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Hello, my name is Deandra and I'm New

Hey there. My name is Keith

Skype: keifer4301

The Irma Luhrman-Merman murder Turned the bird's word lurid The whir and the purr of a twirler girl She would the world were demurer The insurer's allure For valor were pure Kari Wuhrer One fervid whirl over her turgid error Rural juror Rural juror I will never forget you Rural juror I'll always be glad I met you Rural juror I will never forget you Rural juror I'll always be glad I met you Rural juror (x2) These were the best days of my flerm.

Made my first final in Stars 186:
BB14's Wil as Jani GIF's:
Game Records and Stuff:

KPG: 3.75<---- SO CUTE

I come and go on this account when I get bored. Ain't my fault this site updates like a snail :|

Been here since: August 31st, 2009

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Color Journey
White Level- October 3rd 2009 (25 days as white level.)
Yellow Level- October 28th 2009 (33 days as yellow)
Orange Level- November 30th 2009 (92 days as orange level)
Light Green Level- March 2nd 2010(39 days as Light Green)
Dark Green Level- April 10th 2010 (63 days as dark green)
Blue Level- June 12th 2010 (4 days as Blue)
Purple Level- June 16th 2010 (45 days as Purple)
Red Level- July 16th 2010 (16 days as Red)
Brown Level- August 1st (67 days as Brown)
Black Level- October 7th 2010 (99 days as Black)
Silver Level- January 14th 2011 ( 190 days as Silver)
Gold Level- July 23rd 2011- October 21st 2012 ( 456 days as Gold)
Sky Level- October 21st 2012 (221 days as Sky)
Blood Level- May 30th 2013
TV Star- May 17 2016 (LONG ASS TIME)

How Many Times Played-10
How Many Times Nommed-14
How Many Times Survived A Eviction-5
How Many Times I Made a Final: 1
Places- 7th (100) 7th (105)15th (113)4th (119) 7th (143) 15th (147) 5th (175) 3rd with 22.2% (186) 8th (199) 4th (229)

Nominated for 7th in Stars 100 Against DinoM: Evicted by 61.3%
Nominated for 11th in Stars 105 Against Finklestien123: Saved by 56.2%
Nominated for 9th in Stars 105 Against Itspipez: Saved by 52.2%
Nominated for 7th in Stars 105 Against Austin: Evicted by 52.6%
Nominated for 15th in Stars 113 Against Yoki (LiteCitrus): Evicted by 58.4%
Nominated for 4th in Stars 119 Against BB5lover: Evicted by 53.8%
Nominated for 7th in Stars 143 Against Mikec51: Evicted by 50.0%
Nominated for 15th in Stars 147 Against Sweet_Susan: Evicted by 61.9%
Nominated for 6th in Stars 175 Against Kentuckky: Survived by 51.8%
Nominated for 5th in Stars 175 Against Genevere: Evicted by 55.3%
Nominated for 6th in Stars 186 Against Wumblebee: Saved by 51.7%
Final 3 in Stars 186 with Kimmal8 and Peetah32.
3rd place with 22.2% to win
Nominated for 8th in Stars 199 Against Torimarie:Evicted by 54.2%
Nominated for 7th in Stars 229 Against BbDamian: Saved by 57.6%
Nominated for 4th in Stars 229 Against Peetah32: Evicted by 51.0%
First Time Ranked- November 11, 2010 (299th)

My Games 625 games played

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20 Jul, 18
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11 Sep, 17

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