Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Ralib Introvertidàs Savant

*****Indescribable, INFP, Jack Of All Trades, Voodoo King***

**Roleplaying Groups I Have Hosted**
Heroes: 1 Season
Shaw University: Cancelled
X-Men: The Gifted - 1 Season
X- Men: Timelines - 1 Season
X- Men: The Next Generation - 1 Season
X-Men: Evil Unleashed - Cancelled

Group Games I Have Hosted
The Music Project - 3 Seasons
Battle Royale Games - 2 Seasons
The Annual Hunger Games - 2 Seasons
A Tale Of Three Houses- Cancelled
Hide & Seek: 1 Season

~Few Things About Me~

1.) I will plus all spam, but once you spam me, If I need you for something pleaseee return the favor!
2.) I have a quick temper and I get emotionally attached to these games so sorry if I go off on you at moments.
3.) - I will wear ANY design; Even if it makes me look crazy. I love looking crazy. Gift me! :)
4.) I will always get inactives out first because "Aint nobody got time for that"
5.) I'm Very Bi-Polar :(:
6. I don't have patience

~Groups I Have Won~
Blat's 67th Hunger Games: Uggie, 8 Kills
Blat's 75th Hunger Games: Uggie, 6 Kills
Blat's Hunger Games War: Uggie
Blat's 19th Hunger Games World At War: Sydnei, 0 Kills

- Other Placements-
Tuter's Last Man Standing Season 4: 5th/14
Lyons Big Brother: In The Mix: 13th/16
Jordan's Big Brother Unlimited 4: 4th/15
Nick's Big Brother 4- The Unexpected: 12th/15
Jordan's Big Brother Unlimited 6: 2nd/20
Bennett's Survivor Wadi Rum: 5th/16
Blatastic1234's Big Brother 6: 2nd/15
Renny's Big Brother 6: 2nd/10
T-Vivor Voodoo Islands: 8th/18
Jordan's Big Brother Unlimited 11: 1st/20

~Favorite Poem~
You think you can define me,
That I'm a tick in just one box,
Like my being is a door,
That a single key unlocks,
But let me tell you something,
I have the universe inside,
I hold an untamed ocean,
With a constant changing tide,
I'm home to endless mountains,
With tips that touch the sky,
Flocks of grand migrating birds,
And deserts harsh and dry,
I house the wildest rivers,
And a host of sweeping plains,
I feel in waves of sunshine,
Or in unrelenting rains,
Don't tell me that you know me,
That "this right here is what you are",
I am the universe in motion,
For I was born from stars.
- Erin Hanson


Mariah Carey <3
Lana Del Rey <3
Rihanna <3
Melanie Martinez <3

~Favorite Quotes~
"I have no special talents, I am just passionately curious"
- Albert Einstein

"People will never truly understand something until it happens to them"

"I don't believe or think; I either know or I don't know.

"Treat others the way you want to be treated"

My Games 163 games played

17 Sep, 18
22 Jun, 18
5 May, 17
25 Apr, 17
24 Apr, 17
17 Apr, 17
22 Mar, 17

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