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PYN and I will tell you

7 Arris, Nov 29, 2018

my favorite user from your first page
maturo - #eliortiz1234
lexeyjane - #paul028


pyn for an opinion

9 maturo, Oct 20, 2018

from me and #EliOrtiz1234



17 Arris, Jan 21, 2017

Can't believe if finally happened woohoo ! After years of actually wanting to go for a shop I finally got determination and ambition to do it just last week.
First of all I wanted to say thank you to everyone who supported me during spamming, auctions and an actual shop weeks. I wanted to personally thank few people, starting from KatarinaDuCouteau who helped me set up my beautiful stock and briefly explained everything I needed to know before competing and sorry for firing you from spamming haha but I really didn't need you do it ;)
Here's a look at my gorgeous stock that went 34/35 poor Druhhbby2 got victimized by the fatuglyloser12 who I won't even waste my tag on. As you can tell the only thing that slightly changed was Blue Jays Jersey Jacket that I dropped logo from and it became just a Blue Jacket.
I wanted to say once again massive thank you to eliortiz1234 who was basically my mentor throughout the whole process. He was the one who emotionally supported me all the time and also explained to me the whole shopping activity; from how to upload designs and how to get your designs on auctions to how to gift people. I couldn't ask for a better teacher (;
I also wanted to say thank you to my buyers m7md26 virgie88 and ricktworick1 because without you I would never be able to actually get this shop. Your discounts made it possible !
Also I wanted to say thank you to my gifters who were speedy and reliable; shoutout to bomberv, icebeast, jenzie, vlad21, plastic, pureessence, fishingguy22, #eliortiz1234, #katarinaducouteau, DrJean and LasVegas even tho you missed Alex's one.
To all my bidders; you know who you are < 3
Lastly, oddly enough I wanted to thank people who I gifted because if you got a gift it means ILY and you made my time on tengaged worth it !!! I also want to say sorry without naming to the people that I really wanted to gift but the stock unfortunately was limited but I will do my best on my next shop, possibly in summer or maybe even earlier ;))
And also to everyone I sadly forgot about :(
I can finally say that I had a Tengaged Shopping Experience ROFL < 3
It was fun and I think losing just one gift for the first shop can still be considered a success.


♥♥ #EliOrtiz1234 Thank you so much for..

4 aquetejodo, Oct 30, 2016

Thank u so much for the gift < 3
oh thank you very much for the gift, which is so beautiful!
see a gift in spam .........
You have received a gift from EliOrtiz1234. Visit your gifts page to see what you received .
From #EliOrtiz1234 bought in shop (angel)
I love you...
!!! which is a very very nice, and so so nice detail. tahnks thank 
thanks for Nude Smile!!!  < 333
EliOrtiz1234                            EliOrtiz1234                    EliOrtiz1234 
                            EliOrtiz1234                      EliOrtiz1234                             
Special mention for the person who posted the designs in her shop
#angel  / Tigger


Doing one of those things

12 NotNicky333, Aug 7, 2016

where you plus this blog and mail me and then I give you a person to write an opinion on but it will be anonymous
Mail me if you want to participate! Make sure you plus though! :P
#EliOrtiz1234 - Super nice and a pretty good friend although we haven't talked in forever :)
#jojo7784 - i smell a lemjam sheep!!!!
#titoburitto - hes really nice but i dont like playing games with him LOL. always has his gross premade with him! he can do a lot better imo
EyooMarcus - i dont really know them but im sure their a great person on the earth and i love their username :)
bomberv - He's kind of hmmm... crazy. I don't know I guess we could get along, but sometimes I'm like naaah when it comes to him.
Minie - She is a fucking elephant looking cunt who can suck off bomberv's grandfather. She can go kill herself, I don't even care. (god for bid but seriously... she is so annoying). I can not stand her and her minions around this website. She should seriously just get stepped on by an elephant. No one likes her and all her friends are fake. Tell her to go shove her dick up bomberv's pussy and say hallelujah. She is utterly the worst human on planet Earth. She belongs off the solar system. Ugh I could go on for hours. Just know... I hate this bitch.
Brandt69 - idk who that is.
jenzie - They make me want to drink bleach. And I never met someone more annoying to i met them
McBenjamin - i thought i was his friend then yesterday he suddenly unfriended me and was being rude af LMAO
Masonx - an absolute dad who can top me every day of the week, king of skype games, king of a good avatar, king of dragging
babiicakes - Seems like a slutty teen girl who just wants to be someone but a slut but cant stop being an attention whoring slob
Brayden_ -
AshleyBabyx3 - Fake as fuck. Uses people to get what he wants. Not a fan.
kaseyhope101 - She's okay, her opinions are wrong though and if anyone has a different opinion she hates them.
sosyomomma - recognize the username, just don't remember a thing about why I know you rofl
Pieguy555 - FATTY USED MULTIS AGAINST ME IN STARS!! but hes ok I guess and nice to me so no complaints really
Kelly0412 - literally such an asshole. always fucking ignores me and only talks to me when he needs shit
Lemjam6 - Possible Asian
turney1805 - Ungrateful bitch. People would have killed to be put..


