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575 days 11 hours ago
yes finnick, yes he will.
575 days 11 hours ago
That's gd
575 days 10 hours ago
I won’t be able to be there like the whole episode, I’ll be out of town :/
575 days 9 hours ago
Ill be there, just will be gone for a few hours satuday bc of work!
575 days 8 hours ago
I will be there!
575 days 6 hours ago
Perfect cause ill be off work then :)
574 days 9 hours ago
i'll try my best to be around. my semester just started.
574 days 6 hours ago
The episode will take place during this time. Thank you all for commenting! We hope you’re all able to make it!

573 days 17 hours ago
Hey guys! Kyle and I had errands to run today so we are gonna be a little late w/ openers. The episode will begin ONE hour later than planned. I'll post the updated episode schedule below.

Start @ 7 pm Central US Friday January 11, 2019 - End @ 10 pm Central US Saturday January 12, 2019.

Sorry to our foreign cast members for pushing the time later but there was not a way around it! We hope you can forgive us <3 See you all at 7 Central!

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