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12 FelipeS, Dec 25, 2017

By a vote of 5-3-14  , Brxan you're safe and move on to the next round !
Group 1:
Group 2:
Group 3:
Saved :
30th - Ninaboninacrown
29th - Ametrine
28th - _Aria
27th - Jenna2010
VOTE TO SAVE : Bengalboy  , Chameleon777 or    Hisoka
-Only the person with more votes to save move to the next round.
-Voting closes when this blog expires.



59 sihz, Dec 17, 2017

i'll tell u how far i'd keep u safe in a Stars game until i lock you in for nomination.
im not joining anytime soon so idc if ppl trust me after this or not lol.
#bengalboy noms for 10th, i know i can trust u but gamewise (actually popularity wise lol) i cant let u go unnommed much further than that
#goodkaren noms for 5th-6th probs, i feel like youd be loyal 100% however at that point i might be closer to other people than i am with you to keep me safe for 4th
#kaylabby probs wouldnt nom you at all, cancers are super emotional and i know youd stick with me to the end and we both would have a fair shot i feel.
#baileyboy1 id probs put u up for 16th, no lie lol. we played survivor together but i couldnt really tell if u were ever honest with us really. Youd flip on us fast i feel
#Hisoka noms for 8th, you could be a really close ally but you arent dumb either and for that reason i'd have to cut you, soz LOL.
#eric_136 noms for 16th idk u at all, sorry mate
#deshonbannedisback personally i would take you really far, but i feel that you could be an easy target for most of the cast and on that case i cant really go against everyone. probs early noms for 13th
#memphis_grizzlies i think if you trust me enough, id bring you to finals. depends on what cards we'd have to deal with in the game otherwise id give you 11th and keep u for safe votes early on.
#m7md26 noms for 9th, u seem nice and we would work together well but i feel youd be more loyal to other people than me and for that u can go honey, u can go!
#darbe i could see us working together well and popularity wise id like to believe we're pretty much on par so i would bring u to finals.
#NotAfraid i cant nom u <3 even if that means me losing, though i might actually put u up for 4th against someone unpopular in case i go unnommed so that way i can at least plead my case xx
#eliserose i think id nom u for 7th, wed work very well and i think i could use u as a shield since youre more threatening than me popularity wise so the target would stay off my back but i wouldnt be able to beat u at the end.
#roshy finals bby i believe it would be mutual trust, and though youre more popular than me id be fine with losing to you.
#mastropola noms for 7th we could be pretty tight but you arent dumb either and youd probably try to make more connections than me since i feel we both play similar games and for that i'd have to cut you.
#willie_ finals <3 i dont think id be able to gun for you and id like to believe u wouldnt either x otherwise watch yo back. being serious tho, i would bring u to finals.
#patrick319 id cut you for 5th-6th if not before that. we play similar games but i cant be that ruthless, however if i went down before u did, id drag ur wig through the mud next dc. or maybe kill u as soon as the game starts :) depends on my mood :)
icebeast i cant be the second coming of patrick so youd be sitting in finals with me :) but..


