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Trae's Survivor Kaoh Rong Day 3

This will be a game where u are roleplaying as someone from Survivor Kaoh Rong. I did this with Cambodia. You will be divieded by Brains, Brawns, and Beauty


Day 1: 6/20/16: We will have the reward challenge where u will get all the resources u need to in the game.
Day 2: 6/21/16  You will get to keep your health and thirst intact around camp. Just a basic normal day in this group and also on real survivor
Day 3: 6/22/16: The first immunity challenge will take place. The losers will go to tribal council that night

Chan Loh (Brains)

Aubry Bracco: @DillyDally
Debbie Wanner: @RodneyRules1219
Joe Del Campo: @me2013
Liz Markham: @Dibby1010
Neal Gottlieb: @dinosaurdan
Peter Baggenstos: @lionsden121

Gondol (Beauty)

Anna Khait: @Brashful
Caleb Reynolds: @levvy
Julia Sokolowski: @danielm345
Michele Fitzgerald: @KatarinaDuCouteau
Nick Maiorano: @Dinosauro27
Tai Trang: @DevinB

To Tang (Brawn)

Cydney Gillon: @Crayadian
Darnell Hamilton: @doubledarefan01
Jenny Lanzetti: @Rocketkid13
Kyle Jason: @Prawnsean
Scot Pollard: @bbcanfan

-----------------------------ORIGINAL TRIBES-------------------------

18th: Alecia Holden: @Jourdanbabyxoxo, [MEDEVAC Day 2] (Totang)

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Trae's Survivor Kaoh Rong Day 3

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