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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


3rdMay 9, 2021 by mathboy9
im going for my degree in armchair psychology so i will be reading you all. im pretty sure half of my reads will be way off but im gonna do it anyway

#bambino - MISS BINO you are BOLD and PROUD and i really respect that. tbh we haven't interacted that much outside of games but when we're in games you're the only real one on a website full of people who lie for no good reason so slay. i get the read that you've got your shit together irl which i dont get from many people on here so thats a high praise

#galaxies - i said a lot of what i feel b4 but tbh I think we're really really similar like a lot of the blogs you make are blogs I would make if I wasn't so focused on curating my blogs page image. I think I just take it to the other extreme where I show absolutely no vulnerability to any of you bitches so maybe I should take a page of your book. Anyway hugs and I'm happy we're able to move past our friendship turned beef from like 2016

#singsongers - OKAY SO first of all i honestly thought you were gonna drop me when you got other tengaged friends cause usually the cycle is i befriend a noob --> they get popular on tg --> leave me in the dust but we're STILL friends to this day so slay. obviously we get along really well and i'm always grateful that i was introduced to ur roblox friends cause a lot of them are cool. one thing i will say though, and this is gonna sound really bad without context, is that you need to hurry up and turn 18 already cause ik ur 18th birthday is close. WHAT I MEAN BY THAT is a lot of times you use the fact that ur minor status as a crutch in arguments and it always makes me feel uncomfortable for a second until i remember we're like a year and a half apart

#rowjone - ROWJONEROWJONEROWJONEROWJONEROWJONEROWJONEROWJONEROWJONEROWJONEROWJONEROWJONEROWJONE. I can never tell when you're being sarcastic with me or not even though I usually have a good read on that stuff so gj on MISTING me. ur very funny naturally and one of the british "people" i really enjoy on this site and also i love waking up, checking my @'s, and seeing a random blog from you tagging me. even if its saying im disgusting or something it still brightens my day

#daddydev - You are VERY MUCH a Type A personality and I'm easily swayed by people who take control so I am your sheep. You get it. It's hard sometimes to communicate with you on a personal level because sometimes the energy is very much "it's Dev's world and we're all living in it" but the few moments I do see vulnerability from you it's always a PLEASANT surprise. I know you're a great person at heart but I think your reputation proceeds you on this website (as does mine) as some MASTERMIND VILLAIN and i think that's unfair. you do NOT deserve to be shoved into a box like that you are multifaceted.

#tbart - I've seen you around before but nothing has really STUCK with me yet. I'm seeing lots of sports blogs and maybe that's the disconnect cause I'm so lost when it comes to that world but I love when people share their interests/opinions on the blogs page so go off. I just usually end up talking to the more... eccentric personalities on here but the read I'm getting is that you're a chill dude ^_^

#skyler1822 - MUCH LOVE to you. one of the few people who i've seen in every sort of game and situation on tg and have always managed to keep ur cool demeanor. maybe it comes with age because i know i could never. ur one of the people on here that i can catch up once a year and the conversation is still natural because ur very very easy to talk to!!

#bomberv - ERICK i love how we talk once every few months and say how we're going to talk all the time and then the cycle continues. i do kind of miss the days where we'd call every day EARLY in my tg career but we've both grown so much and just don't have the same sort of free time we used to. you were also the first person to make me confront minie after she stole from my shop and i acted really weird about it and now me/her are good so THANK YOU. but yeah playing roblox tar, talking shit about tg, and discussing shops was such a moment and i will always be grateful. you were always really protective of me when i put myself in situations where i was too naive for my own good and you were one of the few people who really went out of their way to defend me so i really really appreciate that. :D

#ilovetosing - DO you love to sing? I think we need to launch an investigation. We've played SEVERAL stars together and we never actually work together which I assume is just a case of me being too shy to reach out and/or forgetting to hold a conversation with you. You've been a very consistent presence on this site since I joined in 2014 so like... slay that's better than the up-and-down career I've had on tg to date

#brandonator - the big girl WINS. tbh the hunties are the most recent friends i've made on tg like i don't make many FRIENDS on here anymore. so it was a really really nice surprise to meet you and i think you're just the perfect level of cunty for me. some of the girls wouldn't get it but i DO and the fellow hunties do and i just love that for us. you were REALLY early on the #bonico wave which i also respect because i wouldnt be where i was today without the (wo)man the myth the legend that is ALIBONICO and without your words of encouragement im not sure she would've stayed on the site

