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does any1 want to join my 1500th game Dec 2, 2023
imagecrooks charity i just realized my lame ass has played 1499 games so its time for a celebration
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homosexual wrapped Nov 29, 2023
1. pinkpantheress
2. kylie minogue
3. newjeans
4. kelela
5. snow strippers

1. pinkpantheress - angel
2. kelela - contact
3. newjeans - super shy
4. pinkpantheress - boy's a liar
5. dennis - ta ok (okayyy brazilian)
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While I'm here Nov 26, 2023
this "new" user victoriaclark12 is at best doing a weird and inappropriate roleplay and at worst mrpeeps or some weirdo with a similar M.O. I can tell this person isn't all... there mentally but theres enough concerning sexual content so i thought i would compile some evidence of strange behavior. ill go down the list starting with the inconsistent and fake persona being put on and then talk about the weird sexual blogs/comments:

1. she says she's a mental health professional with 3 kids and then talks about her friends at "school":
2. despite (intentionally?) speaking/acting like a child and talking about her friends at school her username is a reference to an old ass Broadway actress Victoria Clark. Sounds like an elder gay to me
3. she spells her name two different ways (kassidy AND cassidy) in her own fucking bio.
4. this in her bio: "discord= #Masonlikes123 (mason is not my name it's cassidy)" - who the fuck is mason then?

So now that we've established "she" is not a single mother with 3 kids or an ignorant child let's get into the inappropriate sexual content:

1. the worst instance is definitely of her sexualizing a 13 year old - she does this blog series where she tags random tengaged users and asks who is hotter (already really weird in itself)... she put a 13 year old in this series and after being called out kept the blog up:
victoriaclark12 culluns 13 we should not be ranking him like that
Sent by Kiki4ever,Oct 8, 2023
Wait cullen is 13 yrs old,!
Sent by victoriaclark12,Oct 8, 2023

2. first blog ever written by Victoria is sexual and soliciting "hot pictures" from "boys"
3. tons more of these solicitation blogs

koolness234 cheapcheep brandonpinzu idk if this is grounds for a ban by itself but I think this is definitely something worth monitoring because the behavior put together is really really bizarre
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wasn't gonna post about Nov 22, 2023
imagemy birthday on here but I'm once again astounded by the love I've received by so many wonderful people I've met on here. most of them won't see this since they don't log on anymore but I joined tengaged as an awkward homeschooled 13 year old with no socialization and am now turning 22 having learnt so many lessons and having so much love and friendship in my life. I have to give thanks to all the people I've met on here who have enriched my life in some way and taught me valuable life lessons such as how to argue with people online
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I want the Beyonce voters Nov 17, 2023
to watch videos from the renaissance tour followed by clips from Katy Perry's mildly successful Play vegas residency and get back to me
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Putting this on my tombstone Nov 15, 2023
mathboy9 - a surprisingly pleasant time
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