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61 LiteCitrus, Dec 22, 2014

and I'll tell you if I ever talked clit about you.
#LeXXXy I laughed at one of your multis names. Rest in piss #BrittanyTheChipette
#Oliviaxoxo Nope. I don't know you =[
#Thumper91 I think I said that "no one can be THAT nice" waiting to see your #DarkSide
#Lennon I don't know you either. =[
#chibideidara I wanted to vote you out of Survivor once but I got 17th or 18th in it cause you were bad really bad.
#MagicDuck Did you make a vlog? I don't remember if you did, but I think I said something about how it was stupid. If not and I'm confusing you with someone else then no.
#acyuta I don't know who you are, but I get you confused with a bunch of Foreign .es/.br players
#damo1990 I remember you yelled me like a LONG time ago and I said something about your diagnosis, but we've spoken recently and you're very nice.
#Funnehliner well in BB Gemma and I think I also said you looked like a scraped up pizza left at the bottom of an oven
#gratefulvw I don't know you. So no.
#PotatoSalad I said you were annoying cause we talked like one time and whenever you talk to me it's just for spam. (But I'm guilty of this as of recent cause I spammed something for the first time in years.)
#VansgellaLawson if you Olaf_ in stars like people said you were then I thought you were pretty worthless. If you're VaNs like I'm thinking I liked you, but I thought you tried REALLY hard.
unkown I always make fun of your username cause you forgot another n after the k. It's supposed to be "unknown" right? I think I also got mad because I thought you were being problematic over something.
Striky Idk you!
JasonXTreme idk who you are!
iScotty I remember I think I said you faked your age and where you from or something cause we got into a fight once and you acted extremely infantile for the age you said you were and I always doubted that, but as of recently you don't seem to bother me.
Lachie227 you overreacted over something once and I was like um...............what. GET A GRIP.
maxiphone27 I called you maxipad once idek if your name is Maxi-phone or Max iPhone?
KylieJay I think I said I wish you had a bigger personality in my group game. You're one of my favorite winners nonetheless.
obscurity when you randomly went out of your way to #EXPOSE the SB in a frooks. That was #WeakTitties
Guillomouve I know that you lie about a lot of stuff. That's not really even cool or funny to me.
JourdanBabyXoXo your vlog made me crack up because how you looked and come to find out you were a boy in drag!
Orlando652 I compared you to dry wall.
HighNoon you back stabbed me in frooks for Ween and that was NOT good.
baza76 I called you annoying, but then I met you and got to know you.
Jkjkjk15 idk you =[ sorry
Halloween You kinda are..



56 Simplyobsessed, Mar 25, 2014

And I will tell you if I ever disliked you/found you annoying (idea stolen from #lexxxy)
#somebodyawesome Yes because people mistake me for you.
#wwxcrunner1 No
#suzycroatia No < 3
#missimogen No
#thumper91 Yes because you're popular and its annoying
#trenton1126 No < 3
#andychuck08 No < 3
#dhucking_quacks No
#volcomvans No
#dmann Yes < 3
#nmh95 No < 3
#cornelia No
#tonym101101 No, actually Yes just now your stupid damn username :(
babiicakes No
etienne No < 3
tommarkoliver No < 3
monomial Yes
Icing No
carlab1 Yes because you plus things you disagree with and thats super fake
bigbrotherlover7 No
Saftronbtr999 No
jgoodies No
carlisle Yes when you split that nomset tho < 3
dannny No
mikespike No
africanwoman Yes
konohavillage1 No < 3
eliotwhi No
cutieamy No
jadennator1 No
swagthatbossman No
massgustavo95 No
carterbehne No
iscotty No
jenna2010 No your aunt is royalty so you are perfection by default
Sebbers No
ParvatiS No
Supercam No
QueenOfFierce2 Yes
vh1luvr15 No
jakehou97 No
@danteman953 No
Caliboy No


I keep seeing your avi

1 TheSexiestDude990, Sep 7, 2013

and thinking it's #LeXXXy
Sorry Admir


★ Top 8 Stars Players ★

15 Aquamarine, Aug 21, 2013

[In my recent 5 stars] You'll note not even 10 people were good enough to make this a Top 10.
8th - Vitamin - Let me just say that the only reason Sam is on this list was because he won the game. Ultimately if you win the game you did something right. He didn't go up too many times so that the public was sick of him, but he wasn't exactly the master strategist of the game. His social game was the better part of his game I suppose.
7th - Jouix - Initially I hated Joe and how he played the game. He'd be higher if he hadn't screwed his game up in the end by blindly sticking with melissasinclair29, someone who could have easily beaten him in a poll. Everyone saw them as a Final 2 and by not cutting her loose he missed an opportunity to win earlier than he recently did. I don't like what he did to me, but he played an OK game I guess.
6th - Sparky9171 - I don't really remember much of the games we played probably because he was banned in one of them, but he always seems to have this sneaky strategy about him that allows him to either go up one time and then not go up for a long while, or go fairly deep unnominated. If Sparky perfected his strategy, he would be able to win the whole thing by never going up. But yeah, he hasn't, so sixth for him.
5th - Nicolette - Last stars I was in, Nicolette was my go to girl. I'd always be asking her for noms because I really wasn't paying attention to the game. The only thing about her game was that she was a popularity threat on top of a strategic threat and that doesn't exactly make for a good combination. If anyone deserved to win that game it was here even though I am still a little depressed that she beat me by .2% ;(
4th - dmann - Lets just say if fucking kindlycruel1 hadn't screwed Dylan out of a win, he would have played a pretty flawless game. He partnered with ShayyBayy and I to try to make it to the Final 3 with us. He was basically a lock to win if both Shay and I were there as we'd have split votes and he was already the flavor of the game. If he had taken someone out for 4th and made it to the end with us he would have won. That whole stars was a mess though so I don't like to think about the miserable ending.
3rd - #LeXXXy - Alright so I don't know why I think he's such a good player because his record sure doesn't show for it. From what I gathered in the last stars I played with him (that I barely paid any attention to) he had a lot of people on his side and then one day went up. I think in any other cast he would have had a great shot of even going unnominated and making finals had his game been tweaked just a LITTLE bit, but something about this cast that I must have missed didn't allow him to. Then he posted porn. Lul.
2nd - Jakel0vespicklerr - He went unnominated. That takes skill. His gameplay..