rate my tg relevance

65 mathboy9, Dec 11, 2017

1-10 and i'll rate yours with a small description of why i gave you the score
#bengalboy - 9.5, all your blogs go to the top and you are definitely one of the most well-known people on here!
#paige5459 - 7.5, you have been very popular lately and you are definitely one of the nicest newer users here so I think a lot of people appreciate your presence
#marrrss - 6, i've seen you around more lately but you've only been active in the latter part of the year tbh!
#spicoli - 5, you are rarely around tbh you don't play games and you don't blog that often but i always like what you have to say lol... you probably have better things to do / a life so i get that :P
ashszoke - 7.5, you haven't been as active lately and the tea circle is kind of irrelevant now but you are still a queen and well liked on here
felipes - 5.5, you are really new but i see you making friends and that's always a good start!!
Violets - 7, more relevant on wumblebee tbh i miss ur shops but i still see you around a fair bit
bowkane - 7, not as prominent as last year but you get involved in drama sometimes and you played tons of hungers with me earlier in the year
brxan - 9, a lot of the attention you get is negative but i can't deny that people have a lot to say about you and either love or hate you
gentlemang - 8, you have definitely played a lot of games lately and you are in a lot of skype chats so you are well-known but you aren't on the blogs page much aside from posting grey's quotes
katherinepierce - 6, because i'm NICE even though you didn't read the rules. you were relevant on emily but you weren't on at all for most of the year tbh but you've made a comeback
question - 6.5, you've definitely been more relevant lately because of your association with bryan but i don't think you've had your big MOMENT yet
ethan000 - 7.5, ur fag friends are obsessed with you and ur generally liked and blog somtimes sooo
melindamrskk - 6.5, I MISS YOU ugh you haven't been as active but i'd consider you pretty relevant on here still even though I haven't seen you around much lately
oliviaxoxo - 8.5, queen everybody knows you and tons of people love you. ur obviously doing something right so keep up the good work =]
yasgaga - 7, you FADED aside from the stars win but u have ur friends and you've carved ur own niche on tg so i think you've done well
alexavontrayne - 6 - ur way more known in certain circles tbh... ur not very active on tengaged itself but you have a core group of friends from tg so that definitely counts for something
halloween - 9.5 - everybody knows you and has a strong opinion on you. I definitely think you are one of the most talked about and most relevant people on here
livvieboo12 - 6.5 - I see you around sometimes but not as much as I'd like! I think people know who you are I just don't see you as much recently
batya - 6.5 - same as Alexa, you dont do much on tg..



41 m7md26, Nov 22, 2017

and i'll write it in arabic for you (its read right to left btw)
Edit: theres no V, P, or CH in arabic.
#Bengalboy بنجليي
#Admir أدمر
#vlad21 فلاد
#adamloveseverything أدم
#mexus بيتر
#maturo جو
#xshift شاد
#ari_ أري
#wade03 شايس
#jadennator1 أنا ماريا
mickiejames22 ميكي
arris أرك
purplebb4 بكير
ghrocky100 ألكس جاكسون
luckylefty لامار
haliford أي جيًّ
s73100  سام
blujay112 نكولاس
yarn مايكل
thedeceiver ولليام
Dakotacoons داكوتى
macken ألن
ricardogv ريكاردو
sandym89 ساندرا
path ألكسزاندر
roshy روشان
TR1364 توماس
SurvivorFreak13 ديلان
ninjohn نن
juliann جولييان
felipes فيليبي



21 JustMe, Sep 8, 2017

Stolen from #bengalboy
Post your opinion of me and I'll post my opinion of you init. The longer your opinion the longer the response will be. Also I'll finish ALL guaranteed 100% (Y)
go ahead
koolness234 my sweet little baby kool it was so nice catching up the other day even if we did go on and on about internet law and things that prolly don't matter anyway. I miss our iconic kaba calls and our es games with #holiday ROFL
brandt69 I literally thought Brandt was named after you. I still don't know what it is.
mathboy9 aw we need to join a game soon!
littlebrother123 thirsty
_Aria you're always really sweet and seem to stay out of the drama as far as I can tell which is a huge accomplishment on this site. Would love to get to know you better <3
bengalboy You know, I dont need your friendship, I dont need you, I thought you were a nice guy, so I talked to you, but if you are gonna treat me like shit then dont even bother, Im not a dog, im not gonna keep running back to you if you start being an asshole to me. 
No but for real you know how much your friendship means to me. You're my fave out of all the faves and I don't know if I'd have any sanity left if it weren't for you and your ability to remind me what's really important in life ;)
rasCity whenever I see you I think of your comments in that stars game, idek why you hated me so much but we get along pretty well and when we do talk 1 on 1 you remember that I'm not fake.
MickJagger OMG I miss you too it seems like forever since I've seen a blog from you <3
brandonpinzu our relationship has been so up and down, mainly cus I let others influence me too much, but I love you to death, you are such a sweetheart but I will never ever trust you in a game cus you are literally the BEST player ever, you can manipulate anyone, literally.
peace123 I never knew you were in the LM! We chat in comments on blogs alot and you seem like someone I could be very close with, you're fun to talk to and always have a witty comment :)
EliotWhi always loved you, you're a sweet guy and always good for a laugh Whitney.  I wish we chatted more like the good ol days.
Steven999 we've only chatted a couple times here and there but you seem like an alright fella, let's join a game or something and chat a bit more :)
funnehliner I always think of when dru used to say funneh finner late for dinner or something like that lol. but you slayed in TBB1 and I was probably your biggest fan cus I've always loved you. Stay genuine, you're a great guy <3
rascity ok if you're #andychuck08 OMG I used to stalk you cus I loved your blogs. I miss Andychuck :(
thumper91 one of the sweetest girls on this site. You always have something kind to say but you're..


