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Hello, my name is Logan

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I have been thinking long and hard about many things in my life. What do I want to do with it? Well I know what I want to do with it. Now I am struggling with how to get there, and I mean really struggling. I have been battling self-doubt, mild depression, among other things. I think I am now at a better place in my life but I am struggling to find encouragement.

I thought that leaving Tengaged was in my own best interest and on the surface it seems that way. All I really did was remove a hobby of mine that I really enjoy in the process, and I regret that.

Regardless of whether I host again or play again, I will not do it on this account. I have made a lot of memories, but I also have accumulated perceptions about my personality on an online community that are either not true at all or no longer true.

I do not plan on returning to this account but I cherish the friends I have made. <3

=====Group Game(s)=====

I hosted a group game from the Spring of 2012 to the Summer of 2016 with some pauses and hiccups in between. If I ever host again, it will be on a new account. You'll probably know it is me because of some of my special conventions.

Main Group -

LoganWorm's Survivor Seasons:


LoganWorm's Survivor: Tonga
Winner: Jeff Formaggio (TDO88)
Runner-Up: Avery Flame (FireFlameVG)
Vote: 2-1
Player of the Season: Jordan Maine (jman96)
Fan Favorites: Jordan Maine (jman96) & Prue Halliwell (IceIceBaby)

LoganWorm's Survivor: Madagascar
Winner: Erik Strada (EEstrada17)
Runner-Up: Jordyn Stick (Stick)
Vote: 3-3/3-2
Player of the Season: Jordyn Stick (Stick)
Fan Favorite: Nick Mana (manalord)

LoganWorm's Survivor: Brazil
Winner: David Steel (Steel)
Runner-Up: Unit Banks (Unit8890)
Vote: 2-1
Player of the Season: David Steel (Steel)
Fan Favorite: David Steel (Steel)

LoganWorm's Survivor: China
Winner: Old Newz (OldNewz)
Runner-Up: Joey Tortellini (TheEclipse)
Vote: 4-3
Player of the Season: Danny Shadow (Chantra1)
Fan Favorites: Chris Stoner (Gaiaphage) & Glinda Nessarose (Glinda)

LoganWorm's Survivor: Greece
Winner: Jodi Rollins (JodiRollins)
Runner-Up: Chris Blue (blueu22)
2nd Runner-Up: Ranz Trackers (thetrackerjackers)
Vote: 4-3-0
Player of the Season: Chris Blue (blueu22)
Fan Favorites: Jodi Rollins (JodiRollins) & Jacob Smith (BOBROCKS333)

LoganWorm's Survivor: Costa Rica
Winner: Jeremy "JB" Brady (_JB_)
Runner-Up: Rhys Rhode (AndThenThereWasOne)
2nd Runner-Up: Destiny Marshall (panda6785)
Vote: 3-3-1/4-3
Player of the Season: Rhys Rhode (AndThenThereWasOne)
Fan Favorites: Jeff Garon (aimers) & Katherine Royals (JosephinaAlexis)

LoganWorm's Survivor: All-Stars
Winner: Erik Strada (EEstrada17)
Runner-Up: Chris Blue (blueu22)
Vote: 6-3
Player of the Season: Erik Strada (EEstrada17)
Fan Favorite: Erik Strada (EEstrada17)

LoganWorm's Survivor: Galapagos
Winner: Bryant Blackwood (z3ro)
Runner-Up: Ethan Hanslo (Ethan000)
2nd Runner-Up: Nate Tyson (Nt888)
Vote: 3-3-2/5-3
Player of the Season: Bryant Blackwood (z3ro)
Fan Favorites: Ben Gresham (bigben1996) & Sagar Culpepper (obscurity)

LoganWorm's Survivor: Exile Island
Winner: Paul Meier (Survivorgame1)
Runner-Up: Roman Vollos (dwallz26)
2nd Runner-Up: Ryan "RyJam" Hawk (ryanhawk71)
Vote: 3-3-2/4-4/4-3
Player of the Season: Erik Northbird (ItsOfficial)
Fan Favorites: Erik Northbird (ItsOfficial)

LoganWorm's Survivor: Australia - The Outback
Winner: Jake Brothers (MonkeyBoy94)
Runner-Up: Brady Johnson (bradyspaulding16)
Vote: 4-2

=My Twists=
1st Generation Survivor:
♣ Creator of Phony Idol Twist ♣
♣ Creator of Immunity Island Twist ♣
♣ Creator of Refurbished Tribes Idea ♣
♣ Creator of Isolation Island Twist ♣
♣ Creator of the Fire Necklace ♣

2nd Generation Survivor:
♣ Creator of the Underworld ♣
♣ Creator of Many More Twists to come... ♣

=My Awards & Nominations=
LoganWorm's Survivor is nominated for best group
Doesn't win, but gets 2nd! (20.7% of the votes)
~ 2012 Tengaged Awards ( )

LoganWorm's Survivor: Nicaragua is nominated for the Green TOGA (Best Survivor Group) in 2012.
~ 2012 June TOGAs ( )

LoganWorm's Survivor: Redemption Island wins the Green TOGA (Best Survivor Group) in 2012.
~ 2012 December TOGAs ( )

My Own Wikia Page:
ก็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ กิิิิิิิิิิิิิิิิิิิิ

☻/ This is bob
/ \ You've been Bobbed

=Random Quotes=

"If you're absent during my struggle, don't expect to be present during my success."
"If you are living your life without giving an 'f', then you are living a li[_]e."
"Don't blink. Blink and you're dead. Don't turn your back. Don't look away. And don't blink. Good Luck."

"They should know who I truly am beneath this sexiness and slutiness."

"Why would the inactive nom the other inactive they gotta stick together lmao"

"Have you guys ever heard of that story where a man with three dogs went on a 2 month vacation. When he came back his dogs attacked him and ate him alive.

This sums up my time here in Heroes V.S Villains. I forgot to feed yall and I was eaten alive in the end. :* hahaha"
-OhNatalie (On Link's Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains)

=What People Have Said About Me=
"I like how your avatar is fucking fierce. I hate how I'm so jealous of your huge boobs."

"You are a very intellegent person"

╔══╗ ♫

Joined/White Level - 12/25/11
Yellow Level - 2/7/12
Orange Level - 4/21/12
Light Green Level - 5/20/12
Dark Green Level - 6/25/12
Left Tengaged Time #1 - 8/9/12
^20 day hiatus
Blue Level - 10/18/12
Purple Level - 11/2/12
Red Level - 11/17/12
Brown Level - 1/2/13
Black Level - 2/21/15
Leaving Tengaged as "LoganWorm" - 04/21/17


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My Games 199 games played

30 Apr, 17
11 Apr, 15
5 Apr, 15
22 Feb, 15
18 Feb, 15
1 Feb, 15
25 Jan, 15

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