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Tengaged's Newest Purple!!

3 BigBrother_Survivor, Aug 23, 2014

#Dhucking_Quacks - Makayla wish we talked more cause your really nice and funny ily
#ParvatiS - Dunno who you are but i love parvati



36 tdogg1543, Apr 10, 2014

tysm for helping with my charity!
alanb1 dhucking_quacks ticofernandez CharlieScene teamjacz Koin Gaiaphage jakehou97 BoyToy4Cato rawr121 bowkane (savior) Olaf_
PYN and i'll tell you if i trust you or not :)
#Dhucking_Quacks - ily2! and i obvi trust you haha < 33
#rawr121 - you joined my charity so yes i trust you!
#NoSuchName2 - we've never played before, so hmu sometime and we can join together!
#gamerstar105 - you were super loyal to me in my first ever crookies a long time ago so yes i trust you!
SomebodyAwesome - in the games we've played together youve never backstabbed me so yes :)
Absol - idk if i trust you or not tbh lmao
alireza1373 - no because you never update pyn's lool but we should play something sometime.
#bowkane - you saved my charity how could i not trust you! btw add me! we need to talk sometime you're hillar
Thumper91 - i dont think we have ever played anything together but from what ive heard alot of people trust you!
Maxi1234 - Max, i think we played game 111111 together and you were trustworthy, but in frooks and stuff you've chosen to save other people over me so im pretty much 50/50
Delete2544 - we've never played before :(
Dancefloorparty - i think i turst you but sometimes i feel like you hate me lmao, and no i dont play baseball anymore lol, i only play basketball and football
Olaf_ - I trust you because you're in LNA! haha and its okay!
#Gaiaphage - You stayed loyal in Mealrs game and you joined my charity of course i turst you!
#ticofernandez - you were also in my first ever crooks and you were loyal and you joined my charity so i trust you :)
PSULucky - we've never played together but on the blogs page you're super sweet :)'
jakehou97 - you joined my charity so yes!
alanb1 _ you are always loyal to me and you joined my charity, yes!
totaldramalover3032 - another person who was trustworthy to me in my first crookies haha, yes i trust you and i remember you saying your name was avery haha :)
Fredcrugar - thanks! we've neve played together but hmu some time and we can :)
stuartlittle16 - i think we've played like one game together but idrk if you're trustworthy
CapricornsGhost - you helped with my first charity that go messed up so yes!
@HUmanMustard - we've never played before so hmu and we can join a frooks or something sometime :)
neathery - you're in LNA so yes!
PaulaDeen - thanks for the plus! and we haven't played so idk hmu sometime :)

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