♥ Chase | KingB24 ♥

40 Stunzer, Aug 5, 2017

#Bengalboy dont know you personally, but ur fucking hilarious on the blogs page. You needa get another top blog so I can piss myself laughing again. :)
#Thumper91 had so much fun with you in hunger! hope I see u in a different game sometime soon so we can keep up our friendship. You're so funny and I love talking to you < 3
#Peter69 don't know you that well but ur friends are pretty iconic!
#Rizzo im the better justin. just being honest. overall ur still a pretty cool guy even tho u SUCK at tagpro. justin hadid > justin rizzo
#malachite05 ur probably not straight, but who knows!
#bigbrotherlover7 throwback to our stars. Youre a very nice guy on calls! kinda miss ur voice :*
#wpwsers196 idk you personally. everyone on call seems to be ur friend so i guess ur gucci !
#AllieBoBallie havn't spoken to you but ur funny af on blogs whenever I see you comment/blog, we shud probs talk more x
joey65409 robbed king of both mo's bb and now hunger de gamo. I really wish we could play together where we can actually make it farther cause ur so loyal =[, miss u!
Darbe #rawr25 seems to be in love w/ u so, so am i!
garrievans97 ur funny on calls ive been on with you mr. garri evans. we had beef i think a long time ago but that beef got SQUASHED
kaylabby iconic mother of the blogs page. ur funny AF please dont leave tg
markb101 yes ur right idk you but u still deserve an opinion! you're friends with ashleybaby which makes u good in my books!
rawr25 #blessed #woke @ being blessed by u commenting on my blog. thanks for always turning me on when i speak to you / look @ ur shops. < 3
AshleyBabyx3 i have no words for how much of an icon you are. soz.
HelenCoops idk you personally but you're clearly a bad bitch with all dem 1sts on ur FP
Wade03 not sure who u are, but u seem chill on d-blogs
Admir been a while! it was so much fun to be on #tribeonearmed with you! hope you're still having a blast playing vivor :>
m7md26 Literally master manipulator over here. You're crazy funny whenever we have skype convos, and ur SHADY as fuck in any scenario
MichelleWilliams robbed from #TBB . It was so much fun watching you float your way by unnommed, you clearly where playing an amazing no-blood game, but clearly the other HG's saw that coming. You seem like a great person!
FedeBenna no idea who you are soz. I love ur avi tho :>
KingB24 You're fucking hilarious anytime we go on calls together/play league. IDK why it took us legit 6 years to become friends. Boost me to Gold 3! Thanks ;). Love you Chase, my pussy is LEAQUING!
Guigi GUIGI!!!!!!! FINALLY UR OFFICIALLY BACK FROM WHEREVER TF U WENT. I missed you so much, hope to see you in my hunger games that's happening shortly! You're..


