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Just remembered winning

10 vansreborn, Jan 4, 2018

Best Newcomer in Jouix's Tengaged Awards in 2013 (aka the only relevant Tengaged awards) I got 30.3% and 2nd closest was 13.3% to KatnissEverdeen (which ngl didn't hold up well), my fellow nominees were, Nattie (RIP), Cornelia, CutieAmy, Guillomouve, Ali123Francesca, #Donagal103, #Ladris ( Irelia), Katniss, dsrh68, and me, so as you can so an easy win for me pretty much in the 2nd most voted on poll
so I thought I'd look at the comments of the poll to see how people voted and reply to them now! In 2018!
jacksonjoseph99 Voted for Donagal b/c of her Skype Games! - ok fuck you too Jackson
#KittyTheEmolga( Gardenia) jeriber wtf where is she - HELLO? I was there too smh
#alireza1373( ak73) nattie lol - OK ali I thought we were friends back then
SexGoddx Nat or Corn hmmm - SEXGODD?!?!?! HOW COULD YOU?!?!?!
sihz NOT vans obviously - this HAS to be a troll
jadennator1 GuillomouveGuillomouveGuillomouveGuillomouveGuillomouveGuillomouveGuillomouveGuillomouveGuillomouveGuillomouveGuillomouve - OK JADE ILL NEVER WATCH SHAMELESS AGAIN
Anas Cutieamy? really..? - good comment my friend
ybbob Sorry but Vans is very known and I am no even his friend but he is very popular in my eyes - RIGHT ANSWER BUDDY!
and that's the only ones I laughed at seeing LOL happy to have this on my CV next to Stars Winner and my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh


Tyler's Big Brother 2 Week 4 Middle

0 TotalDramaTyler, Aug 9, 2016

Vote to evict zachboy967 or amywaters1!
Voting is public so anyone may vote. Voting closes in 24 hours!
1. #Donagal103
2. JonMcGillis
3. Crazy_Clown123
4. Migoon
5. Deanooo
6. BBobsessor
7. #amywaters1
8. rhysarnie14
9. zachboy967
12th: #thecoolyest
11th: #ksnyd2504
10th: Winwinred


Tyler's Big Brother 2 Week 4 Beginning

0 TotalDramaTyler, Aug 9, 2016

1. #Donagal103
2. JonMcGillis
3. Crazy_Clown123
4. Migoon
5. Deanooo
6. BBobsessor
7. #amywaters1
8. rhysarnie14
9. zachboy967
HOH - Migoon
Nominees - zachboy967 and amywaters1
POV - BBobsessor
Final Nominees - zachboy967 and amywaters1
12th: #thecoolyest
11th: #ksnyd2504
10th: Winwinred


No title

4 1ry99, Aug 18, 2015

Use the first 14 people in your friends list. NO skipping!!!
The Winner: #Donagal103
The Runner-Up: Jamiie
The Last Jury Member: #xoHannaHxo
The First Evicted: #jamjars
The Popular Houseguest: k4r4k
The Most Confrontational: TheMizFit
The First Jury Member: SuDoYu
The Bitter Juror: TheRenny
The Comp Beast: XxLoveWakizaxX
The Fan Favorite: Stary
The Showmance (2 people): #BradlyShallow and gagaluv
The Floater: aliumair
The Most Controversial: JodiRollins


For every 20 points I'll name

4 PotatoSalad, Jun 2, 2015

a TG girl I've had a crush on @ one point in time. Just continuing from my last list.
Cont. from my last list
20 - Sedona103 #Donagal103
40 - Gardenia


Columbine has always hit close for me

1 austino15fffan, Apr 20, 2015

Columbine High School isn't far from me, and my high school fights them in school sports all the time, so I'm always hearing about the school.
I remember a few years back when Rachel Scott's family came and spoke at my middle school, and I got to chat with them a little bit.
That assembly was a very emotional day, and I can't even imagine the horror that those families went through, (familes of the victims, or students in general)
Basically, hate me or not, but I want to say don't take anything for granted, you could lose everything in a matter of seconds
Have a good day:)
Note: Rachel Scott was the first person killed in the Columbine shooting, and her family came and told us these really scary stories leading up to it, like how Rachel always told them she knew she was going to die young, and how in the back of her diary, she drew some sort of picture with like 13 tears or something like that, which was something she dreamed about, and not too long after 13 people were killed, herself being one of them. Lots of scary stories, and her family implored us at the assembly to not take anything for granted, so I kinda wanted to say something, especially since the shooting 16 years ago still impacts us today, especially in Colorado
< 3
Other Coloradans who this might hit close to as well:
Whoever else lives here