#lovelykiss - no

#typhlosion37 - i really enjoy you these days but tbh most people on tengaged who were my age irritated the FUCK out of me when i started because i was insecure. i was really really gross to you at times especially re: your affiliation with littlemix so i would like to formally apologize. tbh we've played sooo many games over the years and i still have like no real sense of who you actually are. ik your online persona and you're a cool guy but idk your interests or really anything about you except for surface level stuff. i feel bad saying this but yeah. maybe it's for the best since i overshare on here and it continuously backfires

#bengalboy - you were somebody i really sucked up to as a noob because i saw you got all these top blogs and i wanted friends in HIGH places. it ended up in a dynamic where you treated me as a little sibling which i was annoyed by at the time... but looking back it was DEFINITELY the best way to handle me. i was too immature and erratic to be on this site LMFAO. now i think it's a bit more of an equal friendship even tho we don't talk much. i always love to go back and look at my blogs to see ur comments cause they're always funny as fuck. G'WON 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

#admir - see this is tricky because i feel like i've had such limited interaction with you. I've liked our one-on-one chats but they are few and far between! also I've never seen you in any drama and good for you but i want DRAMA!!! You and your friend group tend to be very MOR on the blogs page and only speak up to support a popular opinion or each other which is kinda *yawn* but you probably don't want to get caught up in shit that doesn't involve you which I get (but cannot relate to). Sandy always sings your praises and I trust his judgement (sometimes) sooo I'm sure you're cool ^_^ I appreciate you spreading your medical knowledge on the blogs page even though the posts ur debunking were usually just TROLLS in the first place 😭😭😭

#michelleobama - BOA NOITE michelle. please stop gamebotting clara janine's dance moms group game STAT because you're hurting my already slim chances to win. aside from that... you're one of the few people i know who is constantly on the ball. You're really really funny and I've only ever seen you miss a joke once afaik which is an EXCELLENT track record. Your personality just SHINES through your messages, blogs, and runway looks and I love to see it. My one regret not going to OSU is that we would've slayed there together but I will SURVIVE!!! we don't talk about music that much but i feel like our tastes are very much aligned to the point where i'll stan pretty much ANY song you post/put on your profile so slay

smi9127 - soooo... I see you around but you're one of those people who are VERY lowkey. Are you a group gamer cause most people that I see around but don't have an opinion on are group gamers cause I'm not in that community. I'm cool with most of the people on your friends list so maybe I'm probably just missing something!!!

sosyomomma - Soo I love our dynamic of never talking and then me feeling PERSONALLY betrayed whenever you (inevitably) turn on me in games. Lots of your blogs are very ?? like Matt one yesterday... not sure if that was supposed to be a joke. I associate you heavily w/ Jake so we're ALWAYS grouped together by others even though we aren't really that close LOL. I like you but yeah some things I'm iffy on

kindred7 - MISS INKREAD!! I loveee spamming your pm's for attention and then forgetting to respond when you say something back. We run in different circles on here but you're just such a pure soul that I've always really seen eye to eye with you. I think you kinda fill the void that goodkaren (miss ha) left with your positivity and occasional sarcasm!!

jessie_ - okay so... mixed feelings all across the board. I'm still hung up on when you cursed me out and blocked me over somebody getting added to a chat (an act I wasn't even RESPONSIBLE before in the first place) and then unblocking me with no apology after you realized i was framed. i kinda felt like i deserved better in that whole situation and i know we aren't super close but i felt like we were close enough for you not to trust everything you hear about me =/ ever since then we've kept each other at a distance and maybe that's for the best i guess. i do enjoy you a lot of the time!! but the habit of saying out of pocket shit and then being like I WAS JUST KIDDING!! when you dont get the response you want kinda drove me crazy

yawnha - I mean... it's hard to make commentary here cause I was a complete asshole on here when I was 14-15 so... at least you're not that. it's hard to see eye to eye w you because of the age gap but I'm happy to see you've found friends that you get along with and are in your age range because I really struggled w that so slay. we don't have much in common/don't really get along but that's probably for the best since i'm not a great influence. *yawns like yawnha*