☆ PYN ☆

78 ManniBoi, Jun 4, 2017

For A Brutally Honest Opinion! I Wont Hold Back At All!
#BengalBoy - ur hot but your a douchebag and way to cocky!
#cococolin122 - love your sense of humor and can take jokes but u still look like a foot!
#con66 - idk u but your obviously a hater, negging me in castings.
#fritocrunchmeupfam - idk u but looking at your blogs i would say ur white trash.
#steven999 - ur extra and always looking for attention!
#dabaebae - i have no idea who you are sorry :(
#DakotaCoons - Thristy ASF! #Thristy
#LeahBel - umm arent you grounded from tengaged? ps you and neathery are cute together.
#willie_ - youre a mini ahmed, and he aint shit!
#chillum -
#tpidude73 - love of my life! ❤️
#Cornelia - i see i around but we never exchanged words soo i cant say anything.
#Hisoka - you aint shit either bye
#_Aria - idk uu but i love Tinashee
#chibideidara - edgardo, i miss you! sadly you hang with trash.
#mexus - tB to you pretending to be straight but kept flirting with my boyfriend Dan! I enjoy talking to you thoo
#scooby0000 - youre kinda of a nerd for posting about tdi 24/7
#nikotime - u seem mad, what's wrong?
#iYBF - ur too young to be this hot! other than that youre pretty bland person.
#jogon - joeee i miss you!!! I lovee your dog too! Actually i would rather hangout with her than you!
#marwane - ur part of the in crowd but the ugly friend of the group x_x
#icebeast - my asian persuasion ❤️
#2388 - u try way to hard to fit in
#oliviaxoxo - stuck up asf
#emmett4 - idk u but i know ur part of the African American coalition to be racist and claim victim afterwards.
#neathery - oatmeal & baby wipes! does it really make you feel better to eat oatmeal thoo?
#pizzawithcookirs - honestly everytime i look at ur username i hate u a lil bit more! Like really!!!
#macken - McChicken ❤️ I miss you trick! but u only hit me up when u want gift bich!
#Emotion - idk u but ur not very liked so i dont think i like u either!
#ghrocky100 - i find you very butchy, like a hardcore lesbian but i think ur a guy?
#bluejay7622 - ur a bitchh for making joseline quit! You aint shit
#katarinaducouteau - #thristy #genderfaker i think u dated maturo? cute couple
#kaylabby - my boo ❤️ I love you so much! stop being a hoe thoo lolol jk :*
#littlebrother123 - idek what you look like but i have and odd crush on you :( im ashamed, stop being a man whore!
#eliserose - i miss our chat and exchanging sex stories with you! also, why are you attracted to fuck boys?
#underwzc - party of 8 vetoes! I love u for bullying Val cus she aint shit!
#Jgoodies - i remember u being ultra popular when i was a noob now ur just washed up
rizzo - #drama
arris - closeted gay!
brandonpinzu - hmm youre like tengaged royalty (not a compliment).
XxLoveWakizaxX - you aint shit for always coming for me in frookies! Lool idk u!
maxi1234 - umm i know u by reputation #powerbottom and apparently the..



47 TaraG, May 13, 2017

...and Thirteen and I will give you a rating from 1 to 10, 10 being LOVE.  I will only post the average though. :P
❤ LOL, we have such opposite opinions! ❤
#BengalBoy - 6
#s73100 - 8 1/2
#KBeastW - 3 1/2 (we don't know you)
#Stupendous - 3 1/2
#WannaBeeFriends - 4
#JourdanBabyXoXo - 5
#Harry1210 - 5 1/2
#Hisoka - 5 1/2
#TayBear17 - 4 1/2
#m7md26 - 5 1/2
#Yellowpenguin - 6
#koolcoop - 6 1/2
LittleBrother123 - 8
Blahblahblahblah - 8
ashleykarp - 6 1/2
scooby0000 - 7 1/2
Steven999 - 9 1/2
TaraG - :D
Icarus_Mark - 8
titoburitto - 7 1/2
woeisme - 8
Badboyy2699 - 5 1/2
JustMe - 5 1/2
Wpwsers196 - 7 1/2
Carlo_Costly - 7 1/2
Spicoli - 8
BrainJak - 7
Lazeric - 6 1/2
turkeylover - 4
cswaggerr - 8 1/2
greenranger8 - 4 1/2
Shonaynay - 7 1/2
ItsAlexia - 5 1/2
Joseline - 7
vlad21 -8 1/2
Blitszims - 3
garrievans97 - 6 1/2
aaronray - 8
raonic - 6
iamremedy - 7 1/2
ApplecorAJ - 8


