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PYN And Ill Say One Thing I Like About You

4thMar 21, 2014 by DantezFire
Doesnt matter if I hate you or dont know you I'll find something to say

#amf7410 -  that I always seem to notice you in stars which means you are doing something right lol

#Jgoodies -  your sense of humor on calls, usually make the calls more fun =]

#Dancefloorparty -  that you don't give up in arguments

#Nick33 -  that the times we have played together I remember you being loyal

#Zachboy967 - That you dont let other people bring you down < 3

#JesseM - I love your laugh :)

#Icing - Probably get this a lot but I love your designs xo

#Maxi1234 - You can be really sweet sometimes :3

#ThirdChild - That you have friends to play with that are loyal to you :)

#Mozues - The times Ive been on call with you, you have seemed chill and fun

#Happy202 - That you pissed off Austinrules6969, it gave me life

#carlab1 - We have hardly talked but you seem really sweet and loyal to friends :3

#Funnehliner - Even though you are competitive you are a really nice and caring guy < 3

#hwest14 - That you were always so positive and nice in our survivor, and that you are good friends with daniel :)

#hugatree343 - Whenever I have spammed you, you have always been so nice

#Dhucking_Quacks - I always notice you on the blog page and you just seem noticeable to me aha

#Monomial - You're a very caring person that wants people to feel good if that made sense

#Macken - That you are a very funny person when people get to know you personally. Sorry  I was mean to you before lolz

#Skyler1822 - You are really fun and chill tbh and you are also very pretty!

#Cornelia - I always notice you and your friend group and you all seem super nice and I always want to meet you all haha

#tyboy618 - You are very emotional but only because you care so much < 3

#stoopkid95 - i LOVVVVEEEEEEE when you get bitchy, like bitchy troy all the time plz

#Eliortiz1234 - That you have found true love with troy

#Bblover96 - That you listen to all my shit and are always there for me

#LeXXXy - You are really funny on calls and fun to talk to haha

#unkown - that you agreeded to having a frookie premade with Jayson and I < 3

#carterbehne - That you seem to be very open about your beliefs and feel strongly towards them :3

#Thumper91 - As shown from this stars that you are very loved and so sweet

#onemanarmy - I like that you are VERY openly gay

#Austinrules6969 - You know me better then literally anyone else on this earth and you are always there for me

#ajg31397 - You made me a sign and I like that you and Matt are together its cute

#Donagal103 - I'm in love with your boyfriend (inlove) and you seem like a very free spirit if you know what I mean lol

#deshonBANNEDISBACK - I think your name has started a trend LOL

#Chloeox - I remember on the blogs page you stood up for your friends which is amazing

#KittyTheEmolga - I love whenever we snapchat you are really cute also

#Bamold1999 - You are literally one of my fave people to go on call with I always have fun. FUCKING SNAPCHAT ME PROPERLY

#ZIMY - I love your designs like omg you are really talented

#Gaiaphage - You dont give a fuck what people think about you and you just be yourself

#RobertGuajardo - That you want to be friends with everyone you are super friendly. Also, Troy says he will get off his stoop, and shove your spam down your throat

#Steel - You are super chill and a very ~original~ blogger cuz I know you like that title

#PSULucky - You seem very approachable and could be a very good friend to people :3

#Dmann - You were super fun in Stars and forgave me for being a shady bitch ;(

#Lachie227 - You were one of the first people to talk to me in chirp and you have always just been super nice =] plus I love your accent but who doesnt

#mastropola - That we get to have intellectual arguments ^_^

#LordJza - In the old hellholes we talked all the time and you were always super fun to talk to < 3

#BoyToy4Cato - That you have a big heart and care a lot about people :)

#TheACF12 - I loved the vlogs you did and you are apparently good friends with DK so yay to that as well

#Kaylabby - From what Ive seen you seem really genuine and not fake

#SomebodyAwesome - You have been becoming popular and you seem to have an amazing personality which is pretty awesome :P

#Darktyphoon23 - You wanted a good one so I am doing 2 xo you are super nice and caring and listen to people and help them with problems AND you have the same common interests as me and just a super fun guy to talk to

#xBostonx - You're a white level with 0 games played but your avi looks fly, work it

#Jaxon - You're new to this site and I always love when new people find this place

#tonym101101 - We never talk again as usual *sigh* but whenever we do I always have a good time at least and when we are talking you are one of my favorite people to talk to

