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  1. Thanks for the gifts Carolyn!
  2. printers r my mortal enemy
  3. the dua lipa and blackpink song is out lol
  4. definitely an unpopular opinion
  5. love love love bomb
  6. oh wow
  7. who was this b4
  8. Tinashe got out in DWTS
  9. does this ranking really count
  10. are we still pretending like
  11. Im still laughing at
  12. hows the army
  13. dominos knew what they had to do
  14. sorry but
  15. oh wow i broke 3000 karma
  17. i still cant believe
  18. ur 'not a drag queen'
  19. i have to laugh
  20. gagaluv and her friends getting red nosed
  21. maplestory 2 released for free today
  22. I let him eat the cookie cause it's good for him
  23. you're frozen
  24. hi tengaged
  25. No title
  26. lets not act like
  27. No title
  28. either way
  29. people still use snapchat?
  31. a star is born was amazing
  32. pyn for an opinion
  33. y’all need to log off
  34. ray of light by madonna
  35. TSA is so vile
  36. did we all collectively run out of ideas
  37. can she stay locked up
  38. big mouth season 2 is coming 2morrow
  39. leif erikson day

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Thanks for the gifts Carolyn!vote Oct 19, 2018
gagaluv <3
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printers r my mortal enemyvote Oct 18, 2018
i had to restart my printer three times to get it to take my print request and it took an HOUR to print out 2 pages how is that even possible
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the dua lipa and blackpink song is out lolvote Oct 18, 2018
icons only

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definitely an unpopular opinion Oct 18, 2018
but on the topic of shane dawson i really like him and his content but this jake paul series is SOOO BAD and him saying that jake is family now on twitter just sealed the deal. i dont know why every1 is putting up with this bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!! the other documentaries were cute but NOBODY ASKED FOR THIS and the 12-year-old shane stans being fans of jake paul now is just so nasty
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love love love bomb Oct 17, 2018
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oh wow Oct 17, 2018
im watching michael jackson's music videos and they are all so HIGH BUDGET when will our faves... taylor tried with look what you made me do and then half assed the rest of the era
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