ღ Jenna / jenzie ღ

90 brandonpinzu, May 8, 2017

and I will answer it 100% honestly. It can be about the website, me personally, my friendship/relationships, anything. I'll tag you when I respond to your question so you can see the answer.
#BengalBoy - It's been a rough year since being removed as a moderator.. :/ but I am doing better.
#LittleBrother123 - Lmao, sure why not. The job at this point should just be given to somebody who wants it and randomize should just watch them closely to make sure they don't do anything stupid.
#PureEssence - I've always really liked you. Some people that I have been friends with in the past haven't been the biggest fans of you for whatever reason, but I don't let my opinion of people get swayed by my friends. I think you're sweet and you've been nothing but nice to me in the past. :)
#tofutime - I do! I think that there's a lot of people on here who have the wrong representation of him, he's a really caring friend to me at least.
#jojo7784 - You've always been somebody on the website that I have adored. You and I have always gotten along and I'm glad that we're getting closer now, I hope that it stays that way! I love how you keep it real and I respect how genuine you are. And obviously I couldn't ever kill my twin.
#EliotWhi - I think I hated you at one point but I honestly can never remember who I hate on this website when I leave for like months at a time. As of right now, I don't have that much of an opinion on you. I don't hate you but I don't know much about you aside from what I knew from Habbo. You seem alright though.
#MarieTori - I mean I'd be lying if I said I missed her a ton. She was a good friend of mine but we really just drifted apart and stopped speaking to each other. I don't hate her or anything though.
#Streamx - I honestly have no idea who you are, so I can't give a solid opinion. Did you have another account or something?
#C00LDUDE1000 - Because you were #Jeremyst's mentor, duh.
#Brandt69 - The constant complaining that people had about their clearly justified bans. Somebody would go and post porn on the blogs page or literally say homophobic/racist words and would get banned for it. They'd then Skype me or send us an email and complain about how biased we were because we banned them. I wouldn't say I saw anything super "crazy" just some things that surprised me.
#Halloween - I actually really like you now. I used to think you were annoying but now I think you're funny and I like you as a person. I'm glad we were able to put all that shit behind us because you are a fun person to talk to and somebody who I'd actually not mind being friends with.
#PrincessTeePee - Good question! If I were going based off friendships on here, I'd go with  Lemjam6 because I've been friends with him the longest of most people that I speak to now. Otherwise, I would say SexGoddx or _Aria because I find them to be super interesting to talk to.
#FighterMan - Halloween by far. As for the opinion, I think that you..



66 pizzawithcookirs, Apr 19, 2017

And I'll tell you who I associate you with :)
(might be completely random lol)
#Bengalboy         -->    #druhhbby2
#xfalsify              -->    #iivoloxity
#Vlad21              -->    #shellbelle
#Mexus               -->    #Minniemax
#lexibear             -->    #xxLoveWakizaxx
#jdog                 -->    #baza76
#crayadian          -->    #cswaggerr
#ashleykarp         -->    #Icarus_Mark
#maturo              -->    #Eliortiz1234
#ribs                   -->    #mahalpin11
#NoGoodNamesLeft --> #gagaluv
#Blahblahblahblah -->   #astone929
#stuartlittle16      -->    #ThisIsMyGame
#rowjone             -->    NEVER HEARD OF YOU SORRY :(
#GoodKaren         -->    #Matedog1209
#QueenBec           -->    #Jenna2010
#titoburitto           -->    #eliserose
#rawr25               -->    #bomberv ?
#aria_grande        -->    #M_Davis1998
#Sam_Hamwich    -->    #Elvira
#lionsden121        -->    #Novamax243
Eva1                  -->    #iamremedy
Ev32                  -->    #Instagram
Christian_           -->    #Ethan000
kindlycruel1        -->    #damo1990
Xxlovewakizaxx   -->    #lexibear
levonini               -->    #Allison
islandsurvivor      -->    #lionsden121
Bambino             -->     #Badboyy2699
Babeeeidah         -->     #Badboyy2699
ApplecorAJ          -->     #Roshy
BigBrotherDonny  -->    #Badboyy2699
Brandt69             -->    #Krisstea
kittykatz553        -->     #mathboy9
TheEmpress         -->    #QueenBec
Kaseyhope101     -->     #Cmack311
C00ldude1000     -->      #koolcoop
wpwsers196        -->      #k4r4k
Thirteen              -->      #rozlyn
eliserose              -->     #AndrewWeltner
Spicoli                 -->      #islandsurvivor
iamremedy          -->      #Krisstea
TJ2807                -->      #Evaa1996
deeannamorgan   -->       #CalebJustLeft
Rebelman2227     -->       #Survivorofthetocans
tboss                   -->       #Badboyy2699
StarySky              -->       #Ribs
IYBF                    -->       #Carlo_Costly
Sparky4444         -->       #FrozenShadow09



