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For Every 10 Points

0 Pieguy555, Apr 2, 2016

On the designs, I'll post an embarassing Jadennator1 secret.
http://www.tengaged.com/design/id-206463/skinny-kim-k-skin http://www.tengaged.com/design/id-206464/kourtney-yeezy-show-look
10 - Jadennator1 tells everyone that her name is Jade, but it is actually Anna Maria :S. What a liar !!!
20 - Jade has admitted to giving sexual "favors" to #Unkown in return for designs. :X
30 - While talking on call once, and the topic of scissoring came up while talking about OITNB. Jade had no idea what that was, and upon learning what it was Jade wanted to try it out LOL.
40 - After meeting Jade for the first time, I was 100% sure that she was incompetent/illiterate. It just turned out that she was using Google translate to talk lmao.
50 - Jade will only date guys over 6 ft because she believes that they are bound to be big everywhere. ;)
60 - Jade loves to dye her hair to match her Ombre weaves, and has even dressed up to look exactly like her avatar before. :S
70 - Jade claims to be a HUGE Harry Potter nerd, but when asked basic questions about the series she had no answers ! She didn't even know what Ravenclaw was lmao.
80 - According to Jade her and #JasonXTreme did some very interesting stuff while on came together.


~ Snape Kills Dumbledore CLOSED {33/35} ~

8 CheapCheep, Jul 27, 2015

Hey first time having a shop! It wasn't under my name but still got all the basic benefits of having one. I'm blessed that I didn't have a parade of people constantly on my shop like I assumed I would've. Two casualties but overall very impressed with the outcome :)
I'd like to thank my gifters that I can name off the top of my head (if I missed you lemme know bc ily ;-;):
Sorry if I missed you again! I wasn't really taking part with most gifting chats so I wouldn't really know w/o looking through everyone's profile.
To those who got gifted this week I hope you enjoy (just to name a few):
Petro (Gift Giveaway Winner)
And to those who's gifts were "intercepted": Myself and Qwertyioup which even though you're inact I would've liked to give you something back for gifting the lips.
REGARDLESS I really enjoyed the experience and I couldn't have done this without Vixanu, my shop owner, gifter, gifting chat jesus, and for overall leading the true success of this shop. Hun I hope you enjoy your break from TG as it would seem but you are lovely < 3333
K now to get myself on a sleep schedule for school.



37 XavierR83, Mar 12, 2015

So I just got TV star which is an awesome milestone! Since I did, PYN, and I'll get a 100% honest opinion about you, and I'm doing all of them!!!
Thanks for my charity helpers :)
IceBeast - Don't really know you that much, let's change that :D
GrrrImABear - Same as above, don't really know you, let's change it!!!
Alanb1 - I feel like we used to be really friendly, but not so much anymore, once again, let's change that :P
ShadowBaller000 - We haven't really ever talked that much, probably because you don't really play anything except for survivor, so maybe you should play more games ya bum :P
Dalagninja - STEVEN!!!!!!!!! You're my irl best friend and probably room mate next year, a lot of the karma/t$ I have earned came from you joining games and putting up with me LOL :)
Happy202 - We've worked together a few times I think, you're really nice :)
Quackerz - You're like my frienemie every time we play stars, we either work together, or try to get each other out LOL
Cfff - Brian, I think you're a super cool dude, and you're a great guy in general, we always work together, and I value your friendship
Tetsuya - Haven't talked :/ Let's change that!!!
Sosyomomma - DREW!!!!!! We usually play games together and just rock them like we're awesome!!! We didn't talk before i came back from my perm ily :D
ArcanineMaster - You're really nice and there's no other way to put it :) You've always been on my other tribe so we've never gotten to play a game together :(
Nikw98 - Didn't know you that well, thanks for joining my charity!!!!!!!!
DaniD - I think we played survivor together like once? You were a pretty cool guy :P
2Beastly - STEVE!!!! ILY :P
Padfoot - Our first game together was THG, when we semi worked together I guess?
Guigi - Don't really know you, you seem really nice though!
Orlando652 - We used to be really close, but now we don't even talk :/
Meduncan - Timmy, you're really cool and nice, we've played a bunch of games together and you're always really nice to me
Brosky17 - Bro we are pretty tight and we always work together in any game we're in, thanks for being a good friend!
Vanili - TBH IDK YOU :S
Pegasus1234 - I don't know you that well, but you're always super nice and a good person :)
@JasonExtreme - You're really cool, and really nice, we should definitely talk more!
Booyahhayoob - TBH you seem pretty nice, but I don't know you that much.
Je7467 - You're kinda a dick to me like any time I wanted to help with scoderk and you love trolling me lol.
Boots22 - DARCY! We used to be pretty close, but not much anymore..


