “Heard what? I’ve really got to get going. You have five minutes.”
        “No kidding.”
        “I’m hanging up.”
        “No,” Todd sighs. “Wait. I’m in the cells under the Woodlands.”
        Aya doesn’t say anything for a moment. “What did you do?”
        “I didn’t do anything,” Todd glares at Toby to make sure he heard. “Jack brought me in last night. Some room key from that shit hotel fell out of my locker. And I’ve been /trying/ to explain that somebody must have put it there,” Todd looks at Toby again, “but they don’t believe it.”
        “Well, can you blame them?” Aya huffs into the receiver.
        “What, you don’t believe me?”
        “I didn’t say that.”
        “Just,” Todd stops for a moment and turns away from Toby. “Just please tell Nibs. I need him to come down here. I don’t know what to do.”
        “You don’t need to bring the club into this, Todd. Nibs offered his hand to you, and you didn’t take it. I’m hanging up.”       
        “Aya,” Todd tries to stop her, but Aya clicks down the receiver. Todd slams the phone back on the rotary.
        “Can I maybe have one more?” Todd smiles slightly at Toby.
        Toby stands up and motions for Todd to start walking. “Let’s go.”
853 days 8 hours ago
December 21, 1972, 6:00 p.m. - An Unknown Location -

        Elsa shifts around on the ground as she hears a door open. Footsteps approach her, and she gnaws on the gag in her mouth. Humpty Dumpty reaches down and pulls the blindfold covering Elsa’s eyes off. Elsa looks up at Humpty and furrows her brow.
        “My my,” Humpty smiles. “I forgot how nice you look on the floor.” He nudges her with his foot, and she squirms away.
“Don’t worry your pretty little head off. I’m sure someone will be coming for you soon.” Humpty leans down next to Elsa. “At least, I hope he does.”
853 days 8 hours ago
December 21, 1972, 6:00 p.m. - The Gingerbread House Hotel, Hansel’s Room -

        “You need to rest,” Gretel brushes her hand against Hansel’s face. He moves away from her slightly. Gretel puts her hand down and sighs. “Hansel, I’m serious.”
        “I’m fine, Gretel. I just need to get a little dust in me, and I’ll be fine,” Hansel sits up with his hands, moving his legs to get off the bed.
        “Hansel, no,” Gretel puts her hand in the way. “You’re going back to that place. I’m going to have Woody watching you while I’m gone.”
        “God,” Hansel sighs. “Just kill me now.”
        “Have you talked to Kitty again?”
        “Not yet,” Gretel shakes her head. “I got rid of the key like she said. Just leave it to me. You need to rest.”
        “Fine,” Hansel moves his legs back into bed. “But bring me something home.”
        Gretel looks down at Hansel and nods. She leans over him and kisses him on the forehead. “Stay in bed,” Gretel pulls the blanket up and walks to the door. She turns to Hansel again before leaving and closing the door behind her.
        Gretel rides the elevator to the lobby and looks up as Simon Kaa walks in.
        “No,” Gretel shakes her head at Kaa. “You get out of here.”       
        Simon stops walking and puts his hands together, pleading to Gretel. “Please. I had no idea about that, I promise. He bugged my house.”
        “Get. Out,” Gretel crosses her arms. “I don’t want to hear it, and neither does my brother.”
        “If I could just see him…”
        “It’s not going to happen, you snake,” Gretel steps towards Kaa. “Hansel never should have gotten involved with you. Look at where he is now. You did that. Hare might’ve thrown the punches, but you’re the one who got him there in the first place. This is on you.”
        Kaa’s lips tremble, but he doesn’t speak. He turns away from Gretel with a tear in his eye and marches out of the hotel.
853 days 8 hours ago
December 21, 1972, 6:00 p.m. - Rabbit Hole, March Hare’s Office -

        Arielle shuts the office door behind her as she walks in. “Are you going to trap yourself in here all night again?”
        “I like it up here,” Hare smiles. He’s sitting in the chair behind his desk sipping on a glass of whiskey. “I can see more.” He motions to the two-way mirrors watching over the club.
        “Of course,” Arielle smiles and sits in the chair across from him.
        “You’re not still wearing that thing, are you?”
        Arielle shakes her head. “You better hope not, just asking me like that.” Arielle pulls down her dress, flashing Hare and revealing that she is no longer wearing a wire. “You said to get rid of it, so I got rid of it. Told her it was ‘too dangerous.’”
        “Still not considering being a Looking Glass Girl?”
        Arielle laughs and pulls her dress back up. “I like what I do on stage, thank you. Besides, you’ve got to be real good to see what I’ve got.”
        Hare laughs, too. “I don’t doubt it.”
        “I’ve got something for you,” Arielle reaches for her purse and pulls out a file. She slaps it on the desk in front of Hare. “I’ve ‘borrowed’ it from Fabletown’s outstanding Planning Director.”
        “Phillip,” Hare smirks. “And what is this?” He flips open the file and begins looking at the documents.”
        “A housing development,” Arielle nods. “Some kind of apartment building The Royal Prince was working on with Cock Robin. At least, that’s what Phillip thought.”
        Hare looks up from the papers at Arielle. “Oh?”
        Arielle turns the files towards her and sifts through the papers. She hands Hare a copy of the financial records and investor’s checks. “This is where your money is.”
853 days 8 hours ago
December 21, 1972, 10:59 p.m. (Three Hours From Now) - Outside the Rabbit Hole -
        A black car strolls up the street and parks across from the Rabbit Hole. Five figures sit in the car, waiting for the clock to strike. The figures are wearing halloween masks and holding assault rifles. The clock on the dash ticks to 11:00 and the figures emerge from the car. They cross the street, and one-by-one they enter the Rabbit Hole. Gunshots ring out as the gunmen begin firing and lights flash inside the club.

**(The episode opens three hours before the gunmen enter the Rabbit Hole. The Rabbit Hole is just now opening.)**

853 days 8 hours ago
**(The episode opens in 10 minutes!)**
853 days 8 hours ago
Hums, zip up my boots-
853 days 8 hours ago
**(You may begin posting)**
853 days 8 hours ago
(ooo mia you ready)
853 days 8 hours ago
*Hansel runs his fingers up the bruises on his nose lightly*
853 days 8 hours ago
*inside the Police station*
*is listening to what Arielle was able to get from the wire she was wearing*
853 days 8 hours ago
Elsa sits all tied up like

853 days 8 hours ago
*stands outside the Rabbit Hole, having a quick smoke before her shift*
853 days 8 hours ago
(who's ready to get fucking murdered, its payday motherfuckers >:D)
*Gretel stocks up everything she needs and leaves the hotel, heading down to the Rabbit Hole, her heart aching*
Gretel: ^I know you hate the place... but it's okay... Hansel's okay^
*she wipes a tear from her eye and heads in*
853 days 8 hours ago
Briar Rose:
*sits in her apartment thinking about last night at Glinda's house*
^He's so... animalistic...^
853 days 8 hours ago
*chippy is around the woodlands he watches some npcs walk by talking*
^man I wish I knew what a blowjob was^

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