M7'S BB S11: Vegas Night

A wild pool party takes place this summer but only one will prevail. As the guests compete for power, betrayal strikes. Who will outsmart their competition and be crowned the winner of this pool party?

17th - Rawul (DaBaeBae)
16th- Logan (chillum)
15th- Philip (Musicinme)
14th- Dakota (DakotaCoons)
13th- Logie (Logie56)
12th- Aidan (Aidan0621)
11th- Marco (marcobrolo)
10th- Tyler (bamold1999)
9th- Alex (Christina13)
8th- Jake (Jakeee1123)
7th- Joey (Joey65409)
6th - Jerry (GerardoM13)
5th - Justin (Stunzer)
4th - Tim (lionsden121)
3rd - Ethan (Brittney)
2nd - Jabbar (rabbaj)
1st - Ray (GentlemanG)

Week 1:
HOH: Tyler
Care Package: Jabbar (Choose veto players, Ray, Joey and Jabbar were chosen)
Nominees: Rawul and Logie
PoV: Joey
Post-Veto Nominees: Rawul and Logie
Evicted: Rawul
Eviction Vote: 7-6

Week 2:
HOH: Aidan
Care Package: Ethan (Save a friend; saved Jerry)
Nominees: Joey and Logan
PoV: Joey
Post-Veto Nominees: Logan and Philip
Evicted: Logan
Eviction Vote: 8-4
Walked: Philip

Week 3:
HOH: Marco
Care Package: Marco (Double Eviction Safety)
Nominees: Ray and Justin
PoV: Ray
Post-Veto Nominees: Dakota and Justin
Evicted: Dakota
Eviction Vote: 9-1

Week 4: Double Eviction
HOH: Tyler
Care Package: Jerry (Advantage at veto)
Nominees: Ethan, Logie, and Jake
PoV: Ethan
Post-Veto Nominees: Aidan, Logie, and Jake
Evicted: Aidan and Logie
Eviction Vote: 6-6-4

Week 5:
Entered the Game: Alex
HOH: Justin
Care Package: Joey (Eliminate 3 Eviction votes -->Ethan, Alex, and Tyler )
Nominees: Marco and Jake
PoV: Ray
Post-Veto Nominees: Marco and Tim
Evicted: Marco
Eviction Vote: 3-2

Week 6:
HOH: Ethan
Care Package: Jake (Co-HOH)
Nominees: Tyler (Jake) and Joey (Ethan)
PoV: Joey
Post-Veto Nominees: Tyler (Jake) and Ray (Ethan)
Evicted: Tyler
Eviction Vote: 3-3*
*Since Ethan did better in veto than Jake he broke the tie and evicted Tyler

Week 7: Double Eviction
HOH: Jerry
Care Package: Justin (Choice of Veto --> Double Veto)
Nominees: Justin, Ethan, and Alex
PoV: Justin and Ethan
Post-Veto Nominees: Joey, Jake, and Alex
Evicted: Jake and Alex
Eviction Vote: 5-5-0

Week 8:
HOH: Tim
Care Package: Ray (Safety Suit)
Nominees: Joey and Justin
PoV: Justin
Post-Veto Nominees: Joey and Ethan
Evicted: Joey
Eviction Vote: 2-2*
*HOH Tim broke the tie and evicted Joey

Week 9:
HOH: Jabbar (HOH Pass Twist)
Care Package: Tim (Double Voting Power)
Nominees: Justin and Ethan
PoV: Ray
Post-Veto Nominees: Jerry and Ethan
Evicted:  Jerry
Eviction Vote: 3-1

Week 10:
HOH: Tim
Nominees: Justin and Ray
PoV: Jabbar
Post-Veto Nominees: Justin and Ethan
Evicted: Justin
Eviction Vote: 1-1*
*HOH Tim broke tie and evicted Justin

Week 11:
HOH: Ethan
PoV: Ray
Nominees: Tim and Jabbar
Evicted: Tim ( Ray's choice to evict)

Week 12:
HOH Part 1: Ethan
HOH Part 2: Ray
HOH Part 3: Ray
Nominees: Ethan and Jabbar
Evicted: Ethan (Ray's choice to evict)


Aidan: Jabbar
Marco: Jabbar
Tyler: Ray
Alex: Ray
Joey: Jabbar
Jerry: Ray
Justin: Ray
Tim: Jabbar
Ethan: Ray

Runner-Up: Jabbar ( 4 votes to win)

Winner: Ray ( 5 votes to win)

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