This one time in Stars

2 TheSexiestDude990, Feb 12, 2015

#donagal103 was telling everyone to nom us together because it was basically me/her or her/ tharealmike and she didn't want to go up with Mike because they were a F2... and when they went up together she posted a vlog she had prerecorded listing reasons to save her over me and saying gl to me


Top 10 WORST People To Play Stars With

6 Lemjam6, Dec 13, 2014

i did this in 5 minutes, i didnt put much thought into it, but yolo
10- sw33t - he nommed me and bluelagoon506 every day he was in the game because he hated her and she was my final 2
9- fredcrugar - he spent all week making signs so he could win, he didnt even know he was playing the game
8- #donagal103 - i dont even remember what this bitch did but i remember i hated playing with her, until she gifted me to not nominate her when i was getting evicted
7- danielkennedy111 - volunteered against me for 5th, and then got me for 16th the next time, it hurts
6- #pens87 - he allowed thumper91 to not get algoed, enough said
5- nick33 - nommed me for 16th in both stars i was in with him, ONCE he was on call with me for like 3 hours being so nice and friendly before blindsiding me, rough
4- orlando652 - was my best friend at the time, but he told people he couldnt lock in with them because "jake would be mad at me"
3- teamjacz - made me a counter for the first two days in the game and said he hated me when i have never spoken to him, wtf??
2- seemlyrough - we went into this game best friends, or so i thought, and he nommed me for 16th!
1- black0ut247 - adds me to chat with both sides and calls me out for lying to everyone, BYE he screwed up my game :( and then got me for 16th next time around RIP



17 donaam, Sep 29, 2014

-Only people that have played my games more than once are included
-Games from both series 1 and series 2 are taken into account
-I've hosted 18 total games
1st: Phenomanimal Avg: 1.75 Played: 4
2nd: mikec51 Avg: 2 Played: 2
3rd: DanielKennedy111 Avg: 2.5 Played: 2
4th: amf7410 Avg: 2.67 Played: 3
5th: qwert2 Avg: 3.75 Played: 4
6th: Olympia Avg: 4 Played: 3
6th: chelss Avg: 4 Played: 3
6th: ARTPOP Avg: 4 Played: 2
9th: Milkisgood Avg: 4.25 Played: 12
10th: dansterdan Avg: 4.5 Played: 4
11th: #Donagal103 Avg: 5 Played: 3
12th: DarkTyphoon23 Avg: 5.09 Played: 11
13th: #bb5lover Avg: 5.11 Played: 9
14th: jacksonjoseph99 Avg: 5.33 Played: 3
15th: survivorrocks Avg: 5.5 Played: 2
16th: heavyrain Avg: 5.75 Played: 4
17th: Florina Avg: 6 Played: 2
17th: xbadgirlblondex Avg: 6 Played: 3
19th: Dash Avg: 6.33 Played: 6
19th: Blakeisback Avg: 6.33 Played: 3
21st: LiteCitrus Avg: 6.43 Played: 7
22nd: RiDsTeR Avg: 6.5 Played: 2
22nd: jadennator1 Avg: 6.5 Played: 2
22nd: tharealmike Avg: 6.5 Played: 6
25th: Aquamarine Avg: 6.67 Played: 3
26th: EEstrada17 Avg: 7 Played: 2
27th: BOBROCKS333 Avg: 7.25 Played: 8
28th: Zeptis Avg: 7.33 Played: 3
28th: BBlover96 Avg: 7.33 Played: 3
30th was a tie between stoopkid95 and mahogany with 7.5, but there's not enough room to trend them both so I won't do either
Also the award for worst average of someone who has played more than once goes to Danger with an average of 13.5 after playing twice.


