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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is carterbehne

Hi i'm ⓒⓐⓡⓣⓔⓡ

Hey I plus all spam but don't comment

Fun fact about me i won the 284 stars raffle :D

Stars Records

Stars 284 - 6th
Stars 699 - 3rd
Eviction Polls - 6
Evictions Survived - 5
Evictions Lost - 1


Final 3
BigMaMaT - 1st -
MrRobZilla - 2nd -
carterbehne - 3rd -








TV Star
███████Brown ✔️ MAR 10 22
████████Red ✔️ JUNE 16 14
█████████Purple ✔️ JUNE 16 14
██████████Blue ✔️ APRIL 15 14
███████████Dark Green ✔️ APRIL 4 14
████████████Light Green ✔️ FEB 25 14
█████████████Orange ✔️ JAN 20 14
██████████████Yellow ✔️ DEC 25 13
███████████████White ✔️ DEC 18 13

some of my best friends on here and some nice things i have said and they said :D


By yr_2007. i dont at all mind to sacrifice myself for a sweet frnd like u !! i want to play an honest game atleast with my best frnd

by me. whenever u play with i get all excited becuase i enjoy playing with a strategic and social bf! And i know we are gonna have fun. I know u have my back and u have mine. Times zones are difficult but we work around that. :]

PSUlucky :D

By PSU :)

carterbehne - CARTER < 3 You.are.awesome. I'm so glad I met you. You are honestly one of my favorite lower levels ever. BUT I know you won't be a lower level much longer because you're becoming a beast at the games. With your new and improved challenge skills you're gonna be tearing up the competition, I know it! Anyway, you're so much fun and so easy to talk to. I feel like I could talk to you about anything and I honestly love when you mail me because it makes me feel good talking to a good friend. So please don't change how you are because you are the best hehe :)

By me. I love talking to you! You always say hi and ask how we all are and u talk with everyone! I asked for some help and tips on survivor/comps/casting i was expecting a few tips but u blew me away! I was so shocked u have probably advanced my game in a couple of minutes! So happy u gave me my tips. You talk with all the time. And an amazing player haven't played with u because u love survivor but i like that hoping that i can join a survivor game with u someday :)

Rohanchaubey :-)

By Rohan. carterbehne i declare u as my best friend from today :). 4. Carterbehne - You are sweet, kind, loving, supportive, true friend, encouraging, and so on. I like your energy. You have always nice to me. Your are my best friend :)
Sent by rohanchaubey,Mar 13, 2014

By me. This guy is one of the nicest ppl i have met in this site he encourages and love how he stands up for whats right i will always admire that haven't played with u yet but been trying to play with u sometime i haven't known u that long but the more i know u the more i like you :)

M7md26 ^^

By M7md26 You're such a great friend to me and i loved meeting u in castings a while back when u were just a white level! im so glad you're in my frat and we've played a group game together that was fun!

carterbehne CARTER i've known you since you've joined! you're really nice and loyal and an amazing person! you're so uplifting and you're personality is amazing bro!

By me. M7m you are one of the most strategic player i have met a greeeeeaaat president and such a nice person i love how u are nice to everyone much like Rohan :) we have played a bunch of times and i enjoy ever minute of that time time zones different but again we work around that :)

By kmaynor2 :)
carterbehne:you are one of my best friends on this site man you have helped me out so much and if you need anything man just mail me and #go-hornets

By me :) Kendall u are awesome :) we have the same interests i like talking with u and u are one of my best friends :) I'm having lots of fun in ur charity and hope we can
Plus more games together. :)

carterbehne Ferris Bueler. You seem to be that guy who is sneaky and has great luck

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