PYN Heterosexuality rank

76 Pepperdude_is_back, Dec 2, 2014

This is a ladder of people who strike me as the most gay to the least gay. BASED ON IMPRESSIONS I get from you :P (no research)
#MeDuncan (EDIT: Apparently I got him at the wrong end before people comment)
Asexual - #Steel
EDIT: Updated up to CK11 - I need my sleep guys so sorry, I wasn't expecting to come back to another 40 comments aha - If you really want to know where you'd come on this list then mail me and I'll tell you.


Gaiaphage ❤

42 JayElVeeIsBack, Oct 23, 2014

Most sarcastic - Unkown
Most gullible - Cfff , BrenLa
The comedian - GayJohnny
Most likely to become famous - Foxox
Most likely to appear on Oprah - RohanChaubey
Dopiest - Gaiaphage , FredCrugar
Biggest ego - EyooMarcus
The one most likely to be found on skype - Ashleybabyx3
Friendliest - Thumper91
Comp king - Pancakes , Don_Draper , Aes222Aes , Dubstar
Future TG star - christossss
crazy blogger - Mcbenjamin
funniest blogger - BengalBoy
design whore - #Unkown
biggest noob - @Gambino_
most loyal player, - Thumper91
most underrated,  - Andalarew_2231
worst at comps,   -  #Cfff , PotatoSalad
The annoying spammer award. - Gloss13 Stupendous JayElVeeIsBack
most talkative in castings, -  cheritaisdelicious , Elvira
the key hogger - Silas86 , Gagaluv
Most Annoying - Bowkane



85 hobnobgpro, Oct 21, 2014

And I will rank you based on KPG (Karma per Game).
PSULucky = 37.83
Padfoot = 34.69
ElectraViv = 21.69
acyuta = 19.76
Zinger = 18.16
Cornelia = 17.39
WannaBeeFriends = 15.98
Nunley = 14.58
Kory = 14.34
atti12 = 14.01
#unkown = 11.91
Etienne = 11.85
natepresnell = 10.95
donaam = 10.57
Jordan009 = 10.43
#hobnobgpro = 10.20
LordJza = 10.13
Rockslide = 8.52
#cutieamy = 8.17
#ASupreme = 7.33
DanielKennedy111 = 7.30
#Oysterman11 = 6.83
Boots22 = 5.88
#christossss = 5.64
smuguy2012 = 5.34
AtlantaHawksFan = 5.00
#schmooboy = 4.94
AlanDuncan = 4.74
somebodyawesome = 4.74
TheSexiestDude990 = 4.62
elnino550 = 4.57
austinnn = 4.10
#temponeptune = 4.00
muffinman = 3.82
#carleebear = 2.73
xxheroxx = 2.43
Kennel123 = 2.42
marwane = 2.13
Booyahhayoob = 0.90
Updated at: LordJza.


PYN!! yeey just bought bloood!!

