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69 ElectraViv, Jul 19, 2014

Yay I just bought Sky level after almost a year on Tengaged. :o
PYN and I'll tell you three things I like about you, since sky has 3 letters (ya it's lame ik). Even if I don't know you too well, I'll dig up some info on ya. I'm doing everyone! :)
#Vixanu - Your words scores, your attitude, your hopscotch
#Chips47 - Your +14, your 3rd place against Vitamin & Ali, your two raffle wins
#EliOrtiz1234 - Your inability to beat me in a gifting chat, your female bunny outfit, your constant nominations against me in quick stars
#unkown - Your friendship w/ me, your sense of humor, and your like, lol
#carterbehne - Your +8, your raffle win :), and your speedy rise up the color ranks. you'll be sky in no time
#Jenna2010 - Your kindness, your loyalty to your friends, and your +15 on all my designs :)
#TheSexiestDude990 - Your short irl distance from me so i know if you ever screw me over in a game here, i will screw you over irl. Your sense of humor and your kindness
#CutieAmy - Your toxic membership, your nonstop shady comments towards me, your personality
#KittyTheEmolga - Your speedy gifting skills, you're really really nice, and our time we spent together in that random kik convo where i learned about pokemon :P
#Lucinda - Our friendship, your shining and stunning personality, and your sense of humor i literally always laugh wheneva we talk
#DanielKennedy111 - Your skype games, our friendship, and your dancing skills
#Vitamin -
#cotbey - Your genuine self, our talks about you going to college soon!!, and your appreciation for everything I gift you.
#tyboy618 - your toxic membership, you bubbling personality, and you always are there to defend me when #viv is getting attacked
#hints - Your closeness to god, you're so fucking funny, and your stolen gift form my last shop
#CheapCheep - Your playful attitude, your +15's, and the good time you always give me when we're in Hunga
#Absol - You're gay, you're cute, you're fab
#jdog - Your loyal friendship, you sucking at comps so i could win last Hunga :), and your funny personality
#samnala - Your marina heart tattoo slay hun, your +10 when you plus my spam, and our time in hunga together a few games ago~
#RobertGuajardo - Your ability to be a loyal friend, your world famous hunger premades, and your +15 lmao
#AlexRyder - Your awesome personality, your survivor scorezzz, and your rank because I'm gonna pass ya ;)
#JonMcGillis - You becoming a US citizen yay!, your first gift delivery girl ;), and your avi's missing face
#holllyy1230 - Us becoming good friends over the past couple weeks, your rly cute last shop, and your toxic membaship ofc!
#Aydanmac01 - Me blindsiding you in the last survvior skype game lmao im sorry, your aweosme personality, and you playing my skype games ily!
#TheEclipse - Mogo Mogo, how else can he riq for Chapera, your ability to find blue levels inactive for more than 5 days
#Lynette - you doing really good in your first..


The hunger games day 19

7 disneygeek, Jun 6, 2014

~ Only 10 people can comment (In-Game or Spectators) (You only get one comment)
~ Comment either HEALTH or ATTACK followed by the tributes username (ex. HEALTH _adidas_ or ATTACK Randomize)
Day 18 events:
#vixanu broke another nail -43 health
#bowling4fun got attacked by #smoothstalker12 -88 health
darriusdabest sponsored #bbobsessor with +25 health
#smoothstalker12 got caught in a fog storm -73 health
#bbobsessor got attacked by tracker jackers -52 health
2. mrpokeguy9 -159
8. smoothstalker12 -152
10. bbobsessor -40
15. neiltheninja -165
16. bowkane -160
6. #bowling4fun was killed by #smoothstalker12
7. #vixanu bled to death
8. #mbg93 death by rock
9. #honeybunch1 died by snake
10. #thumper91 dehydrated
11. #keegan2 burned to death
12. #thesexiestdude990 ate night lock
13. #xavierr83 killed by #mrpokeguy9
14. #amyinred died while eating bad berries
15. #survivoring killed in fog storm
16. #zinger killed by night lock
17. #yswimmer96 drowned
18. #lowwww killed by #smoothstalker12
19. #jourdanbabyxoxo killed by fog storm
20. #Flatl99 killed by dehydration
21.#timberlie killed by #jourdanbabyxoxo
22. #robertguajardo killed by Starvation
23. #Eliortiz1234 killed by Night Lock
24. #adampaulgrant killed by tracker jackers


PYN and i'll rate your life

69 Etienne, Jul 23, 2013

on a scale of 1-10
1 being you suck at life, 10 being marry me
#Vixanu 7
#dmann 9
#alexclow345 2 cuz you're rooting for ginamarie in big brother
#jadennator1 6
#cody_ 7
#Dash 6
#MHens 5
#KittyTheEmolga 8
#mastropola 1 cuz you're a homophobe
#austino15fffan 6
#TBIbetch 7
#iScotty 5
#tyleror 9.5
#AlanDuncan 7
#saraj10 6
#Tits_McGee 9
#BbDamian 10 hey
#Carlisle 7
#owee13 8
#tommarkoliver 9
#KidA 6
#GiGi10 7
#Michaelf1114 6
#connorthomson 1.1 cuz you're in the closet :( but you'll move to 10 once you come out and ask me for marriage
#doodleshugh 8
#MISSimogen 3 cuz i never know if you're being serious or joking when you say something rude
#top20fan33 5
#mattygeee 6
#sprtsgy1989 7
#Warthhogs 5
#HelenCoops 8
dsrh68 6
WhitneyStar119 7
Utsumi 9
DanielKennedy111 7
Typhlosion37 6
Booyahhayoob 5
Imthtawesom 8
Florina 8
Instagram 9
aaronstevens4444 7
Cgyflames01 10 cuz you're the best gay of TG
Insanity 10 i will be your bday present
Monomial 6
cheznahuf 10 for being really hot
smuguy2012 7
TheSexiestDude990 7
BBsuperfan 5
Lucinda 8
Clone 9
ajg31397 7
hwest14 10 for gifting me randomly
Sparky9171 1 cuz you're rooting for the racists in BB lol, if not then you'd be a 7-8
Mittens 6
SillySally473 5
donaam 9
Xbac5 9
Maxi1234 7
Squirrels1666 7
Seal 10 you're sooo dreamy
Tommeh208 7
PS: don't be offended by this, i'm mostly just giving out random numbers (except if your number is really low)
i'm doing this cuz i need Ts


Did he get permed?

1 Aquasor, Jun 13, 2013

#Vixanu :(


I'm not doing this for another year.

6 Tigger, Jun 10, 2013

So i'm just ending it now so another summer won't be wasted on people who end up only talking to me when they need something.
I bid the full 5000T$ on a shop, though it won't make me broke, it'll help remove some of my need to come back. If I get a shop, I'll have someone text me so I can post for like 399 or something.
Erm. I just don't think its healthy anymore to sit here and watch your old friends move on with new people as you get left behind to watch them be happy. I know I'm not the nicest person, and I know I'm not the friendliest either..but I really hate when people just use me to get gifted.
Um list of people that i will miss but they can text me i guess if they need me:
ericcartman lovergurl wonderland #vixanu zimy qwert2 runaway kingb24
We all can't waste our youth sitting in front of the computer stalking a page for updates, there comes a time where we need to go..and this is my time. Thank you randomize for making this a good site, though you update it rarely, it was well thought out.
And as a last note, I'd like to say a fond fuck off to a group of people. You all know who are you, and for once it isn't the PGA.

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