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it's been obvious

2 CiTy, Apr 26, 2018

that maturo is #dancefloorparty for a while now
they like the same music, talk the same way, add multiple comments to blogs before the person they are arguing with even responds once
and my favorite... they are currently catfishing an innocent girl


When I first met you

1 maturo, Sep 11, 2017

You were so nice to me, you treated me like I was some sort of king and you put me above everyone on your totem poll. I remember our first call together, you said "oh is that the iconic #dancefloorparty" and from there on I knew we would be good friends.
We stopped talking, I don't know why... It was weird. I figured you were being fake to me because you met a whole lot of other people and treated them the same way you treated me. i felt replaced, stabbed in the back. I thought you would be the last person to do something like that.
Then I made this account, we were put in the Midnight Crew together and we started talking again. There, I realized that you are just nice to everybody. I would have never thought to have met a person who could be so nice on a website full of toxicity and disgusting people but you are one of a kind.
I love you, thumper91
Thank you for being a friend.


Happy 7 years to Joe + double your ts!!!

23 maturo, Aug 21, 2017

It's not for another hour but I want to make this blog now since I am about to crash, Seems like just yesterday, 12 year old me was looking for games related to big brother and stumbled across this website where I immediately fucking sucked. my first account had like 12 karma in 100 games played. Then I realized you weren't supposed to join 500 games a day so I took it slow and sooner than later did really well. Then I made #dancefloorparty on the 22nd of August and we all know what happened from there... Happiness, Friendships, Relationships, and lots and lots of drama... 3 accounts later and here I am!
Thanks for making me your second home, tengaged.
Shoutout to the 12 who joined my charity
mathboy9 - you've been like a little brother to me from the moment we met. You've always been there for me and I love ya for that!
stuartlittle16 - you were my first ever mutual #1 friend so the memories live on forever! Love ya MIchael, thank you for joining!
dane_williams - 2 stars later and we are closer than ever. Thanks for being a true mate for the short period of time we have known each other!
carsonl - you've always been there for me and don't think I will ever forget that. You're a legend.
renny10 - rennifer! you know what I think about you bby! you are so funny and so sweet and caring and you are always there for me<3333
notnicky333 - LMAO I can never get enough of you and your antics. You are hilarious and you have no filter. I love it.
jdog - We've grown closer within the past few months and that is really cool! You're a great guy with a good sense of humor!
petro - I remember when we met and you sheeped me and then you became relevant and we disliked each other for an extended period of time. Now we are really close? Not a day goes by where we don't talk and it's hard to find persistent friends to talk to on a daily basis, but you are one of them <3
semajdude - I don't know where i'd be without you man, you may think I don't care a lot about you but honestly you are one of the few people that keep me going on this website. I love you so much, thank you for everything.
kelly0412 - similar to nicky, i never expected us to be friends at all but like... here we are! You have no filter and I fucking love it. Your humor is perfect.
insanity17 - We are just started what looks to be an amazing friendship and I am ready to see what the future has in store for us!
zuelke - Mason! my boy! endless amounts of love to you for always being there for me when I need someone. You never fail to make me smile!!
and now the friends from outside the charity
astone929 - AJ! when we met in stars, I knew from the second we got on our first call that we were going be really good friends and here we are. Not a day goes by..


He was a good man

0 kittykatz553, Aug 24, 2015

may he r.i.p


Dancefloorparty was a good man

0 kittykatz553, Jul 24, 2015

may he rest easy :'(
8/30/11 - 5/26/14



2 Moonfelar, Jun 9, 2015

he's #dancefloorparty
Sent by GoodAllan,Jun 9, 2015
He's #DanceFloorParty
Sent by GoodKaren,Jun 9, 2015


fuck you

0 gloss13, Mar 4, 2015

tallarejaei or whatever... thejoe isnt a noob he was #dancefloorparty


New Tengaged_Moderation Era Begins

18 JColeWorld, Feb 9, 2015

Lets get a list of the unpermed users so we can thank tengaged_moderation for actually listening to the users and hearing them out
#Dancefloorparty > TheJoe



