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Fraternity The Essentials

We are the Essentials of Tengaged.

#1 Frat on 02.07.2020 ♡

Stars Seat Players:
LaylaLove | Stars #635 | 2nd
holllyy1230 | Stars #645 | 3rd

★ Aspirants will be starred after the Stars Seat game! ★

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Public Comments

  1. coffeybean29Star me? <3
  2. teamclayI would appreciate getting starred in 💙
  3. TheJohnnystar me
  4. Flickgamecolinstar me in
  5. dorkishbarbia queen owns this frat!
  6. diogojsgomesStar? :(
  7. PureEssencewe will accept aspirants after the seat game! <3
  8. diogojsgomesVote me ;)
  9. _emma_O que se faz aqui?
  10. _emma_vote me pls ❤❤❤
  11. christossssMarwaneIm an essential.
  12. MarwaneIm an essential.
  13. sprtsgy1989My jokes are essential. So, I feel I’m needed 😂
  14. CrystalClod
  15. christosssshi

Top blogs from The Essentials


Finishes my puzzle

8 IceBeast, Apr 20, 2021

What do you guys do with finished puzzles


No title

5 Marwane, Apr 20, 2021

Honestly hitting my vape after not smoking for 12 hours feels better than getting head


honestly disgusted

0 holllyy1230, Apr 19, 2021

that yet again people are bringing up such a tragic event over a GROUP GAME
some of you bitches act really bold, but if you wouldn't say fucked up things like that to someone you know irl, then you shouldn't be saying it to someone online and that's that on that
love you..


i'm sorry

1 holllyy1230, Apr 19, 2021

but if you genuinely believe that blog was about his sister getting into college, then you're actually an idiot
in what way does "treasure your loved ones while you've got the chance" even fit that context?
obviously a blatant lie and some of y'all are being deceived and..


Back when it was Spartagow

1 Admir, Apr 20, 2021

I remember clear as day when he was voted out of survivor and got his streak ruined, he said ''I don't care about any single person on this website, I care about the games & strategy and that's it.'' So no, I don't believe making a simple blog apology really matters when you give zero shit about..

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