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LW's Survivor - Moment #1

3 LoganWorm, Apr 2, 2015

Moment #1 - Survivor: All-Stars - Three Idols Played
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Well I don't know if any of you saw this coming, but the first merged tribal council in Survivor: All-Stars brought the CRAZIEST tribal council I had EVER seen. It was exciting, intense, chaotic, and just plain surprising. OF COURSE this is the #1 moment of the Top Ten! Without further ado, enjoy!
Chris Blue ( blueu22):
"MERGEEEEEEEEEEE And I didn't win immunity wow! But idc about that rn. Some fucked up shit has been going on. Jordyn has been throwing ME under the bus. Me, his alliance member. I think he's fucking retarded. He is trying to play every single person in this game. But like damn. Anyways the vote is between myself and jordan tonight it seems, and I really don't want to go home so I'm going to do everything in my power to take out Jordan."
Steve Beastly ( 2Beastly):
"I am surprisingly safe tonight. My social game with everyone has paid off. I am trusting Jeff less now. He wants me to play the idol tonight on Jordan and I just do not think Chris will have an idol or will play an idol. I think this makes him trust me less since he can't "control" me. I do trust Jeff, since he hasn't told anyone about my idols. He is real life friends with Jacob S. and that is just so much red flags to me. Jeff definitely wants to weaken me by making me play an idol. Jordan told me I am his number one and that he can control Jeff. However, I think Jeff is playing a game where he can have a lot of power. This is definitely a power struggle move tonight. I refuse to split our 5 person alliance votes, that is stupid. Mykel and Jordyn both told me they are voting out Chris. Jordyn told me their "tribe" is voting out Jordan due to me possibly (and having) the idol. Joey and Jeff both said Jacob S. is going to flip too.
The only thing I am afraid of is Joey, Jeff, Mykel, and Jacob S. alliance. Sorry Jacob S., but by taking you out soon... Jeff will be tighter with me.
There is so much scrambling tonight. I want to keep Jordan around for a long time. But if he gets idol-ed out, I am fine as long as it isn't me. I just want to keep whoever is loyal to me long in this game and vote out all these people who never talk to me. This is so stressful.
I trust Jordyn a great deal, but her "6 person" alliance thing is completely stupid since alliances are based off of trust and not cause you put random people together.
This is my hopeful boot order as of right now.
11 - Chris
10 - Jacob
9 - Mykel
8 - Erik
7 - Ryan
6 - Joey
5 - Jeff
4 - David
I want to bring both Jordyn and Jordan to the end with me. This final 3 I think is the only possible combination I can pull out a win. Unless I drag Ryan too, but I have no bond with him to trust him to drag him that far."
Chris Blue..


LW's Survivor - Moment #2

4 LoganWorm, Apr 2, 2015

Moment #2 - Survivor: All-Stars - Jacob Throws Final Immunity
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This moment had to be more shocking than #5 (see here: http://www.tengaged.com/blog/LoganWorm/6055913/lws-survivor-moment-5 ) just because it's the sequel! Seriously Jacob Smith ( BOBROCKS333)?!?! It was also devastating and I believe really solidified the win to Erik Estrada ( EEstrada17) and repeated Chris Blue's Runner-Up status ( blueu22).
Chris Blue ( blueu22):
"Thank GOD Jacob won immunity. Now we can vote for Joey. However, it seems as if it will be a final 2 at this point. So I'm trying to cover my bases with Jacob. I told Jacob that I will be taking him to the end if I win final immunity. And to be honest I think I might have to. Erik has played a great game, found idols, and has people who will vote him on the jury. I think my only chance is if I bring someone like Jacob to the end who hasn't really done much all game. Idk, I need to see who is in final 3 first. I think I will be there and I think Joey will be targetting Erik at this point. So if it ties, I'd be safe. I just need to hope I'm there, I think I will be but who knows. I just need to hope Jacob doesn't vote with Joey, because Joey will win this game."
Jacob Smith ( BOBROCKS333):
"UGH FUCKING YESSSSS. It's about time I did something right in this game< 3 Greece Jacob finally showed up, and I hope he can stick around til the end of this game. I'm so glad to still be here, I'm surprised that Chris and Erik didn't just pick me off last round LOL but I'm thankful. GREECE MINUS STEVE CAME TO PLAYYYY, shit a fire has been lit in me, and I've never been so excited in this game."
Jacob Smith ( BOBROCKS333):
"I can't believe this challenge stands between me and the finals. Chris has promised to take me, but he's not 100% trustworthy so idk. This is my least favorite endurance challenge, the unpredictability kills me. I guess it's like the game of Survivor as a whole though, unpredictable and hard. I'm prepared to stay on this pole all night if that's what it takes to guarantee myself a spot in front of the jury."
Chris Blue ( blueu22):
"Oh my fucking god. Four hours of clicking the refresh button and not leaving my screen was all worth it because I WON final immunity. I've been going through my head of what I think the jury would do in both situations. I don't know why I thought I could beat Jacob. He has had no blood on his hands, no one hats him, he's likeable. He hs Ryan, Mykel, Steve, Jeff, David, Jordan, Joey. Why would I want to go up against that? I think the only logical option is to tak Erik, who has been with me on all of the blindsides and has blood on his hands as well.Then I think the jury..