40 deshonBANNEDISBACK, Sep 12, 2016

and i'll give you nice compliment !!!!!!!
#bengalboy - you're so funny and your abs are lush *licks*
#taybear17 - your hair reminds me of chicken lo mein , nice and curly
#Zuelke - I love you're voice. it sounds like fresh bathwater after sex
#EmilyThorne - You're avi looks so cute, like Rapunzel!!
DanielleDonato - I love how you have loads of determination for what you want!
KatarinaDuCouteau - Kat you remind of me a cherry blossom tree. So serene,
Brayden_ You're music taste gives me ear heaven, but your taste in girls.. hehehe
titoburitto - you have a nice LONG tongue!
Funnehliner Your accent makes me want to travel/study abroad!
Kaylabby , you seem really smart! Are you a hot nerd?
Scononduders and you smell like Tanner_ 's armpits >:)
ImGonnaWin , your TNTM blogs are amazing, you should look into creative writing!
masonx - I love how you always stand up for what you believe in.
cswaggerr I feel like this is your mood w. haters http://bit.ly/2cmG1YH
2388 You love demi and ariana (I'm assuming), so I love you so much!
BluJay112 I love how your username is BluJay112 instead of BlueJay112
Roxas546 Join frookies with me sometime, ill help you get 1st!
darriusdabest You are the REAL stars winner. Congrats xo
padfoot , I love your spam threat, you and taylor are queens !
Acosta1539 I love hispanics so thats a plus xo you're an icon
Thirteen your vlogs are weird but I love weird !
Haileyyy you seem like a really sweet person and you're bffs w/ terry and i love him
icarus_Mark you are the best TV star on this site!!
thumper91 , you are actually so pretty and one of the nicest people on this site < 3
mrcool you're obi one the coolest people on this site! ~
tanner_ regardless of the hater, I love your bleached blonde hair < 3
brandt69 , you're a great Skype game host, and Nick R. is a qt
duncansurferboy , you're a cute robbed goddess :*
Arris - HBD ;) You're amazing so I hope you have an amazing day!
Streamx - You're a bad bitch!
PMMGuy I love your friends on your first page f.l !!!
Kiara_xoxo You're avi looks fierce, and can we be bffs since Red Velvet is iconc
Cornelia - You're really photogenic !! You should look into modeling :)


