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  1. I have a conundrum
  2. work crush got fired
  3. No title
  4. happy holiday pay day
  5. All these multis
  6. doxxing really used to be a weekly occurence
  7. 3 weeks since I last blogged
  8. Does anybody else
  9. really obsessed with
  10. I wouldn't be mad if Tengaged shut down soon
  11. Where do y'all go
  12. damn everybodys discord is hacked
  13. Thank you 46%
  14. Nominated for 7th in Stars [Emotional]
  15. the way there's 2 top blogs right now
  16. Mental health
  17. Was actually enjoying
  18. does anybody have any language learning
  19. Both of the past two weekends
  20. PYN
  21. I've been at +0
  22. ive been sky level for like 7 years
  23. Does anyone else think that
  24. No title
  25. I got my MBA (Mmabatlokoa)
  26. this was scripture
  27. yall better save
  28. gorgeous girls
  29. Hello, my name is Mmaba
  30. the way the pieces
  31. Cherita is an earnest millenial queen
  32. Anyway
  33. yes my [REDACTED]th game ended yesterday
  34. this has me ctfu
  35. my [REDACTED]th game charity
  36. does any1 want to join my 1500th game
  37. homosexual wrapped
  38. While I'm here
  39. wasn't gonna post about
  40. I want the Beyonce voters

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I have a conundrum Jun 17, 2024
that I would like to crowdsource advice on and I'm not going to ask Reddit so here I am writing everything out if anybody wants to chime in. first off i accepted a government job starting in a few weeks that im really excited about and gives me the financial freedom to live on my own (YAYYYY). i only have to go into the office 2-3 times a week + its about a 40 minute drive from where i live currently with my mother but i dont have my license which complicates things. i have the option to move into a complex thats walking distance from my work but its $1300/mo for a studio which is pushing it (also not a super walkable area but there is bus service). i also could live downtown in a very walkable area with more things to do + nightlife for ~$1000/mo and be a ~30 minute bus ride away from my work but the city is run down & the crime is spiking - im not one to buy into high crime narratives but there are several recent unsolved homicides + an unprovoked lgbt hate crime happened like 2 days ago and this is a SMALL city. the other option would be to live at home learn to drive quick and pocket that rent money but my family doesnt think i can handle driving on the highway (?????) even if i do get my license and is really encouraging me to move out.

thank u if you actually read this mua mua
Points: 45 7 comments
work crush got fired Jun 6, 2024
imageim [REDACTED FOR LEGAL REASONS] the building up.
Points: 49 7 comments
No title May 30, 2024
image863 days 21 hours agobrandonpinzu
Reason: Explicit behavior, threatening, obscene or harmful messages (Racism).
Duration: 3 days
Points: 47 1 comments
happy holiday pay day May 27, 2024
imageto my girls who are paid hourly and were able to celebrate this momentous occasion. all my problems melted away during my 9 hour shift
Points: 34 4 comments
All these multis May 16, 2024
logged on an hour ago lol I wonder who is going to win this stars poll. I genuinely can't believe people are doing this bullshit again. I really thought we were at the point where we threw our hands up and didn't gaf about games anymore because tengaged is THAT dead
Points: 119 3 comments
doxxing really used to be a weekly occurence May 2, 2024
imageim happy that people realize the severity of it now bc i feel like most of the people who weren't SUPER protective over their identity had to deal with some bullshit. half my extended family got messaged over arguments on here and my dads address & phone number were all over the blogs page two separate times (i unplugged the landline so who knows if we even got calls). just low vibrational
Points: 252 11 comments