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wakiza madvote Aug 5, 2020
cause he is everything that hes accusing black people of being: an uneducated, violent drug addict. sounds like projection to me
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you deleted your blog Aug 5, 2020
before i hit send on my comment so rascity i could believe that you were just an autistic person who was misreading this girl's intentions if you weren't still trying to put blame on her and absolve yourself of any consequence because you're autistic. somebody who was truly interested in the well-being of others, autistic or otherwise, would be apologetic if they learned that their actions hurt people but instead you're just trying to deflect blame. sad
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going MASK OFF on the blogs page Aug 4, 2020
if anybody would like to sell me a shop i am interested in buying. idc if that means i have no life i just dont have time to spam and i owe too many people from my failed shop run
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follow up on dis Aug 4, 2020
cause it got top blog https://tengaged.com/blog/mathboy9/9205305/im-so-happy

literally the only person ive been around in the past month maskless aside from my family was my aforementioned boss and now my mom is in the ER with suspected covid. plz send good thoughts her way <3
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is this how blogs always work Aug 1, 2020
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i only got 9 comments on this blog but it went #1 is that where the extra 1.0 came from
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No title Aug 1, 2020
You ugly looking midget mathboy9
Go meet another straight tengaged player in your ugly brown cardigan. It must have been hideous to be seen with such a dweeb of a camp queeny midget.
Yuck. I hate you.
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