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Police Interviews

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867 days 9 hours ago
These interviews were conducted by the Fabletown Police Department.
867 days 9 hours ago
Interview #1 -- Maia Acacia’s Statement to Officer Toby Piper -- -- December 17, 1972 --

        “I was just walking,” Maia shakes her head. “I was coming to see Woody at the Hotel. He works the late shift usually, and sometimes I pop in to see him and keep him company.”
        “And that’s what you were doing tonight? Coming to keep him company.”
        “Yes. I usually come earlier, but I had taken a nap and didn’t wake up until later. I figured I’d still come, because I told him that I would.”       
        “How long have the two of you been friends?”
        “I don’t know. A few years probably. We get along well.”
        “When did you notice Cock Robin’s body?”
        “I was about to the hotel, and that’s when I saw something sticking from the alleyway. I figured it was a homeless person, a mundy, maybe. Either way, it didn’t seem right for someone to be sleeping in the slow the way he was.”
        “But he wasn’t sleeping.”
        Maia shakes her head. “No. I called out to him, but he didn’t answer. When I got closer, I could tell it was him. It was Cock Robin. He wasn’t moving, and I didn’t think he was breathing, either. I tried to shake him a little, but he was cold and didn’t move. I didn’t know what to do.”
        “And then you went inside?”
        “Right. I told Woody, and he let me use the phone, and that’s when I called you.”       
        “Did Woody see anything? Or say anything to you?”
        “Not really. He was surprised, I think. He didn’t believe me at first. I didn’t really believe me. It seems so awful. It’s been a long time since a Fable has been killed it seems. It doesn’t make any sense.”
        “No,” Toby agrees. “Not yet.”
867 days 9 hours ago
Interview #2 -- Jenny Wren’s Statement to Deputy Sheriff Jack Frost -- -- December 17, 1972 --

        “I was surprised to find you were awake when I knocked. I was worried I’d wake you from your sleep.”
        Jenny shrugs. “I couldn’t sleep. I tried. I was waiting for Cock to come home.”
        “Where did he go?”
        “I don’t really know. Seems like I never do. He wasn’t supposed to be gone all night, though. It wasn’t like him.”       
        “Had the two of you been fighting?”
        “Excuse me?”
        Jack clears his throat and asks again. “Had you been fighting with your husband?”
        “Every marriage has its problems, Deputy. Cock and I have been having a hard time, if I’m being honest. But nothing terrible. Nothing to keep him gone all night.”
        “And you tried phoning him?”
        Jenny looks back at the rotary. “I did. I called the club once or twice, but nobody could find him. When they closed, I gave up. I was angry and worried.”
        “But you didn’t call the police?”
        Jenny is silent for a few moments. “No.”
        “Why not?”
        “Well, I never would have expected something could have actually happened to him. My poor Cock Robin.”
        “Did he have any enemies? Somebody who would want to hurt him?”
        “I don’t know. I reckon it could be anybody. He was the Deputy Mayor. The government isn’t exactly popular around here.”
        “Did you want to hurt him?”
        “Your husband. Is there any reason you would want to hurt him?”
        “I can’t believe this. Have you come to my apartment at three in the morning to not only tell me my husband is dead, but to accuse me of being somehow involved?”
        “I haven’t ruled anything out yet. They’re just questions, Mrs. Wren, I assure you.”
        “Well, I think I’ve had just about enough of your questions for now, Deputy Frost. If you don’t mind, you may see yourself out.”
        “We’ll have to talk again Mrs. Wren.”
        “I don't doubt it.”
858 days 9 hours ago
Interview # 3 -- Rose Red’s Statement to Mulan Yi -- -- December 19, 1972 --

        “I wasn’t there,” Rose Red sighs. “I don’t know how many times I can say it. I’m speaking English, I know that. But I can’t tell you what happened that night, because I really wasn’t there. I go there, yes. I work there sometimes, yes. But I wasn’t there that night.”
        “Where were you?”
        Rose Red is silent.
        “If you weren’t there, where were you?”
        “I can’t tell you.”
        “You can.”
        “I can’t.”
        “Then how am I supposed to believe you? If you can’t give me an alibi, then what do I go on?” Mulan places the Hotel’s log on the table. “Because the only thing I have right now is a check-in log with your name on it.”
        “I didn’t write that.”
        “Of course not, Rose.”
        “It’s Rose Red.”
        Mulan looks at her and picks up the Hotel’s log, placing it back into her file. “You better think of something, Rose Red. It’s not looking good for you from where I’m standing.”
        “Am I being arrested?”
        “Not yet, no.”
        Rose Red stands up. “Then I’m leaving. I have work tonight and certainly no time for this. I wasn’t there, Sheriff. It’s not that deep.”
858 days 9 hours ago
Interview # 4 -- Phillip Newcastle’s Statement to Jack Frost -- December 19, 1972 --

        “Yeah,” Phillip nods. “We were friends, I guess. Partners would be more appropriate, maybe.”
        “Right. And you were working on something with Cock Robin, weren’t you?”
        “A housing development. Neverland Flats. It was a small project we were working on. But now…”
        Jack Frost stands up. “But now that he’s dead…”
        Phillip frowns and looks down. “I don’t know what’s going to happen with it.”       
        “But you didn’t see him that night?”
        Phillip shakes his head. “I saw him that day in the office. We met briefly about his investors, but then he ran off. Said he had something to take care of, but he didn’t say what.”
        “He didn’t tell you where he was going? Or if he was going to see anybody?”
        “No. I don’t think so.” Phillip crosses his arms and stares at the table. He’s shaking his leg against the floor, tapping his shoelaces on the ground. “He just left and said he would be back later.”
        “Did he come back?”
858 days 9 hours ago
(I will also be typing and uploading interviews conducted in episode one later and uploading them here.)

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