100 qs

2 Halloween, May 8, 2016

1. Real name: essence
2. Nickname: ess
3. Favorite color: pink!
4. Male or female: female
5. Sign: aquarius
6. Favorite Elementary (K-8) grade: umm probably kindergarten or grade 1
7. Favorite High (9-12) grade: this year (10)
8. Coke or Pepsi: eh, pepsi
9. Hair color: naturally blonde, dyed brown rn tho
10. Height: almost 5'7"
11. Sexuality: straight
12. Phone or computer: computerr
13. Health freak: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no
14. Orange or apple: orange flavored things are best but i prefer apple as an actual fruit
15. Do you have a crush: crush?
17. Piercings: ears
18. Would you backstab your #1 friend for a stars win: LMAO no but itd be funny as fuck if i did
19. Have you been in an airplane: yup
20. Have you been in a relationship: yes
21. Have you been in a car accident: no
22. Have you been in a fist fight: sort of?
23. When did you wake up this morning: ugh at like 10:30
24. Best Friend: On here? eliortiz1234 eternalblossom
25. Award you'd be given: biggest dreamer
26. First crush: this asian kid in kindergarten
27. Mom or Dad: mama
28. Any talent: singing and writing i guess?
29. Last person you talked to: #eliortiz1234
30. Last person you texted: #eternalblossom
31. Last person you watched a movie with: #eliortiz1234 LOL
32. Last thing you ate: chocolate easter eggs
33. Last movie/ TV show you watched: zoey 101 B)
34. Last song you listened to: into you by ariana grande
35. Last thing you bought: pizza from the school cafeteria LOL
36. Last person you hugged: my mom (happy mothers day!!!!!!!)
37. Fav Food: anything chocolate related. or pizza.
38. Fav Drink: water
39. Art or Science: art class > science, but science is more interesting as a whole
40. Fave Flower: lilly of the valley
41. Fave Animal: SLOTHS
42. Fave Movie: catching fire probably, or deadpool now that ive seen it
44. Top or Bottom: uhhh bottom
•Have you? (Put an X in the brackets if yes.)
(Small x=sort of/idk)
45. [X] fallen in love with someone
46. [x] lied to your family about where you were
47. [x] Had your heart broken
48. [] went over the minutes/ texts on your phone
49. [x] had an enemy
50, [x] been in a life threatening situation
51. [] had an STD test
52. [X] been bullied
53. [X] did something you regret
54. [X] broken a promise
55. [X] hid a secret
56. [X] pretend to be happy
57. [X] met someone who has changed your life
58. [X] pretended to be sick
59. [X] left the country
60. [] kissed a straight boy (if gay) or kissed someone of the same gender (if straight)
61. [X] cried in the last week
62. [] ran a mile
63. [] kissed in the rain
64. [X] lost a good friend
65. [X] broken up with someone
66. [] cheated on someone
67. Eating: nothing
68. Drinking: nothing
69. Listening to: static
70. Sitting or laying: laying
71. Plans for today: give my mom her gift and probably study chemistry
72. Waiting for: ariana grande's new album friejnfkerrpok;elrpjm
73. Want kids: um maybe..


Justin Drew Bieber [CLOSED]

11 RobertGuajardo, Apr 4, 2016

34/35, thank you SO much eliortiz1234 for NOT listening when I kick you from a chat.
Thank you to my designers for permish, mama gemma17 & fellow kardashian sister iscotty
*special shoutout to my girl judi for spamming for me this shop < 3*
Thank you to ALL my LOYAL gifters hens xo
#eliortiz1234 please get aids.
i want my next shop to be something kardashian-esque, send me ideas xo. until next time!


