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wasn't gonna post about

Nov 22, 2023 by mathboy9
imagemy birthday on here but I'm once again astounded by the love I've received by so many wonderful people I've met on here. most of them won't see this since they don't log on anymore but I joined tengaged as an awkward homeschooled 13 year old with no socialization and am now turning 22 having learnt so many lessons and having so much love and friendship in my life. I have to give thanks to all the people I've met on here who have enriched my life in some way and taught me valuable life lessons such as how to argue with people online


❤️❤️ hope you got all the love you deserve today
Sent by Currents,Nov 22, 2023
Happy birthday mathboy9 <333
Sent by Kindred7,Nov 22, 2023
currents ❤️❤️ and did
kindred7 thank u queen omg I wished you a hbd on another blog talking about you a couple days back but I don't know if you were tagged. either way happy birthday!!!
Sent by mathboy9,Nov 22, 2023
I saw mathboy9!! Sorry i forgot to say thank you - thank you <33 are you celebrating in any way?? / also i realized your bday must fall around Black Friday / thanksgiving every year :o. That’s pretty awesome - i hope you get some cool stuff, but if not, that you have an amazing day + upcoming year nonetheless <33
Sent by Kindred7,Nov 22, 2023
kindred7 not this year - my last two birthdays were pretty extravagant (studying abroad in Korea for my 20th/went to a fancy cocktail bar for my 21st) but this time I was just home in the suburbs with a migraine LOOL but so many people sent nice messages and I got some $$ for a trip I'm planning so I'm happy!! ❤️❤️ I was born on Thanksgiving actually which is really cool! makes it hard to plan a party cause everybody's busy lol but it's good timing for buying stuff with my birthday money
Sent by mathboy9,Nov 22, 2023
Omg i remember when you blogged about going to korea! I was so happy for you and i really want to go someday mathboy9; for now i still just watch kdramas / listen to music. And wow i didnt know about the 21st bday! I hope you’re feeling better from your migraine =/ they suck sooo much, but i’m glad you got money for a trip - where to, if you dont mind sharing (no worries if you’d rather not - or not publicly)?
Oh yeah i totally didnt think of how everyone else is more busy around this time, but no harm in celebrating the following week - i love that you actually do cool things for your bday; i havent in a longggg time, but maybe in the future :)
Sent by Kindred7,Nov 22, 2023
Sent by Absol,Nov 22, 2023
kindred7 ❤️❤️ Thank you I always remembered your nice comments on my blogs about it!! I'm actually thinking of going back to Korea because I have unfinished business there and I feel like I've grown so much as a person because of and since my last trip. also to Japan since I haven't been and one of my best friends from college lives in Tokyo and I can stay with her lool I'm also autisticly obsessed with tons of niche things that Japan specializes in (mostly stuff to do with music like old audio equipment, CDs etc.)!!! It shall be a super fun time but for now I'm working OT at Target to make it work LOOOL and omg thank you I try to keep my birthday interesting but I used to take myself out and go to interesting stores on my birthday when my friends weren't available and it was still special!! I'm sure you'll do something fun for your upcoming birthday but even if plans fall through a solo date is so much fun
Sent by mathboy9,Nov 22, 2023
Omg mathboy9 that’s so awesome - i’m sure it’ll be such a cool experience going back and idk i find the second time i go somewhere i can take in a lot more and notice so many things i didnt the first time. I’m sure it’ll be a great time! And yesss surprisingly a LOT of my friends and coworkers went to Japan this year?? Like it was crazy, every month someone was telling me they were going, and everyone seemed to have a blast, so i’m sure you will too - esp if you know someone there that’s like probably wayyy better! Do you have a time that you are hoping to go (like next fall or something?) Honestly good for you for putting yourself out there, working hard to get what you want and enjoying yourself; it’s so good to see :’)
Sent by Kindred7,Nov 22, 2023
Sent by looana,Nov 23, 2023
looana omg im late but THANK YOUUUUUUUU
Sent by mathboy9,Nov 24, 2023

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