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does anybody have any language learning

Feb 21, 2024 by mathboy9
imageapps/methods that work for them. im specifically looking to learn spanish and NOT DUOLINGO cause fuck that bird. i took a year in college and i forget most of what i learned but working customer service i run into tons of people who only speak spanish and i feel so bad each time... likeee i want to be able to help them


I like spanishdict
Sent by Jasmina,Feb 21, 2024
believe it or not when i was learn english to come to the usa i would watch friends tv show in english and then rewatch in spanish to learn what they were saying in english. it helped me a lot
Sent by Euchre,Feb 21, 2024
jasmina ooh thank u will look into it
euchre YES there are shows i've seen so many times so that would totally work
Sent by mathboy9,Feb 21, 2024
how could you insult the duolingo bird like that :(
Sent by giddypetit,Feb 21, 2024
Sent by konohavillage1,Feb 21, 2024
I like duolingo! Been doing Portuguese since July
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Feb 21, 2024

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