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Good morning Oct 23, 2021
imageI'm excited to tell you, on Tuesday morning, March 29th, I'll be performing for the first time ever at a special concert in San Francisco's historic Castro District on Good Morning America. And I promise you, it will be a morning to remember. See you soon!
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No title Oct 22, 2021
and i- i don't think i'm going to be able to stay on this diet anymore. WHY? because I'M SO... ʰᵘⁿᵍʳʸ. and then like, and this is just, you know, you can't do any- you can't WIN. so i go to my hair done yesterday for some reason. they have a cake plate and with like... my favorite kind of donut. NOO? yeah. my favorite kind- what kind. the white frosting and the multicolored sprinkles. what, are they round??
white frosting and multicolored sprinkles, i've never heard of these. have you ever seen the donuts with the sprinkles on th- NO? you haven't?? what's wrong with you? No, are they with the hole in the middle or jelly? yeah, with the hole, yeah, cause they don't have those kinds at the pentagon. *laughs* okay so... they had those. they had THOSE and they had... chocolate ones, they had like- oh my god, a plate of them. how DARE they? a beauty salon should know better. I KNOW, so i was like oh my god it was such torture. did you eat any? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. good girl!! it was such torture, right? see, you'll be skinny on thanksgiving. nah, i don't know about that, but so then
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my brain is rotted i think Oct 22, 2021
imagethis is the funniest picture ever to me. like its true, family guy DOES help with my anxiety and stress... but its also peak comedy
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the night Oct 22, 2021
rando stepped in to perm me for making a design out of /that/ @ilysuiteheart pic (if you know you know) was literally my favorite night on tg. The way I was about to throw in the towel and then he unpermed me after the blogs page screamed at him 😭 couldnt have done it without y’all. I was laughing so hard… the way rando came out of hiatus just to see an ass in design labs
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halloween costume idea for gay people Oct 22, 2021
put a bunch of stickers on your face and say you're olivia rodrigo on the sour album cover
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