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7 TayBear17, Jan 18, 2016

Nominated for 19th: #Maxiphone27 & #jguill
Evicted: #Jguill (58.3%)
Nominated for 18th: #PureEssence & #Galaxies
Evicted: #Galaxies (54.9%)
Nominated for 17th: #mathboy9 & #DragonSlayer1234
Evicted: #mathboy9 (67.4%)
Nominated for 16th: #Monomial & #Loopycoco1
Evicted: #Loopycoco1 (60.3%)
Nominated for 15th: #PureEssence & #mrcool
Evicted: #mrcool (51.7%)
Nominated for 14th: #PotatoSalad & #DragonSlayer1234
Evicted: #PotatoSalad (56.4%)
Nominated for 13th: #Typhlosion37 & #Jinxh
Evicted: #Jinxh (59.3%)
Nominated for 12th: #EliOrtiz1234 & #Con66
Evicted: #Con66 (55.9%)
Nominated for 11th: #Monomial & #Scooby0000
Evicted: #Monomial (57.1%)
Nominated for 10th: #JourdanBabyXoXo & #Typhlosion37
Evicted: #JourdanBabyXoXo (62.9%)
Nominated for 9th: #Typhlosion37 & #EyooMarcus
Evicted: #EyooMarcus (54.4%)
Nominated for 8th: #Scooby0000 & #MaxiPhone27
Evicted: #MaxiPhone27 (58.3%)
Nominated for 7th: #Scooby0000 & #Typhlosion37
Evicted: #Scooby0000 (50.6%)
Nominated for 6th: #DragonSlayer1234 & #Sosyomomma
Evicted: #Sosyomomma (58.2%)
Nominated for 5th: #EliOrtiz1234 & #Typhlosion37
Evicted: #EliOrtiz1234 (51.3%)
Nominated for 4th: #DaniD & #DragonSlayer1234
Evicted: #DragonSlayer1234 (60.1%)
Final 3:
3rd: #Typhlosion37 - 26.4%
2nd: #DaniD - 35.4%
1st: #PureEssence - 38.2%



94 CutieAmy, Jun 7, 2015

and I will tell you what is/are your best qualities. My therapist told me to do this seeing it will be a step forward to my recovery.
Edit : Making pyns is not something easy to do for me since English is not my 1st language. So, sorry about any mistakes that I made.
#maxiphone27, you are one of those people that do not like making others feel bad about themselves and letting them down. I think I saw you giving positive feedback/opinions once or twice. You know how it must feel like to have a bad day so you make sure not to let someone feel that way.
#JasonXtreme, you have a true passion for sports just like my passion for movies so high five for committing to it. I also know you enjoy sticking up for your friends and I have seen you doing it a couple of times before.
#Nattie, you have a cute sense of humor and so much positive energy you like to spread and make people laugh. You never pass on a dull moment whenever we talk. :)
#Marwane, It is gonna sound kinda bad but I like how you are a cutthroat in games, specially skype games. You know what you have to do to make it far and you wont let anyone hold you back.
#christossss, like the random times you pm me on skype and I hate talking to people first because I feel like they will get annoyed of me pretty quick. I also love how you never mistreat your friends and you always there for them.
#Jethro, how unpredictable you are. I never know what you will blog next. I also talked to you before to know that you are not a dull person and you know how to make up for a good convo.
#Macken, that everytime we talk I will be laughing throughout the whole thing. I think we have so many things in common which is why we get along so well.
#KyleDile, your dedication to your friends I suppose. I think you are one of those people who never get tired of talking to the same person and you wont be the one who will randomly stop talking to them.
#Smoothstalker12, how caring and thoughtful you are. You love to make people happy and please their needs. You never put yourself before your friends. :)
#Oliviaxoxo, omg every thing I will tell you wont make up for how amazing you are. You are like the caring sister I never had. I love you so much and I am so grateful to have you as a friend. Although, sometimes I do not think I deserve you as one.
#Lewisc, exactly what I told Calvin. The difference is, I think you are more compassionate  and extremely nice. Even if you do not like to show it sometimes unlike Calvin, but deep down you are a great friend.
#djrnc33 LOL, I do not know what to say since we did not have a conversation before. Oh, we did that one time about you negging my design (finger).
#Funnehliner, you have a fiesty personality which makes you stand out from the rest and you can be nice if you gave people a chance to see that side of you. You are also a great competitor and a force to be reckoned with in games.
#ghrocky100, you have a sweet nature about you. I used..



48 jadennator1, Jun 14, 2014

For an Opinion ~
mcbenjamin - i think we talked a few times but thats it so idk ur cool [cutieamy said i should skip u for being a bitch to him and maxi1234]
#maxiphone27  - i dont really know you sorry :(
vh1luvr15 - hi tony, well we used to be close before but not anymore :( u were like the first person that i started to go on calls with and actually talk. i miss the calls and i miss you. love youu xx
Lucinda - i love you for helping me with my italian and i probably annoyed you BUT NO MORE ITALIAN FOR ME WOOOOOOO. lyy
alanduncan - we stopped talking but ur in the Europeans chat and i love people in that chat to death < 3 miss u boo
baza76 -  once again sorry for nomming u in frooks LOL. you are really funny and i actually miss the times when u made fun of my skype statuses LMAO but i guess they are cool now and u cant judge them. love u baza wish we talked more AND STOP STALKING MY FB TY
suzycroatia - ilysm and im gonna miss you so much when i move to germany :'(
eyoomarcus - MARCUS you are one of the funniest persons on tg lool, i love going on calls with you cause u always make me laugh and your YAAAS scaeam on calls are my favourite thing ever. love youuu < 3
lexxxy - ugh ilysm but i wish we talked more cause ur hilarious xx ly
m7md26 - dont know u sry
Cutieamy - you've been the person i talked the most this week and i started to love you so much. you are really amazing and im so happy we are close now. i love u lots u stupid bitch < 3
chibideidara - ur one of maxis boyfriend LMAO and u r actually really nice and fun. you should talk to meeeeeee
#onemanarmy - idk you sry
#deanoo - dont knwo you
#moohades - i dont even know what i think about you , i cant remember if i hate u or like u
evilgenious448 - well u know all the past opinions about you but rn we are not friends but we dont hate each other? i hope u dont hate me cause i dont hate you lol xx
#Dhucking_Quacks -one of my friends realy likes u but i forgot who oops
Imgonnawin - for like 1 day we were really close LMAO but not anymore idk lots of my friends hate you IDK WHY
swaggy -  u r really nice and fun . you're one of the people i always wanted to get to know better sooo mail me if u want it too idk
Eliotwhi - we like talked once that time we were in frooks and on that call , u were really nice and funny, tbh we should talk more SKYPE ME
hobnobgpro -  we started to talk again cause of WC and im really happy cause i always loved talking to you cause u r cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool , and also ur in the europeans chat -read what i said on alans opinion. love u
admir -najdraza osoba na tgu ktybye
#yoshicoolman - we were in a game..



2 maxiphone27, Nov 22, 2013

#Maxiphone27 Elegant Capable Playful


wow in a survivor game i'm not even in

0 maxiphone27, Jan 7, 2013

Hannah_Banks2250 21 hours 2 min ago
Well im not voting =] so its up to you guys haha =P if i get voted off fine if i stay its fine haha doesnt matter, was a fun 1 merge and ilysm edward :* and i liked playing with you karim =] and here is some eye candy to look at for the next 9 hours i think edward will enjoy this ;) haha
btw #maxiphone27 is trash

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