Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is yr_2007

a doctor here just as my profile pic shows :-p

hello there yr here from india 24 yrs old and i love tengaged :-)

so far my achievements here

group games -

1)m7md's bigbrother school - winner
2)dr.whynots survivor costarica - winner :-):-)
3)bigboss season 3 - winner :-):-):-)
4)adam and robbys survivor - winner ;-)
5)mr.cools survivor nepal - winner :-)
6]dragotistic's survivor ryuku islands - winner - [4-3-2] and got 50 ts as gift
7)jharrin's tengaged official's survivor all stars - winner (5-3)
8)wiley coyotes survivor idol mania - 2nd and player of the season (5-4)
9)acyuta's and ryan jambe's survivor pitcairns islands - 2nd (3-2)
10)bigben's survivor honduras - 2nd (5-2)
11)luis's survivor el savador - 3rd
12)davidftw and bryans survivor worlds apart - 3rd :-(
13)dvmp's survivor - 4th :-[
14)witz hunger games - 4th

my skype id is youganderreddy so do add me

i am loyal,honest,strategic and i keep my word always if it means evicting myself to save my allies im ready to do it but you gotta be loyal to me :-)

My Games 116 games played

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1 Apr, 17
1 Apr, 17
3 Feb, 16
28 Jan, 16
7 Oct, 15
5 Oct, 15

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