90 EliOrtiz1234, Jan 27, 2016

#eliortiz1234 - Eli is a real nice guy. I'm sure. But the whole calling joshie1 guy out on pedophilia when he dated essence for like a year was a smidge baffling. No problems with the dude though.
EliOrtiz1234 - Disgusting, manipulative pedophile. Maybe if he spent more time looking for quality friends instead of hitting on underage girls, his chat wouldn't be filled with complete human garbage.
EliOrtiz1234 - He's kind of arrogant. He acts like he's the best thing that ever existed and like he's the second coming of Christ. He needs to get that ego in check and I'll like him more.
I am actually glad
May 7, 2017 by EliotWhi
that people are finally realising  how absolutely disgusting and fake EliOrtiz1234 is. He is not an angel he is a fucking Cunt point blank and the period! enough said
astone929 39 min ago
Lmao this is why I told everyone to vote off that fucking cunt. Eli your the most pathetic piece of shit thats ever been on this site
Eli- come out of the closet and stop dating underage girls


PYN for an opinz

59 RobertGuajardo, Jan 17, 2016

from either me, macken, gentlemang, shawnpat7, lemjam6
#eliortiz1234 - CUM ALL OVER ME.
maxi1234 - disgusting cunt
galaxies - who? & "i hate that cunt"
gloss13 - ur name is so boring, i don't wanna do you
Icarus_Mark - you’re such a good person and friend and when someone needs something you’re always there to help, ilysm and I’m glad u have been more active lately
Arcaninemaster - i thought we were friends and then u shot me out of hunger, and then u spammed against me and you lost both times. bye you worthless cunt.
robozoe - ew you're gross and you're a jenzie shadow
Josh742 - well we don't know each other too well, but one day we talked and i liked us talking to each other & u have my support in stars
ItsAustin - weren't u the one that made a vlog where u were green and super ugly
vansreborn - I love my .br boyfriend
Minajxo - wern't u the one that was friends with halloween?
DanielleDonato - aw sorry u didnt get shawn, you're a fucking worthless cunt who deserves to die of cancer, i hope u get aids from isiah. die in a car crash.
yoshicoolman -
jguill - u were in CYA for a hot second, but too bad i was asleep. jojo wants to cum on u
temeky - ur a fat fuck
simpizzle - u have a gap tooth
skyler1822 - i love you, you're so sweet
Kelly0412 - you're psychotic but i like it.
C00LDUDE1000 - annoying cunt
Thirteen - freaking devil worshiper
bowkane - ew you're a fat fuck.
Paul41 - you're a creeper and you lie about about snap chats
amf7410 - you're super popular for being weird and not going on calls
arris - are you sexually confused because weren't you straight and now you send nudes?
ASupreme - you're really HOT! < 3
BrenLa - fuck you for stealing my frookies f2, fuck off.
rawr25 - You think you are so cute. You started out as as little design obsessed horny twink bitch, now you run around following in jojos footsteps saying you are a woman. Your dick probably has shriveled up inside of you and makes you feel like you have a pussy. But we all know you are just a  prepubescent child. Go back to trading nudes for gifts


random.org bb 2 episode 6

3 Mitchkid64, Dec 20, 2015

(pic) (memory wall)
random.org broke the tie and evicted MrPokeguy9
HOH: girllover101
initial noms: EliOrtiz1234 matedog1209
POV: Matt64
final noms: #EliOrtiz1234 AlanDuncan
12- semajdude
11- falconbait26
10- brandt69
9- jguill
8- #MrPokeguy9
Vote to evict either #eliortiz1234 or #alanduncan


[ALERT] making a vlog

5 dmann, Aug 24, 2015

with #EliOrtiz1234 when I go to NY next week...ask us questions :-D


Survival I skype game.

1 Danger, Aug 22, 2015

1st. Emrose - Congratulations!
2nd. Coreyants [Killed in landmine challenge]
3rd. xoxokaci1 [Killed by Coreyants]
4th. Survivorrocks [Killed by Emrose]
5th. Mradamman12 [Voted out 2-1]
6th. darbe [Killed by Spike Trap]
7th. Anthonyy [Killed by poison]
8th. Ryder [Killed by Emrose]
9th. Sallyyisfabulous [Killed by Emrose]
10th. #EliOrtiz1234 [Killed by Anthonyy]
11th. Mason [Killed by Coreyants]
12th. Bertie [Killed by Ryder]
13th. Thejohnny [Killed by Mradamman12]
Emrose - 3
Corey - 2
Anthony - 1
Ryder - 1
Mradamman - 1


What the heck:/

2 Kaylabby, Aug 19, 2015

My bffl is banned, I'm sad #EliOrtiz1234


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