PYN and I'll say an opinion

70 owlb0ned, Jan 27, 2016

or a fact if I don't know you
imthtawesom - I'm glad we met (irl and tg) cos I dated ur BFF cos now ur like one of my fav people on here and ilysm I can't wait to move so we can habbo and call and talk more cos ur so fucking funny and we both dislike 2b together cos it's funny and he's so serious and u and Keith are so cute and I might go to Canada this summer so get ready and I just hope one day u choose me to snap ur butt too and ily and thnx for being my friend!!! We have so many great laughs and memories don't leave me!! Don't forget to vote qwerty bush for president 2016 ok
#bengalboy - glad we been mates so long always glad to talk and u make me laugh. repeat this summer x
#rosemaria - omg ur so funny and loud and blunt I love it
eliortiz1234 - thnx for being my best friend for so long I literally tell u everything ... EVERYTHING and I'm sorry cos sometimes I know u don't care if I hook up with that hot Mexican at work but thnx for listening still. Don't watch CBBUK till I move and have wifi plz
#romancenrainbows - 2+2=4
#sosyomomma - ur so crazy and funny and were similar in somethings and u make me laugh ily we need to drunk call soon
#galaxies - we don't talk but ur always nice so ily
#littlebrother123 - ur ok when ur not acting 12 yrs old castings soon
#bostonrob_ - we don't talk as much now but ur still cool!!!
#joseline - we've never talked but I love spacecadet and ur vlogs
petro - thnx for always helping me with Spanish and dealing with me and being such a good friend ily my Spanish BF and u will win stars one day
jguill - apparently ur gross
arris - I only know u from being rude to austinrules6969
#typhlosion37 - I remember us talking before
lemjam6 - ur one of my closest friends even if we don't talk every day ily and I'll never forget all our memories especially the frookies with volcomvans
hash - I used to always read ur vlogs when I was a noob and I think ur so funny even if u do crazy stuff and u helped me with sugar daddy stuff so thnx cutie
notafraid - gabbie ur so lovely and such a nice and genuine person ps make more vlogs
xxlovewakizaxx - we used to play rookies together then u started hating me???
levonini - u were Inact and quit my group game fuck u
lotus - idk if we've spoken but I like ur username and Petro is a fatty
neathery - ur random blog comments are funny
#crimsonui - 9 + 10 = 21
danielledonato - ur my fav hunger ally to date ily even when ur shady and games and ur so funny and Jessie j and imtht and u are so cute ugh
mickjagger - u always comment this u id!!! Ur funny even tho u always call me ugly and some of ur troll..


crazybone5000 ❤

93 JayElVeeIsBack, Nov 30, 2014

on your first page
#Bengalboy - Well I love #Diva1 but my brother is on your front page :( #Mikey04WP
#Sosyomomma - Really hard choice :( #Carlab1
#Eliortiz1234 - #Mexash for supporting my long hair
#Lol4Ever - #Pikachu142 for being a good friend
#TempoNeptune - #Cfff :( Sorry Andrew you would be 2nd
#Fighterman - #Sheena < 3 :) or #Brawley
#Aydanmac01 - myself :) #Conceded LOL JK #Thumper91 or #ShyanneMystik
#Carlisle - #JessLoveee
#2Beastly - #Skyler1822
#MariahAnn - #Hwest14
#Baza76 - #JTotalTurtle
#Amandabynes - #Sheena
#Dayum - Putting me on the spot between #Thanos and #Turney1805
#Guigi - ;( I love so many people on your page  #LexiBear
#PotatoSalad - #Sheena < 3
#DisneyGeek - #Thumper91
#Mikey_Elite - #Silas86 :)
#KatnissEverdeen - #Utsumi
#JustUnreal - #Gaiaphage
#Acyuta - #Jsylvia76 :) But also #Sheena and #Lexibear
#Padfoot - #FredCrugar
#PurpleCows - #EvilGenious448
#ArcanineMaster - #Me2013
#StuartLittle16 - #NewOrleansPelicans
#Silas86 - #GratefulVW
#PureEssence - #PurpleCows
#DaniD - #Orlando652
#SomebodyAwesome - #TheSexiestDude990
#Pikachu142 - #FighterMan
#Imthtawesom - #Piddu
#Jkjkjk15 - #Pepper
#Sihz - #NotAfraid
#andalarew_2231 - #Thumper91
#ninjohn - #Pikachu142
#Valdamien - #SuperFreak
#christossss - #Krrais
#Me2013 - #TheSexiestDude990
#Rowan22 - #RohanChaubey
#Krrais - #Marwane
#Josiahsurvivor - #ShyanneMystik
#Vanili - #Vanili :) or if not you #Manda17_xoxo
#Brawley - #ASupreme
#Gratefulvw - #JessLoveee
#Harrywasnak - #Tyler93
#Striky - #Sheena
#JamieAndre - #Oliviaxoxo
#JasonXtreme - #Clueliz
#Yoshicoolman - #Thumper91
#Lennon - #LewisC
#Tetsuya - #Thumper91
#LordJza - #Boots22
#FrozenShadow09 - #Lexibear
#Mradamman12 - #C_shizz96
#TheSexiestdude990 - #Boots22
#Lexibear - #PureEssence
#Oliviaxoxo - #Smoothstalker12
#wwemrpeeps - #Ybbob
#Maxi1234 - #PurpleCows
#Rellizuraddixion - #Sprado91
#Booyahhayoob - #Thesexiestdude990
#GoodAllan - #Angered
#Joshlyn34 - #Jsylvia76
#Catch_a_falling_star - #Knixuk
#black0ut247 - #Cody_
#Spinfur - #Brumming
#Skye10 - #Cfff
#JColeWorld - #Broncman789
#ItsAustin - #Kingofclubs808
#SeaKing - #GratefulVW
#VintagePoop - #TestTickles
#Tyler93 - #Oliviaxoxo
#NewOrleansPelicans - #Macken
#cancanpiano - #Cfff
#Kingofclubs808 - #Sosyomomma
#ghrocky100 - #AlaskanFireDragon
#Pepperdude_is_Back - #Iggy
#Lanadelrey_ - #ajlikes17
CarsonWorld - PureEssence
C00LDUDE1000 - Ybbob
panda6785 - Carlab1
nicknack - silas86
RiskyBusinessxoxo - Volibear
CaitlinBella - @Outhereelmo
Spinner554 - Vh1Luvr15
Diva1 - BengalBoy
JakeP82 - Forevermissprice
Nick33 - Mikey04WP
Jakehou97 -..