0 Zuelke, Feb 2, 2015



A Little Message

14 Oxygen, Feb 2, 2015

Dear SurvivorRocks
Do you even understand what having a life means? and what being obsessed means? You go on about calling my friend #Dancefloorparty obsessed with you, and that gives you the right to bully him and continuously make blogs about him claiming how he's so obsessed and needs to grow up. This only proves that you obviously are obsessed with him. What he does has nothing to do with you. You don't know him and what he's going through right now. Stop worrying about him because he surely doesn't care about you. You're just making yourself look more like an obsessed fool. Please just leave him alone.
Queen B.


LiteCitrus' Skype Vivor Season 4:Italy..

6 LiteCitrus, Jan 3, 2015

-Idol Island:Every player started the game with an idol. Additional idols were given to every player who made the merge.
-Exile Island:Players who made it to Exile Island had the option to mutiny or swap places if given an opportunity. Anthony and Felix took the offer to mutiny. While Sara took the offer to swap her place on her tribe with Brady from the other tribe going to her original tribe she had mutinied off of.
-Notes:The first merge vote (Round 7) everyone played their idol. A tie-breaker challenge was played and the person who came last was automatically eliminated from the game (Brady).
-At Final 4 the vote went into a deadlock tie twice where a tie-breaker challenge was played to decide which of the two players the votes tied on would go home.


hip hip horray the big 17!

4 owlb0ned, Dec 10, 2014

i'd like to say happy birthday to one of my closest best friends on here eliortiz1234
you're an amazing friend, person, and my fav puerto rican (y)
i'm glad to have met you and become good friends. thanks for always watching celebrity juice, going on call with me, and dealing with me when i'm intoxicated. i hope you have a very lovely birthday and that you get a free subway sandwich out of it! :)))))) xxxxx
here are some other birthday messages from some of your friends:
"Eli - pretty close to ebola. Happy birthday.... Mexican. BALAKAPPAGANTULA" - meduncan
"Dear Eli, I hate your stinking guts, you make me vomit. You're the scum between my toes. Love, Bailey. PS ilysm thanks for being an amazing friend and keeping me entertained when I'm bored and your also gay so (kiss) happy birthday!" - baza76
"Happy birthday to my favourite taco! Although your only talents consist of flash game scores, I still enjoy talking to you. Even if it’s not as much as before, I appreciate it a lot and this is starting to sound really gay…just like you! grats on the big 1-2 =D" - somebodyawesome
"Eli, I don't know where to begin. We have been friends for almost 3 years, and you're somebody that I can talk to whenever over iMessage, off an online big brother site, because we have a bond like no other. Insert wink face here. Anyways, you're one of my best friends I've made off this website, and I love those JUICY snapchats! Lol. Stay classy, keep up being gay, and do good in school !?!?!!!!?????????? I love you Eli, NOW FACKING TEXT ME.
(Also, Im coming up to NYC again for Christmas like every year so lets meet @ Subway)" - totstrashy
"see you after school. i'll meet you in front of the love cafe with the birthday cake!" - bbdamian
"you're gay." - stary
"i love you more than bailey." - stone
"Happy birthday loser! Your one of my best friends on here and I can alway count on you when I need it! Your a great guy and always fun to mess with :) have a good one man!" - bradyman7
"Happy birthday Eli, hope it's a good one!" - thesexiestdude990
"we went from hating each other to being good friends I hope you have a good birthday and wish we talked more" - likevines20
"omg ELI, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (heart).
i don’t even remember how we met, even though i think it was during a hunger games. I love going on call with you since you’re super fun and brighten up my day =] Can we please kill this merge streak on survivor and finally show me a picture of yourself xo. you’re totes cute and perfect and ily and I hope you have a wonderful day today! as always,
[1/12/2014 3:09:42 pm] Rob: OMG
[1/12/2014 3:09:43 pm] Rob: ADD ME
[1/12/2014 3:09:47 pm] Rob: I WANNA LICK..


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