#baza76 - You have a big personality so when I talk to you I usually smile :3

#Guigi - After finally talking to you in a game I realized you are super nice and seem really sweet Im glad we talked < 3

#panda6785 - I think I have seen you around everyone once and a while and thats good cuz it means you stood out to me :)

#samnala - The games I have played with you, you have been like SUPER chill which is rare on here

#DanielKennedy111 - I just like your personality overall you are really funny and generally just fun to be around. Havent talked much since my last stars which is sad cuz you were like my first friend out of that friend group but yeah you are just amazing overall :) and Chicago is doing way better then Ottawa this year so I dont like you for that ;(

#LittleMix - You are very persistent which is a good attitude to have =]

#NotAfraid - Well Austin likes you so I automatically like you and you just seem to be really fun when Ive seen you around :3

#CutieCake - I love your blogs!!!!!!< 3 omg

#Bowling4fun - Everyone always tells me how great you are and Ive seen you around a lot you are well liked on here :3

#austino15fffan - Even though we havent talked that much I really just get a good vibe off you and like you a lot so i like your vibe lol we should snapchat and talk more 

#devinwithparasites - You are extremely funny and I genuinely love our conversations 

#meduncan - I've seen you around the blog page a lot but we have never talked, but I like that you will finally get to meet your bestfriend Im excited for you should be fun =]

#ados707 - You are just a super nice guy and always want to do whats best for other people even if it doesnt help your self, you are just an amazing guy!

#mikespike - I remember playing with you and you were loyal to me in a game where I got backstabbed and I always love loyal people xo

#Wwxcrunner1 - I love that you spammed my blog cuz now I got to plus it =] +13

#holllyy1230 - I genuinely believe you to be one of the sweetest girls on here, i dont care what anyone says

labobble - That you like hockey even if it is the toronto maple leafs -_-

plopop - You are super understanding in games and just really nice I appreciate it a lot

realityfreek - You are so open about what you want sex wise lmao

connorfitz15 - You always work super hard in frookies every game to talk to people lol

OutthereElmo - You're very passionate about staying loyal to an alliance and doesn't like when shady stuff happens in it

Conjow - I've noticed you around tengaged a lot and you always seem really sweet to me haha

Warthhogs - That you seem to be good at group games which I envy so much cuz I suck at them LOL teach meeeeee

Ethan000 - When you get in a fight you go all the way to win aka your vlog was epic

ghrocky100 - I notice your blogs a lot so I really like your blogs I guess aha

bigbrotherlover7 - That you have such a big heart, one of the nicest guys I know for forgiving me after everything I did to you

NoSuchName2 - I love your username and how you have marketed it with your frat LOL

Guillomouve - I love your accent and you are usually funny on calls aha

legend_of_link - That you love Zelda, omg im in love with that game

Shonaynay - You have your bestfriend which i think you know irl? and it must be nice and fun to have that I wish I had it aha

ajg31397 - I already did you a long time ago gorl lol

Dash - I remember we were on that skype call that one time and you had the same types of interests as me or something so you added me on skype so I liked that lol =]

jhelsdon2478 - I for some reason always notice when you are in stars which means rather you catch my eye or I find you entertaining in stars, either way I like the people I notice in stars lol

EliotWhi - I like playing frookies with you because even if we arent working together I always find you really competitive

SexyTex - In frookies you are understanding like that last game we played and everything got messed up =[ you seem really chill which I always appreciate on here haha

Brookie0126 - You're one of the people Ive always thought of that is just loved by everyone and having a really sweet personality :3

AlanDuncan - When we played stars you never added me on skype so I like that you dont like being fake and adding everyone I guess =] haha

Alireza1373 - In the old hellhole chat you were one of my favorite people to talk to, I would always laugh when we talked

andalarew_2231 - I loved your singing vlogs and that you are another canadian that lives close to me, also the times ive been on a call with you Ive had fun

brandonpinzu - That you love Xtina like I do and you post for the public in shops!

yswimmer96 - Our love of pizza and that our calls are always so fun

NicholasJ - That you spammed me your blog so that I could plus it which I did =]

Timberlie - I love your username because it reminds me of timberland LOL

Sam_Hamwich - You like playing fastings with vets xoxo love you

stuartlittle16 - I remember playing skype games with you in the summer and you were always super chill in them


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