LOLOL BengalBoy when he doesn't get TOP BLOG

2 RandyATEher, Aug 20, 2014

(told ya i wouldn't forget)


Im finally tv star :')

73 EyooMarcus, Jul 25, 2014

dont know what number i am but
PYN and ill give you a compliment < 3
#bengalboy - youre soooo cuteeee and sweet and ily < 3
purplecows - youre like one of my fav people on this site and youre such a swettttttttyyyy lol
#boots22 - ive always liked you even when you get me out in a game lol youre funny :)
thumper91 - the love my life and my rod, youre such a swetttttyyy and simply the nicest person on the site besides diva1
#BigBrotherFan132 i still love your background with the giraffe < 3 youre fun to play with.
#unkown - um youre nice when you don't get defensive over bs.
#Oliviaxoxo 1 word.... queen
#jbshafer not even going to lie, that blog you made had me dyingggg irl like i was legit coughing and uhm you were nice back when we used to talk.
balloons babeeeee i miss talking to youuuuuu, you have such an amazing personality and you are simply top 5 on the tengagers that i want to meet < 3
steel - youre hot, funny, cute, hot, funny, cute, hot, cute, gay ...
lewisc ive always wanted to talk to you lol you seem like a nice guy so hmu :*
@pinkberry - its been legit forever boo. Imu, goddess.
orlando652 youre a nice guy and i still want to spam for you lol i thought you were a meanie but youre a sweety < 3
Michaelf1114 when you joined my frat... i cried :') i was excited to have someone as nice as you in my frat.
DJ4460 i love you husband < 3 youre the bae, the bae is you.
LeXXXy i like your attitude and your accent, you're a fishy queen and you got robbed in stars mama.
Meyaar i wished you loved me more than minie :'( because ily more than her, youre a nice guy < 3
sprado91 you deleted me out of no where lol but now were on the same tribe and i still think your bum is juicy.
dubstar :'( tu no me quieres, preferias que damo se quedara en survivor que yo :( pero yo se que eres un amor ;)
prince_Eric youre black and cute ;) ily
danio we need to get married asap, youre perf tbh.
koin youre such a cutie and you always help me when i need it < 3 love you
disneygeek we dont talk much but i used to like you a lot, you were nice to talk to on calls.
AllieBoBallie been on call with you several of times and you seem like a really cool gurllll.
cheapcheep i think were very similar in a lot of thing you just dont know it lol you can easily be the bae.
alaskanfiredragon - deff on my top 5 fav tengagers, youre so nice and i was supporting you hardcore in your stars lol ily and thanks for everything.
coreyants i used to hate you way back when, but like getting to know you is what got me to become close to you. You're actually pretty cool but very talkative.
jessloveee we started off..


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