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Fables 1.2 "Once Upon a Time in New York City"

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(guess we done whoop whoop)
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Closing Scenes:

December 20, 1972, 11:00 p.m. - The Rabbit Hole, Dressing Room -

        “Maybe you don’t know what you saw,” Mulan sighs. “We’ve got a lot on our plate right now, Frost. We can have Toby look into it tomorrow. We need to keep our heads screwed on here.”
        “I’m going to keep looking for a bit,” Jack nods at her. “Just to make sure I’m not missing something.”
        “Suit yourself,” Mulan pats his shoulder. “Don’t stay too late and don’t get into any trouble. I’ll see you tomorrow,” she waves to Jack and walks out of the dressing room.
Mulan exits the Rabbit Hole and sits in her car. She opens her purse and takes out a small flask, taking a quick swig before screwing the cap back on and throwing it in the glovebox. The passenger door opens, and Arielle Poole gets into the car.
        “Drive,” she looks at Mulan and closes her door. Mulan stops to protest, but then starts her car and pushes on the gas pedal.
        “What’s going on?” Mulan looks at Arielle for a second and turns back to the road.
        “I can’t do this anymore,” Arielle pulls down the front of her dress. She removes a piece of tape from her body and takes off a wire. “I can’t wear this. It’s too dangerous.”
        “Did something happen?”
        “No,” she shakes her head. “Not yet. But I think they’re suspicious of me.”
        “Arielle, you said you wanted to help take him down.”
        “I did. I do. But, it’s getting too hairy in there. And I’m not the right one to wear this thing, anyway. Nobody tells me anything,” Arielle sets the wire on Mulan’s dashboard. “I did what I could, but I’m not doing anymore. God knows what would happen to me if anybody found out.”
        “They won’t.”
        Arielle huffs sarcastically. “Just take me to the Woodlands.”
852 days 2 hours ago
December 20, 1972, 11:00 p.m. - Woodlands 13th Floor, Glinda West’s apartment -

        Wolve kicks down the door to Glinda’s apartment. “You’re pretty good at that,” Briar Rose pats Wolve on the back and steps past him into the apartment.
        “Now, what the fuck was that for?” Glinda West turns on the light, crossing her arms as she stares as Briar and Wolve. “Haven’t you heard of knocking? I’d have answered the damn door.”
        “I can have someone fix it,” Wolve shrugs.
        “You better.”
        Briar Rose steps further into the apartment. “Are you going to tell us what was going on that night?”
        Glinda heaves an annoyed sigh and sits on her couch. “You know, I would have just talked to Hare directly if he asked.”
        Wolve nods. “He doesn’t know I’m here.”
        “Oh?” Glinda raises her eyebrows. “I already told the police everything. Well, except for the blood. So, when he asks, you can tell him I left him out of it.”
        “What blood?” Briar Rose sits down in front of her. Wolve sits next to Briar and repeats her question.
        Glinda crosses her arms. “Cock Robin was bleeding. Hare beat him, I think. That’s what he told me. He had just come from the Rabbit Hole and asked me to meet him at the Hotel. I don’t know what happened,” she looks at Wolve. “I figured he would have told you that, seeing as you’re the one who’s supposed to clean up this mess. But that’s it. He was beaten and waving a gun around and yelling about something. I left as soon as we got there.”
       “Hare didn’t mention that,” Wolve huffs. “And he doesn’t know you were with him. But he will now. I’ll be sure to tell him you left him out of it,” Wolve stands up.
       “You broke down my door for that?” Glinda rolls her eyes.
       “I like to make an entrance,” Wolve smiles sarcastically.
       “Here,” Briar Rose sets down Glinda’s other earring on her coffee table.
       Glinda takes the earring without saying anything, and Wolve motions for Briar to leave with him. “Don’t forget to fix my door,” Glinda calls after them. “Asshole,” she says under her breath.
       Briar and Wolve walk out of the apartment, and Wolve sets Glinda’s door upright and shoves it back into place. “I’ve got to go get a screwdriver.”
       Briar nods and follows him down the hall. “You aren’t actually going to talk to Hare, are you?”       
Wolve is silent and continues walking down the hall.
852 days 2 hours ago
December 20, 1972, 11:20 p.m. - The Rabbit Hole, March Hare’s office -

        The black bag is removed from Hansel’s head.
His hands are bound behind his back with rope. He looks around for a second, but March Hare quickly punches him in the face. Hansel slumps to the ground, and March Hare kicks him in the stomach. Hansel lets out a welp.
        March Hare crouches down and looks Hansel in the eyes. “Mr. Zucker, I’m sure you’re wondering what you’re doing here.” He stands and kicks Hansel in the stomach again. Hansel clutches his stomach and coughs. “You know what I’ve been wondering, Mr. Zucker?”
        “Please,” Hansel coughs again, and March Hare kicks him in the stomach twice. Hansel coughs up a bit of blood.
        “I’ve been wondering,” March Hare leans down to him again. “What would it be like if Hansel Zucker ‘wasn’t around?’” March Hare smiles to himself and rises to kick Hansel again.
        In the corner of the room, Simon Kaa watches on as Hare beats Hansel.
A small tear forms in his eye, but Simon brushes it away and takes a sip of his whiskey, looking out the mirror at the bar below.
852 days 2 hours ago
December 20, 1972, 11:30 p.m. -The Rabbit Hole, Dressing Room -

        Jack continues searching around the dressing room. He notices that Elsa’s clothes are still in her locker.
        He goes over and touches them slightly. Todd walks into the back and hangs his jacket on a hook.
        “Hey,” Jack turns around to him. “Have you seen Elsa tonight?”
        Todd shakes his head. “I haven’t, no. But I’ve just gotten here. I haven’t even gotten my things together. Was she working?”
        “She was.”
        “Hm,” Todd shrugs his shoulder. “She’s probably in the bathroom or something. I dunno. Everyone’s always running to the bathroom around here.”
        Jack nods and looks over Elsa’s things. “Maybe so. I haven’t seen here in awhile.”
        Todd walks over to his bartender’s locker and turns the spiral padlock. “I’m sure it’s nothing.”
        “Right, well. I’ll be out of you hair,” Jack nods to Todd and turns to leave. Todd nods back and opens his locker. A key falls out of his locker and clinks onto the ground. Jack turns back and looks at Todd. Todd looks down at the key’s inscription: Room 22. He turns and looks as Jack approaches him.

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852 days 2 hours ago
(March Hare is such a dick, ugh!)
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(Gretel, we trusted you)
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(enjoy jail! kisses)
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(Woody is my favorite part of fables)
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(can we have all the Disney princesses join together for an epic battle?)
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Had no idea this would be up.. ugh.

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