SEASON 1 - Witch: Coven of Light
SEASON 2 - Witch: Coven of Darkness
SEASON 3 - Witch

It's been 4 months since the events of Season 2. Everyone who survived the big battle has gone their separate ways, whether it be moving away to start fresh, or to go to college. With nothing left for her at home, Lindsay Caine moved to the (fictional) city of Tinley to attend college there, along with Devon Miers & Thomas Kent. They thought everything was finished, and they could finally live out their lives in peace.

Unbeknownst to them, Lindsay's long-lost relative was the keeper of something thought to only be rumored about: a power crystal. With 5 of these ancient power crystals in existence, they hold the power to alter the world and bring mass destruction, and have only been entrusted to be protected by those who are absolutely worthy. When this relative and Crystal Keeper passes away, Lindsay finds herself in possession of the crystal, being the only living witch relative in her family left. With this crystal in her hands, evil begins to become aware of its presence.

With the forces of evil desperate to retrieve all of these crystals in order to gain control, along with a new band of hunters & a brand new coven of witches, what kind of trouble will engulf Tinley?


Cast List:
Awesome2210 - Lindsay Caine
Piddu - Thomas “TK” Kent
CoalB - Mason Cooper
iGoddess - Mercy Snow
DanieleD - Daniele Blake
Amylou8251 - Annabeth Wilson
Shorondabubbles - Ashley Simms
Maya10 - Seraphina Blackthorn
Avatar20 - Jayne Wilson
Survivorgame1 - Dakota Price
Giraffez - Cameron Mason
Hudspith - Martin Hudspith
Rain848 - Julie Anderson
Addrian - Addrian Stone
Awesome2210 - Tyler Mott

[Season 3 Pt. 2 Characters]
Awesome2210 - Heath Lombarten
KingGeek - Piper Chancellor
ThatLoudDodrio - Tamar Hernandez
Bulldoggy559 - Alistair Ward
XxHeroxX - Tsubaki Tentsu
Leonine_Divine - Chris James "CJ" Morales
Carraid73 - Jonathan Mannaly
Rocketokid13 - Jayden Warne
Zachboy967 - Josiah "Josh" Sandaway
Geovanycaldeorn - Teddy Delinco
Pilatesgrl - Kristin Langley
Rhysarnie14 - Ryan Clarke
Bulldoggy559 - Mattin Montbard
Raliby - Timothy Blyton
iGoddess - Cassius Lannister


Episode List:
E01: "Moving Day"
E02: "Crystal"
E03: "Admission"
E04: "Sorority Row"
E05: "Glow"
E06: "Survival"
-- Mid-season break --
E07: "New Year, New Me"
E08: "Guardian"
E09: "Touch"
E10: "Bones"
E11: "Rift"
E12: "No Mercy"

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[S3E09] "Touch"
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