christian_ - UNDERSCORE! I'm pretty sure you're looking for a blogs page read as well so like... your subbloging PISSES me off sometimes. I wanna know the tea I don't want to come on tengaged, read some vague shady statement, and try to piece together who pissed you off this time. that requires energy and brain power which are two things i don't want to have to use when scrolling through the blogs page. also i do understand the fake 'attack your friends' blog because it is amusing to the people involved but i always feel personally slighted when the fake attack blogs aren't about me! aside from that you're a nice guy (to me). very MORP which is a slay

#lovelykiss - See I appreciate that you're an avid commenter on my PYN blogs but it's difficult cause now I have to come up with something esle to SAY. i think our meetup was a #slay i will have 2 make my way back to RI sometime cause that was the most interesting weekend I've had... probably ever for better or for worse (probably for better). I'm pretty guarded on here but ur one of the few people who I don't have problems sharing shit with and talking it out cause I know you'll listen and give me an HONEST answer. I'm happy most of the chats we were in together died cause the Pink Janelles especially was a point of contention and they always put you in a position where you had to pick a side between me or somebody else which was STUPID so at least we're past that

insanity - steven insanitea. we're both in the hunties chats but i feel like i never seen you talk which makes me SAD cause i enjoy your presence. you probably have other shit to do so WHATEVER but if you're just talking in another chat then trust you will be dealt with because i hate when my friends are in a chat without me. jk much love to you and the last time we spoke one-to-one outside of games you were talking about ur work so i hope it is all going well for you

cheritaisdelicious - a misunderstood hero honestly. i do think you take games really seriously but i feel like people are only pissed off because you dont fit the STEREOTYPE of the normal gamebot (and cause they want a classic cherry essay written about them). there are sooo many people who take this shit so seriously and you get tons of flack over your every move which is BULLSHIT. i just think this site likes to beat down on people who show lots of sympathy/empathy cause yall are miserable i guess?? but anyway much love to you keep ya head up'

honalulue - miss girl i never know where i stand with you. we only really communicate in games... i just always have this assumption that you'll have my back no matter what and then when you inevitably work against me after ive messaged you 2 times by day 8 of stars i get really annoyed. I honestly didn't know anything about you on a personal level until you made that one blog for stars support where you shared some facts. it was really intriguing and definitely helped me to gain a better perspective of who you are outside of 'stars ally'.

jacksonjoseph99 - ooh im happy you commented cause id file you under 'people i'd like to get to know more but i have no energy to reach out to'. i can only socialize on/offline for a total of 2 hours a day or else my brain explodes and since you REFUSE to use discord i tend to forget about our convos. ur quite gay but not in a BAD way. theres a difference between people who are really gay and f-[CAR CRASH SOUNDS] and you sit firmly in the first camp. keep on speading the aly & aj gospel cause somebody has to and i always forget

ohhayy - miss JESSICA you're a bit #wild but i stan. ur blogs have the same writing style as a scene teen in the myspace era so i literally cannot understand half of what ur saying. from what i can understand they're funny though so good for you. we played OUTLASTER that one time and i think you voted me out but you were loyal to the other person i was sheeping so... slay. also i feel like amandabynes is trying to steal your schtick watch out for her

thumper91 - aww lauren! you are v v sweet and while we haven't talked in ages I always remember you being kind even if I never really spoke to you LOL. Since I'm operating on limited information, I went to your profile to gain INTEL and girl... a lot of these quotes can go. idk if you still like him or not but astone is very very cringe TO ME and he got permed for a reason so :S

saxonmath - MY FELLOW MATH. you have IMPECCABLE taste and i feel very blessed whenever we end up in a castings together cause we can always just talk about random shit (usually k-pop). I wish I had more to say here, but my long opinions are usually me ranting about something and i have absolutely nothing negative to say here. 10S ACROSS THE BOARD

kinggeek - AJ ASHANTI SCHATAR MY DEAR FRIEND... i remember i wanted to be ur friend so bad when i was like 13 and incapable of holding a conversation irl or on and look where we are now. i'm sad that the nyc thing never really worked out but i will push for a spring 2022 hunty meetup and i hope to see you there. you always have such a good read on all the dumb shit that goes down on tg and with our friends and idk it's always such a PLEASURE to talk to you. i'll always be a BIG fan and i'm really grateful that you reciprocate that energy

