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Fraternity The Essentials

We are the Essentials of Tengaged.

#1 Frat on 02.07.2020 - 09.09.2021 ♡

Stars Seat Players:
LaylaLove | Stars #635 | 2nd
holllyy1230 | Stars #645 | 3rd
Penelope_ | Stars #656 | 2nd

★ Aspirants will be starred after the Stars Seat game! ★

Private Comments

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Public Comments

  1. Jdc17Of this frat
  2. Jdc17Would love to be a part
  3. Brookie0126hey ya'll :)
  4. AliBonicoPlease help friend I need to change my card. Bonicos
  5. EliotWhiknock knock hookers
  6. Becksta20*claims tree*
  7. RedNosedReindeer🎄
  8. SalineDijon:)
  9. huzzy22Hi all can you please vote me in <3
  10. Maxi1234star me or else
  11. survivorworld33#1 Frat on 02.07.2020 ♡
  12. Jock_StrapI need a new frat
  13. melissakhurryHii, I'm a good friend of brunodrads, please star me in 😍 I've been on Tengaged since 2009!
  14. brunodradsSmooth 😍
  15. SmoothStalker12King Bruno

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Min. votes to continue: 5

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