Predict Stars Placement

6 BigDude, Jun 8, 2014

1st- #blueu22
2nd- #amf7410
3rd- #Steel
1st- #amf7410
2nd- #Steel
3rd- #blueu22
1st- #Steel
2nd- #blueu22
3rd- #amf7410
1st- #blueu22
2nd- #Steel
3rd- #amf7410
1st- #amf7410
2nd- #blueu22
3rd- #Steel
1st- #Steel
2nd- #amf7410
3rd- #blueu22
B- l
C- lllll



54 Pogo11, Jul 9, 2013

and i will give you an ***HONEST*** opinion of what i think of you.
Steel ur interesting, i'm not sure what i think of u yet tbh. but ur cool I SUPPOSE
Typhlosion37 all i know is u need to get rid of that giant fucking pikachu in ur profile, creepy as hell
lindb back in the day u honestly used to be one of my favorite people on here. i love ur "i don't give a fuck" attitude
jacksonjoseph99 don't know u, but from seeing ur profile i like ur taste of music ;P
enzolover23 ur username alone makes us arch enemies
Michaelf1114 hmmm i've never heard of u, u obv aren't whoring urself out enough
alireza1373 i'm sorry i can't hear u, ur head must be too far up owlb0ned's ass XD lmaooo jk i actually like u
owlb0ned lmao ur pretty grounded, i tried to shake u yesterday and didn't get much of a reaction from u. glad u don't take things too seriously on here though
Runner430 HMMMMMMMMMM WHAT TO SAY ABOUT U. i don't like how u call me out on being fake every time i need u to do something for me lmaooooooooo though it's true.
jamie19 ur avatar screams desperation to me
andalarew_2231 i hate it when people post quotes on their profile of their friends saying how awesome they are :[ i'm sure everything they say about u is true though
heatherbear hmmmmm i actually kinda somewhat maybe admire u. cuz u don't really give a fuck about this ridiculous site. i liked ur stars screenie, except i'm not sure who said what so i can't really say i like ur brutal honesty, cuz u might have been the one that wrote all the kiss-ass comments!
vatcheabs lmao i loved when u were on montyburns. u were the slyest little snake in our survivor game and i know u ended up fucking me over, but ur a good game player so i can't hate ;)
tharealmike take the advice i gave to Michaelf1114 and whore urself out more, b/c for a T.V. star i haven't heard much from u. u could get some tips from Etienne , he knows all about whoring urself out.
Robinhood99 bitch u think i pay attention to stars? lmaooooo i don't know 7/8 of the people on this site that doesn't mean i can't make shit up XD
DragonSlayer4u hmmmmmmmm i don't even know lmao. i always feel like secretly, deep down, u purposely act the way u do just to screw with everyone and get a reaction out of them. at least i hope that's the case.
A_La_Fac aww i know u secretly wanna know what i think of u. i'm p sure ur whole "persona" now is an act. but if ur gonna try and be the dickhead of the site u should at least try and be clever about it.
TheBlackDog "You are the coolest sheep that i have ever had . Thanks for the frookies wins btw !!!"
~ Regularise..



1 blueu22, May 29, 2013

is trending LOL



0 gagaluv, Jun 26, 2012

I ♥ These Amazing People!
Many people will walk in and out of your life,
But only true friends will leave footprints in your heart
To handle yourself, use your head;
To handle others, use your heart.
Anger is only one letter short of danger.
If someone betrays you twice, it is your fault
Great minds discuss events;
Small minds discuss people.
He who loses money, loses much;
He who loses a friend, loses much more;
He who loses faith, loses all.
Beautiful old people are works of art.
Learn from the mistakes of others
You can't live long enough to make them all yourself.
Friends, you and me ... You brought another friend ... and we started our
group ... our circle of friends ... and like a circle ... there is no
beginning or end ... Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift.
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