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Hello, my name is Heather

I'm from ny but not the city. I'm real and like to talk to people. I believe in loyalty above all. If your word is worth nothing then so are you.

I am also one of the older members on tg. I'm not about that drama but I get it happens. I love writing. Just finished my first book for the most part.

2/3/18 First and only stars. Went up for the first time at fifth. Took it like a boss. Will never do that again as in will never play again.

2/10/18 Went to the dark side just to prove I could. Its amazing how stars has changed who I am. Simba you know my secret. Keep it lol.

Mongos survivor cambodia- won
"All together we'll be there worst damn nightmare" -Daryl Dixon- Walking Dead- Season 8.

a person who has a bright outlook on life. They are usually kind, gernerous, caring and loving etc. Most hippies do care about the environment and are willing to protect and/or improve it. They also have a peaceful presence about themselves. This means that their mind is in a peaceful state. However it should be noted that not all hippies do drugs. You can still be a hippy without the drugs"

"i'm going willingly sir. No need to use the gun err whip on me. omg i'm in a rare mood sorry yall"-odd comment-always want to remember it.

"Heather i will never throw any sort of label onto you
Good people like that never deserve that
That's what you are hon
You're a good girl and I honestly love that so much about you
You make me happy
You say all of the right things to me
Other people suck :(
But because we already know they suck
Their opinion on you should not matter
You're a beautiful woman inside and out

"I think i expected you to be around more. but your not thats on me. Like i said its just teaching myself not to care. I will be fine"-Said to someone. I failed horribly.

"I make no apologies for how I chose to repair what you broke"

"If you stand for nothing. You fall for everything!"

As Marv says: "Is that the best you can do you pansies?"

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  1. If anyone Need to talk, Message me.
  2. Too funny, The blogs, The fake shit, The I didn't..
  3. 13 facts about myself.14th
  4. Been gone sense friday
  5. peeps go on call, my nephew is getting his tat..1st
  6. any one wanna go Skype call when I get my tattoo?
  7. Thank you @lazeric for my background. i love the..
  8. So I want to gift a friend but there is nothing in..
  9. This is bulls shit to be honest.
  10. Get on call with @2388 and @lazeric
  11. #BeckyLynchwillKickCarmella'sAss..
  12. New tattoo. I love it. Excited.
  13. Gotta love fake news. Not 18 shootings in 2018.
  14. please pluse theese
  15. plus this design, I want to bid on it. Please
  16. plus this design, I want to bid on it.
  17. Tooo funny, Make a blog about me, Then block me.
  18. Kicking people while there down.
  19. Walking Dead tomorrow. Omg. Omg.
  20. Anyone wanna go on skype call?

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