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Character Biographies

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868 days 9 hours ago
Name: Cock Robin
Age: 44
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Location: Woodlands 10th Floor
Occupation: Former Deputy Mayor of Fabletown
Source Material: Cock Robin (Who Killed Cock Robin/The Marriage of Cock Robin to Jenny Wren)
Roleplayer: N/A

Character Bio: Cock Robin is the late Deputy Mayor of Fabletown whose body was discovered just outside The Gingerbread House. Cock Robin proposed to Jenny Wren after a month of having met her in the Homelands. Despite his love for her, their marriage has always been rife with problems and bouts of infidelity. After moving to Fabletown, Cock Robin became the Deputy Mayor and passed at the opportunity to become Mayor himself, leaving Simon Kaa the frontrunner. Still, Cock Robin served Kaa well, including his mixings with March Hare, even though Cock was skittish and a bit spineless. Although he is now dead, his presence is still felt by many throughout Fabletown.
868 days 9 hours ago
Name: March Hare
Age: 62
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Occupation: Owner of the Rabbit Hole
Source Material: March Hare/White Rabbit (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)
Roleplayer: N/A

Character Bio: March Hare is the illustrious and mischievous owner of the Rabbit Hole. He made his way through the looking glass along with Chester Feline, but nobody knows what became of the other inhabitants in Wonderland or the place itself. Having swiped jewelry and riches from the Red Queen, March Hare opened the Rabbit Hole as a source of entertainment in a dreary new world, but the club soon turned into something else. Somewhere along the way, March Hare lost his cheerful attitude and became enthralled with his new position in town. Now, he is a loan shark and gangster. He is responsible for most of the crime and corruption in Fabletown, but he is also credited with keeping the Slums together and operable for the poorer inhabitants, even if illegally. His position has it’s problems, of course, especially when all eyes are on him after Cock Robin’s murder.
862 days 11 hours ago
Name: Badroulbadour Sultan
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Unknown
Location: TBD
Occupation: TBD
Source Material: Princess Badroulbadour (Aladdin and the Magic Lamp)
Roleplayer: Avatar20

Character Bio:

Badroulbadour is a princess from the Homelands kingdom of Agrabah. Her father ruled the kingdom as a tyrant and Badroulbadour despised him. Her only solace at her home was the pet tiger her father gifted her when she was younger. After sneaking away from the palace in acts of rebellion, she met and fell in love with a homeless peasant in her kingdom named Aladdin. Previous to meeting her he acquired a magic lamp, and the two of them used the lamps magic to amass a great fortune after Badroulbadour’s father disinherited her for marrying a commoner. After the king tried many times to steal the magic lamp in order to ruin his daughters happiness, Badroulbadour went to his palace in a final confrontation. Seeing her father would never cease to destroy her happy ending, Badroulbadour ordered her pet tiger to eat him. It was officially ruled an accident and Badroulbadour inherited the throne. However, her reign ended when the adversary rampaged through the Homelands. Since the takeover, Badroulbadour has been scavenging across the Homelands to survive. Although her reason for not seeking shelter in Fabletown is unknown, the former princesses journey eventually brings her to the NYC neighborhood. Shrouded in mystery, will Badroulbadour be welcomed in a town where secrets seem to point to guilt?

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