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Stars Finals Blog

11 LaylaLove, Jan 16, 2021

Hey guys!
UNNOMMED SINCE 12th. First stars ever and F3.
I promised you that if you saved me I would make the necessary moves to get here. AND HERE I AM!
I played the middle game and people needed me to be able to get majority most dc鈥檚. I鈥檝e been able to talk with a lot of people and get..


ok so

4 deshonBANNEDISBACK, Jan 16, 2021

1. utica
2. denali
3. tamisha
4. rose
5. joey jay
6. kahmora


Day 16/365

0 tennisplayer963, Jan 16, 2021

More of a diary post -
PYN List (let me..


ranking the signs

11 iiGalaxyii, Jan 16, 2021

1.) taurus
2.) leo
3.) aquarius
4.) gemini
5.) capricorn
6.) aries
7.) libra
8.) pisces
9.) scorpio
10.) sagittarius
11.) virgo
12.) cancer

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