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Fraternity The Essentials

We are the Essentials of Tengaged.

#1 Frat on 02.07.2020 ♡

Stars Seat Players:
LaylaLove | Stars #635 | 2nd
holllyy1230 | Stars #645 | 3rd
Penelope_ | Stars #656 | 2nd

★ Aspirants will be starred after the Stars Seat game! ★

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Public Comments

  1. survivorworld33#1 Frat on 02.07.2020 ♡
  2. Jock_StrapI need a new frat
  3. melissakhurryHii, I'm a good friend of brunodrads, please star me in 😍 I've been on Tengaged since 2009!
  4. brunodradsSmooth 😍
  5. SmoothStalker12King Bruno
  6. brunodradsHii, star me pls! :) ✨
  7. Penelope_Same :( idk if i play i was evict here
  8. liamwd18I Joined banned fastings LOL
  9. iSandehYESYEYSYES
  11. iSandehstar me in now.
  12. yswimmer96..
  13. PureEssenceaspirants, you’ll be in tonight!! sorry for the delay 🥺
  14. PureEssencewe will star you in after the stars seat game!! <3
  15. liamwd18Hiiii

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Who wants a halloween color

5 SmoothStalker12, Oct 15, 2021

“Ahmed Dated a Man” sweater, maybe orange and black sleeves?


I’m confused

3 SmoothStalker12, Oct 15, 2021

Why are people saying ohhayy isn’t the woman in the photos??


My first tattoo will be

10 SmoothStalker12, Oct 15, 2021

“I slayed Ahmed in JRBB and lost 7-1 in jury because of it” in cursive on my bicep

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