46 Oliviaxoxo, Oct 21, 2014

I swear it feels like i just bought Sky LOL but w/e!! Thank you thesexiestdude990 for trying to organise a charity frooks and jasonxtreme for claiming oops im sorry!! i decided to have a go at a normal frooks to get that 5K and thanks to a lovely loyal alliance i managed to make final 2 and won yeey! (sorry starfox, i genuinely thought you'd win!:( )
PYN FOR A SHORT OPINION(I'll try keep them short but pyn's are great way to NOT do work yeey!^.^)
EDIT: gonna go sleep so ill finish tomorrow :)
#Unkown Jesus/Patrick, honestly I can never tell if you like me or not but I don’t care because I like you :p  I always find you a great, loyal ally in thg but it seems like we only really talk when we’re playing hunger which is a shaaaame!!:(
#thumper91 you’re one of the people on this site I’d love to get to know better! I’ve been on call with you once but I couldn’t talk because my mum was being annoying lol!! I really hope we end up in a call together again soon because I genuinely think we’d get along well :)
#temponeptune aaaah this is annoying because your avi name is ringing a bell and im fairly suuure we’ve played a game together or something?! Idk, im sorry if we have, my memory sucks! >.< you seem like a nice person so I hope we come across each other in a game soon:)
#thesexiestdude990 awe Julian you are such a loyal person to me, and not necessarily just in games! Youre a great friend and a lovely person and im so glad to have had the opportunity to get to know you better in the frat! P.s I actually remember coming across you when I was a noob in a casting, idk if you remember :p
#cornelia ive seen you around on the blog page and stuff but we’ve never spoken!:( hopefully we’ll be in a game together soon and change that!:)
#acyuta aweee we’ve met recently in a survivor andyou are like one of the nicest, sweetest , loyal person ive come across who is a beast at comps!! I really hope we continue talking because I think we could become great friends!!:D
#potatosalad ive seen you around on the blog page and plussed your spam but we haven’t really spoken much! I like lots of people on the first page of youre friend list and you seem cool :) ps i looove potato salad, js!
#tommeh208 omg tommy I love you!! You’re like funny without trying and I love your sense of humour! You make me giggle and I see you as my little online bro! youre soo cuute and love;y!! thank you for being an amazing friend and being there for me!:) I remember meeting you in a frooks and im so glad that you’ve grown to be one of my closest friends on this site!!
maxi1234 awee max I’m so glad you randomly mailed me that first time! Even though we don’t really talk much now, I think youre a great person and I really wish we talk more!:(..


Exposing Unkown :)

21 rawr121, Jun 14, 2014

This blog is about me.
#Unkown owes me a gift because I spammed one item into auctions for him. Earlier on this week I played a frooks and unkown happened to be in it.
When he went up for 13th I saved him, however when he went up for 11th I evicted him and he was evicted. When he asked me if I evicted him I said yes and he went off on me. He took away the gift as well. So just for everyone to know, Pat is a bitter oh so so bitter frooks player.
EDIT: Idk do you think I should've LIED to his face?
EDIT: And now hes saying I sent death threats over skype? I didn't and if you knew me more than just a spamm, you would know I would never say that. Unkown
So uh yeah. lmao
If you dont believe me, Skype me at A_C121 and I will show you it myself that none of what he said is true. :)


HG Blog Game ~ DAY 4 ~

12 Deanooo, Jun 6, 2014

~ Only 10 people can comment (In-Game or Spectators)
~ Comment either HEALTH or ATTACK followed by the tributes username (ex. HEALTH Deanooo or ATTACK Deanooo)
~ First commenter will give DOUBLE health or do DOUBLE attack damage!
~ Day 3 Events ~
#unkown is attacked by acid rain, -20 health.
#Phenomanimal is caught up in a storm, -16 heath.
#unkown is attacked muts, -112 health, killing #unkown for 23rd.
#hobnobgpro attacks kmaynor, -104 health, killing #kmaynor for 22nd
#XavierR83 is caught up in a storm, -178 health, killing #XavierR83 for 21st
#Runaway attacks #Phenomanimal, -64 health
#kmaynor2 who is dead decides to attack #unkown , who is also dead.
#MrPokeguy9 attacks #EliotWhi, -106 health, killing #EliotWhi for 20th
1. SmoothStalker12 Health - 100
2. Runaway Health - 100
3. Phenomanimal Health - 123
4. wyatt33 Health - 100
6. Survivoring Health - 100
7. Imthtawesom Health - 100
8. Darriusdabest Health - 138
10. MrPokeguy9 Health - 100
11. jbshafer Health - 100
12. IAmPaxton Health - 100
13. CheapCheep Health - 100
14. Robinhood99 Health - 100
15. Sam_Hamwich Health - 100
16. hobnobgpro Health - 250
19. disneygeek Health - 100
20. XavierR83 Health - 48
21. Qwertyioup Health - 100
22. rowan22 Health - 125
23. Stitch_18 Health - 100
24. hints Health - 100
20th: EliotWhi killd by #MrPokeguy9 (DAY 3)
21st: XavierR83 killed by storm. (DAY 3)
22nd: kmaynor2 killed by #hobnobgpro (DAY 3)
23rd: unkown killed by muts. (DAY 3)
24th: rawr121 killed by lighting. (DAY 2)
When someone is given health, 25 health will be added to their current level, and when someone is attacked, I will random.org a number between 1 and 100, and that will be the damage done.
Only the first 10 comments count, and there is only 1 comment per person!


