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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Nick Newman

Groups games . Total drama island - 3rd place , thewinner & prez's survivor Poland - 1st place -co soul survivor.
Winners & prez's survivor fans vs favorites -13th place
About me you don't know about me
1. I am special needs kid with disabilities
2. I play special Olympics in Minnesota
3, I don't like be bullied
4. I have 50% of my short term memory
5. I have a big temper problem if u attack me u will feel my wrath
I don't have a brother
I love massages like back rubs & stuff

Winners & prez survivor series that I was ready to play again & I got so robbed on
All-stars- I got robbed on
Blood vs water - I got robbed on
Heros vs Villians - I got robbed on & I was really heartbroken & hurt by it . I feel like a legend by not played the 3 seasons that I didn't play I'm a true winner & prez hall of famer or hall of robbed fame

I'm always 100% true & truthful want I say on things.

Birthday is on July 5
I’m the new ika Wong bitches
To my future kids if u hearding this someday this account will be yours when you’re 13 years old. Your father made friends on here they will help u how to play & avoid mean comments on there & other things & walk away if u want too . I love you guys so much
Love your father

Who I love on tengaged
1. Guessgirl
2. Jarren
3. Magic
4. Mbarnish
5 . Doubledarefan
6 owl
7. Everyone on tengaged

I have only have 1 account because when I helped my stepdad & my mom on getting started on they’re accounts I got banned 2 times for that. That’s why I’m only having one account.
I’m been playing on my phone every day
My mom has anxiety & depression all the time & I had to help her with that.
I never been a hacker & I never hacked any of my friends accounts . I have a lot of friends that are cops
I went to so many concerts this year
I do have an Facebook page

I’m special needs person with disabilities I have PhD & I’m part Indian deal with it.

My middle name is Michael.
My full name is Nicholas Michael Newman & my nickname is nick.
Fun facts about me
1. In the real world I have glasses because I have double vision. 2. I’m one of the shortest person in my family. I’m the first oldest of 2 in my family. My sister & I are born 6 years apart.
I love to play forenite & call of duty on PlayStation & I’m a big fan of ninja & tfue. I’m a youtuber & TikTok
My first stars game I got 15th place
My second stars game I got 8th place

I’m also a YouTuber
I’m a tik tok my user is @nnewman34

Brian Gonzalez - super annoying person who i ignore it makes mad.
Minie- idk I love or hate her sometimes it’s a back & forth thing.

My Games 956 games played

24 Mar, 24
10 Feb, 24
15 Jan, 24
19 Nov, 23
18 Nov, 23
19 Nov, 23
6 Oct, 23

My Blog Check my blog!

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