burgta01 - honestly i don't think i've ever seen you blog and i hadn't had a one-on-one conversation with you until... yesterday LOL. you seem really nice and i appreciate your (failed) effort to save me for 6th in that frooks. i can't comment much here because i've kind of fallen out of the tengaged loop lately and don't know many of the users that have only risen to prominence recently >_> but yeah you're really chill and i appreciated the effort

itsaustin - now im shocked zach hasnt told you to DISOWN me yet but i'm pleasantly surprised. I'm happy to see that you're carrying on the torch of wheatbread sheep because the population has been dwindling as of late. The last time we REALLY talked was when we were both in the wids and i was a mess back then so... I apologize :sob:. I always have a soft spot in my heart for you tho and THANK YOU for buying from my shop after i pm'ed you out of nowhere telling you to buy

melindamrskk - DID YOU NOMINATE ME IN STARS OR NOT?? the public wants to know. REGARDLESS of that you've always been a sweetheart and sooo nice to me <3333 I will not be subscribing to your onlyfans as we've been friends for too long for me to feel comfortable seeing you that way but get your $$!!!!! keep killing it and you were fucking robbed in that finals... hugs seth sm but he said i looked like a homeless [REDACTED] and you wouldnt do that to me so you deserved 2nd. even though we dont talk as often as we should it's always a pleasure to chat and to just see you in passing on this hellsite

pinkiepie512 - for some reason the first thing that comes to mind when i see ur username is your meetup with some tg'er last April that got you COMPLETELY ate up. that was such bullshit and sometimes i think about it and im like DAMN covid had yall acting crazy. anyways hugs u i see blogs from you just venting about shit and i get it girl. hope everything works out you're always such a positive force on here. this is a better time than ever to admit that i was the person who made that edit of you that was like 'im a republican, i dont support girls who like girls' 3 years ago but thankfully its only been used with good intentions

thirteen - thirteen my autistic sister. i loveee how passionate you are about horror movies and everything scary/creepy. thats not my style and i loveee when fellow ppl on the spectrum follow and pursue their passions ^_^ whenever we're in games together it's usually with ur brother and then i end up saving him cause he pms me more LOL but theres nothing but love for yall on my end

blujay112 - hello blujay that ISNT wes. i saved you in stars you were robbed >_> we go wayyy back all the way to the real fakes days when brandt tried to set us up LOL. we barely talk anymore but we have soooooo much in common and you have an excellent taste in music! i wish the AOTY chat wasnt dead cause we had some good chats in there. i think the last real convo we had was when i found out that the homo who blew me off on grindr was an org'er LMFAOOO also i always had a crush on u and im like 70% sure you know that but if you somehow missed it this is the ANNOUNCEMENT. anyway hmu if the feeling is mutual and if it's not... oh well i still consider u a good friend even tho ur distant these days

joey65409 - aww i like you even though i do get you confused with benpnumbers a lot... ur both white straight-passing guys who are good at frooks. we found a common enemy in masta when i called him out on his bullshit so ur welcome... jk. we never really talk but i've never seen you done anything that has made me question ur sanity which is something 90% of tengagers can't say so keep up the good work

jakehou97 - i was waiting on intel from rollingderp if you were the person she had beef with. she's yet to respond but im 80% sure it was you so if it is... wherever you did to piss her off CUT IT OUT IMMEDIATELY. if it's not then ignore and move on. i know you're from texas and you're a swiftie which are two things i do not have any knowledge on but good for you. i also remember you talking about how ur a centrist and i think being a centrist is a cop out *pick a side pick a side nicki minaj voice* i'm sure you're just normal tho

littlemix - i used to despise you cause i was a little shit. i honestly still am not a huge fan but there's nothing outwardly WRONG that you're doing... i just don't think we mesh well at all or have anything in common. i mean i called you a [REDACTED] all the time which was fucked up but i still do stand by my opinion that you/ryan's friendship was a bit sus. he turned out okay though so maybe it was just me being overly paranoid


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