unkown is puta?

1 Nimue, Apr 24, 2014

#unkown puta


58 ElectraViv, Mar 18, 2014

I finally bought Silver Level! I delayed buying it because I needed the T$ to buy my shop a few weeks ago and support my alcoholism. But I finally saved up the 300 T$ from charity bets, and here I am!
So post your name for a compliment and I'll write one for ya, even if I don't know you, I'll dig up some info on ya. :) Thanks Tengaged!
#unkown - You're the coolest person I know on tengaged by far, and you've helped me out so much. I miss being on Tribe Sheep Unkown (http://www.tengaged.com/game/107058 ), and yes we need to join THG together again! Grats on breaking 1000 karma in one month btw, I can't even do that in 8 months.
#Vitamin - You are so nice and helpful to me, even though you leak all my gifting chats so your friends can get Platinum Gemma Weaves *cries* LMAO obv. just kidding, you're a great guy and I truly still can't thank you enough for helping me out with my shop and you were ROBBED in survivor. :)
#alireza1373 - My "Tribe Cheaters" tribemate, you & I both know that there was no cheating going on that tribe, and that Skype chat logs won't prove anything. I'm happy you made the merge and I want you to continue kicking ass, like you've been doing on TG. ;)
#SurvivorFan37 - Will, your group games are the only ones I'll join because you're a genuinely awesome guy and you & I still hold my FAVORITE MOMENT in TG Survivor ever when we blindsided the frat and got xoxokiller out for 12th place. That was honestly iconic and I hope you've been enjoying your gift from my shop. :)
#Thumper91 - Good luck in Stars this week bb, I'm definitely voting for you every round as payback for always giving me your beautifullll +15 on all the shit I spam into your inbox. Thanks for not filtering me yet. :)
#Chlltownofcourse - Cory! I would have got 30th in my first Hunger Games if it wasn't for you, we need to join again and like kick some more ass. Thanks for always plussing my spam and being nice to me. :)
#cotbey - Drew, it's been so awesome getting to know you the past few days even though it's because we were both on "Tribe Cheaters" ............. Lol. But yeah, you're an awesome person and GL on your new tribe! :)
#PSULucky - I can't keep up with you! :P You beat me to 1000 Karma and then Silver Level, and it's because you kick some major ass at survivor and challenges. Thank you for being a friend and plussing all my spam. :)
#Maxi1234 - I remember when you first messaged me on tengaged that we were gonna be best friends LOL and I was like who tf...but you've turned out to be really cool and always kind to me. Sorry we had to be bitches to each other in that frookies game (your fault tho ;) )
#tdogg1543 - Tanner! I remember playing a couple of games with you and you were always so nice to me and everyone else. I look forward to seeing you grow and become a great tengaged player. You're awesome. :)
#rawr121 - Hahaha we just got done playing that group game together and we could have..


I miss unkown

1 Claudiya, Feb 21, 2014



The reason Unkown deserved to get banned.

0 Hannah_Parks, Feb 21, 2014

It's because he's mocking religion, and and being disrespectful to those who hold it in high regard.... That's why #Unkown is a moral less asshole.
On top of that when I skype called him, she just told me if people have a problem with it, to get over it. No morals, No reason, No logic, a complete bitch is what Unkown is....
There was no reason to mock Religion of Jesus


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