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  2. ive literally never seen somebody
  3. the gag is that
  4. this mashup always brings me back
  5. good morning =]
  6. but fr
  7. whats with 'straight men' on this site
  8. rate my avi
  9. spent my night
  10. Naomi Campbell could beat me up
  11. all rise
  12. need.
  13. also
  14. check email
  15. imagine being one of the
  16. miss her
  17. jay-z
  18. so what was the point
  19. proceed with caution
  20. love that for me
  21. heres your blog
  22. ItsAlexia 66.3%
  23. can you PLEASE
  24. kerli saved music with this one huh
  25. a tragedy.
  26. i still believe
  28. I will never forgive
  29. east?
  30. who would join
  31. since no1 made me a birthday blog
  32. i really have been updating my profile song
  33. why do ppl keep removing me from their
  34. the voice really got stale
  35. oh yes
  36. why r some white ppl on here
  37. cool by gwen stefani
  38. imo
  39. wow going around italy
  40. y'all being stupid as fuck

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IS DOMINOS LYING TO ME???vote Dec 9, 2018
their store is 2 miles away and it sets that the guy left 20 minutes ago how is this possible!!!! WHERES MY PIZZA!!!
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ive literally never seen somebodyvote Dec 9, 2018
act so self-important over a stars win but congrats i guess?
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the gag is thatvote Dec 8, 2018
that is so small in the grand scheme of things and if ur taking anything people say seriously on here its on you. the people who spend all day here, myself included, have some sort of insecurities/problems of their own or else they'd log off and make offline friends
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this mashup always brings me back Dec 8, 2018
2009 was such a good year for music and DJ Earworm's mix is still legendary

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good morning =] Dec 7, 2018
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but fr Dec 5, 2018
ur demented astone929 remember when you tried to catfish girls by pretending to be a fit white man because you have NO social skills... the insecurity jumped out
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