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Hello, my name is Christian


Former Identities:
•Smallest of Cats
[May 2nd, 2011-June 19th, 2011]
•Engineer of Lava
[July 5th, 2012-April 22nd, 2016]

White: June 11th, 2016
Yellow: June 18th, 2016
Orange: July 21st, 2016
Light Green: July 27th, 2016
Green: July 31st, 2016
Blue: August 9th, 2016
Purple: August 18th, 2016
Red: August 26th, 2016
Brown: September 3rd, 2016
Black: September 8th, 2016
Silver: September 17th, 2016
Gold: November 7th, 2016
Sky: December 25th, 2016
Blood: February 22nd, 2017
TV Star: October 15th, 2017

Group Game Finals:

[1st/27]: RSF Season 36: Bachelor Pad
[1st/20]: Suitman's Survivor 38: Canary Islands
[1st/13]: NB Reality 17: The Genius
[1st/28]: RSF Season 48: Free Agents 2
[1st/20]: M&N's Survivor: San Marino - BOTB
[1st/24]: TTRS 42: Game Over
[1st/25]: Gaiaphagee's Survivor 45: Game Changers
[1st/15]: TTRS 43: Newbie Stars 2- King of the Nerds
[1st/12]: RYEM's The Amazing Race 4: Come Together
[1st/14]: RYEM's The Amazing Race: Back To Basics
[1st/16]: Suitman's Big Brother 3
[1st/13]: Suitman's Flop Nation: Rivals
[1st/32]: TTRS 47: The Gauntlet 3
[1st/24]: Suitman's Flop Nation: The Crystal Maze
[1st/05]: RSF Season 45: American Grit 2
[1st/20]: ItsOfficial's Survivor Aruba: Fans vs Favorites
[1st/18]: WPF's Survivor 17: Caicos Islands
[1st/11]: The Amazing Race: Mutiny - Season 2
[1st/22]: Cmack's Survivor 46: Fiji
[1st/20]: NJ Reality - Vendettas
[1st/21]: RYEM's Solitary 1.0: Panic & Paranoia
[1st/10]: Tuter32's The Challenge: Battle Lines
[1st/20]: The Power Struggle: Fans vs Favorites vs Friends vs Failures
[1st/16]: Cutthroat Survivor: Lanai
[1st/21]: JGF: The Inferno
[1st/16]: Gaiaphage's Survivor 1: Bouvet Island
[2nd/16]: M&N's Survivor 3: Hong Kong
[2nd/24]: BigBen's Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains
[2nd/24]: Suitman's Flop Nation: Cutthroat
[2nd/18]: Gaiaphagee's Survivor 34: Montenegro
[2nd/16]: Connor_'s Big Brother 2: Evil Brother
[2nd/18]: Matt64's Survivor Madagascar
[2nd/24]: RSF 18: The Mole 3
[2nd/12]: Rawrimadino's The Duel
[3rd/23]: RSF Season 43: The Island
[3rd/20]: TTRSF: Are You The One?
[3rd/14]: TTRS 40: Friends
[3rd/12]: WitZ's Whodunnit?
[3rd/18]: Spinner554's Survivor Vanuatu
[3rd/18]: Zach's Survivor Paraguay

Current Group Games:
[???/12]: JGF S2: Capture

My Games 69 games played

4 Nov, 17
1 Nov, 17
26 Oct, 17
20 Oct, 17
14 Oct, 17
9 Oct, 17
5 Oct, 17

My Blog Check my blog!

  1. screams @ king jamesvote
  2. are there any designersvote
  3. Can you VERUCA SALT mevote
  4. Deuteronomy 20:41st
  5. Job 28:1-42nd
  6. Psalm 30:21st
  7. Matthew 26:281st
  8. Acts 14:191st
  9. Exodus 10:223rd
  10. Ecclesiastes 12:143rd
  11. Leviticus 18:63rd
  12. Colossians 3:41st
  13. Job 9:193rd
  14. Psalm 116:141st
  15. Jeremiah 49:192nd
  16. John 19:23 2nd
  17. Daniel 6:103rd
  18. Daniel 4:332nd
  19. Galatians 6:7-81st
  20. Proverbs 25:272nd

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