me when lexxxy tries to call me out....

0 evil_derrick, Aug 12, 2013

[7:12:53 PM] LeXXXy (Raven): hey morgan, im raven. owait? didnt i beat ur ass on season 2? bye hunty (heart)
[7:13:27 PM] Morgan  McMichaels: LMAO okay runner up two times your a runner up of two runner ups ;)
[7:13:38 PM] LeXXXy (Raven): :O
[7:13:48 PM] LeXXXy (Raven): the shade of it all :O
thats right go get 2nd for a 3rd time bitch :*
btw still love raven shes one of my favorite queens


Two Year Anniversary Blog

8 Kizzi, Jul 21, 2013

Okay, wow, this is going to be really short.
My two year anniversary for tengaged is on the 23, but this is the last time I'll be on tengaged for the next two weeks so whatever. In two years I've made 472 karma, played 68 games, and DoND is still my best challenge. I'm v successful.
Thanks to the people who have made these two years 100% worth it.
Insanity : You're the reason I'm on this silly website and I actually think it might have made us closer as siblings, believe it or not.
Cfff my bfff
Mexash even though we're on and off
#lexxxy my english muffin
Notsae : you're perfect.
jag0827 even though I don't know where you've gone
tycoon1234 even though we're super weird right now
nick24678 yes, even you
Tharealmike even though we never talk anymore
andalarew_2231 even though we never talk anymore
william3 even though we never talk anymore
pizpaz even though we never talk anymore
meduncan even though we just met
@eh, i forgot a bunch of people but it's whatever
Okay, yeah. So here's to almost another year on this goddamn website.
Cya in two weeks :*


★ Finals - Stars 244 ★

24 Vitamin, Jul 20, 2013

FINALS! Omg... I NEVER expected to make it to this point of the game.
I’ve wanted to join stars for a while. I didn’t know exactly when but I knew sometime during summer. I tried to join last week but failed, and I really wasn’t sure about joining this week because my birthday was on Tuesday. I decided late on Saturday I’d join on a whim.
The moment I enrolled I saw people like Nicolette, Jarst and jhelsdon2478. I knew this cast was tough, quite a few popular people. I really didn’t expect to stay around as long I did, DEFINITELY didn’t expect to make it all the way to finals. But, here I am!
Within the first 5 minutes I was added into a chat with Mahogany and TheGoodMan. We were like a core alliance/final 3 sort of thing right at the start (that lasted long lol). My noms didn’t go through the first day so I realized I started off in the minority. Slowly as things adapted throughout the game, I talked to more people, made more deals and stuff, and I started consistently getting my nominations through.
The majority of my nominations throughout this game went through. I knew I was in trouble for 11th; I was informed I was a counter and tried everything I could, talking to everyone, but it seemed as if people avoided talking game with me at all costs. I went up with the amazing TeganH and surprisingly to me, I stayed. From then on, I knew I needed to step up my game and turn the game around.
1 by 1 I got revenge on those who were behind getting me nominated. The next day, Nicolette and Jarst went up who were basically the force behind making me go up. After that, #LeXXXY and TheGoodMan went up who were supposedly my closest allies however I was well aware they flipped on me for 11th, so I nominated that pair. There were a number of split nominations towards the end but like I said, the majority of my noms went through.
My proudest moment of this game would have to be noms for 6th. Nicolette and Aquamarine were nominated for 7th and the game was divided into two; me, Nicolette and Aqua and JetsRock12, Alireza1373, jhelsdon2478 and Chips47. I knew RIGHT away that those 4 were inevitably sticking together and were going to do me vs. the survivor (turned out to be Nicolette). Me, Aquamarine and Nicolette decided we would do everything in our power to try and get Ali/Jhels up instead of us. Because me and Nicolette were 2 of the biggest targets throughout the game due to being labelled as “popularity threats”, I knew it wouldn’t be easy to pull it off. However, through strategy and persuasiveness I got Jets to flip onto our side after making a fake deal with him. (Sorry, Jets). My noms for 6th went through.
I also survived nominations for 5th which was amazing since me and the..



3 Sparky9171, Jul 8, 2013

she was adopted by a black familyu dumb cunt
Sent by #LeXXXy,Jul 8, 2013


Lol I love being filtered

0 cocacola12, Dec 1, 2012

Now..... Who else wants to get on my nerves today?

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