Complete. ✓

13 Gabriel24, Sep 22, 2014

✓:  Name = Gabriel
✓:  Age = 17
✓:  Hometown = Ottawa, Canada
✓:  Hair Color = Light Brown
✓:  Eye Color = Blue
✓:  Ethnicity = Caucasian
✓:  Biggest Turn On = Teasing, Lip biting, People that smell good
✓:  Biggest Turn Off = Bad Hygiene.
✓:  Car = I don't own one yet, but I have my license and use the family minivan occasionaly.
✓: Height = 5'8 ish
✓: Weight = 135lbs
✓: Highest Level of Education = I'm currently in 12th grade (Senior Year of HS)
✓: Sexual Orientation = Straight
✓: Occupation = Student & Crew Trainer at McDonald's
✓: Favorite Food = Pizza
✓: Favorite Drink = Iced Tea
✓: Favorite Song as of now = Maps - Maroon5
✓: Hobbies = Speedsolving, video games etc..
✓: Favorite indoor/outdoor activity = Badminton & Soccer
✓: Favorite Superpower = Teleportation
If this gets 650+ I will start tagging my past crushes in my T-Life
In no specific order:
If this gets 1000+ I will do post a picture of myself
EDIT: i'm at school right now, i'll update soon.


What happened to her?

3 SmoothStalker12, Sep 17, 2014

Just noticed she was banned


lol gaia says

3 sahmosean, Jun 17, 2014

he has the "FIRST" stoned vlog
get over yo self
what about #Donagal103



82 Ghoul, Jun 12, 2014

for a detailed opinion
#Donagal103 I do not believe we have ever spoken so a bit of a tough cookie to crack. I think your dad is the CEO or President or Owner of Red Robin so that's cool I've never eaten there but I drive past one on my way to work and it seems like a perfectly nice establishment. I also wonder what a Donagol is and where you got 103 of them
#Jkjkjk15 I do know you Janet and you are very nice. You were in King of the Nerds which I really neglected but thankfully Porsche kept it alive. You were one of my favorites in it though and I was rooting for you to win. It was actually a great group game and I wish I had put more love into but after planning it my schedule went to heck and i'm not meant for hosting anymore. We should talk sometime soon
#Starfresh33 I recognize your username but I don't think we've ever spoke or if we have the exposure was minimal. Your username has interesting letter capitalization and I didn't try to duplicate it in your tag because I would have mangled it. I like that you Bart Simpson on your profile page even though the Simpsons isn't my favorite raunchy animated series (King of the Hill).
#A_La_Fac I don't really have one on you. I know you hate me with a passion judging from recent blogs but I don't have much of a reaction. Mostly I think your attitude towards other users is trolling and needling to get a reaction. I believe you also did a fundraising thing similar to the ones Noel did and if so props on that, I'm pretty sure that was you but it was a long time ago so it might not have been.
#CheapCheep You might think it'd be short but I know you more than most people who commented on this. I made a group for you once a long time ago, probably before you got to be a higher level than me because I remember you as a newer user looking for a group and I helped out. Outside of that there's not much but that's something I remember and you were very polite about it so yay.
#Owlb0ned I have heard of you but I don't think I've ever spoken to you unless you're a Calgary Flames fan than we might have exchanged a blog comment once. That's only ingrained in my memory because the Flames had a habit of kicking the Ducks ass this season and they did so like by like 6 goals this year. Outside of that I know you're relevant and a big name but we've never had much interaction so you should message me sometime I don't bite I only chew
#_Aria I think you mail me more than any other user on this site (barring back when I was a mod and some people were report happy) and you're actually one of the few whose spam I plus on a somewhat regular basis. You're very polite about spamming which is always good but outside of that we have little history of conversation. You're someone who I think would be interesting to get to know though
#Gaiaphage You're the person so far who I would go out and say that I know. We don't talk a ton but I'd consider us friends and we have mutual history in the group game..


NOO! :(

1 Girllover101, Dec 26, 2013

Why is #Donagal103 banned :( #crying


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