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Dec 29, 2023 by mathboy9
imageof my master plan for my korea/japan trip are falling into place... all the blood sweat tears & overtime... the way i havent booked anything til now but im leaving in 3 weeks. its so real you guys


are u gonna keep me updated w pics like?
Sent by Eilish,Dec 29, 2023
eilish YES GIRL ABSOLUTELY i will also be updating ig fervently but if theres anything u want me to see lmk
Sent by mathboy9,Dec 29, 2023
Omg I鈥檝e been to Japan twice I love it! Where are you going ?
Sent by ilovepuppies135,Dec 29, 2023
ilovepuppies135 YESSS omg i currently have tokyo/osaka+kyoto area/sapporo on the agenda!! im coincidentally going at the same time as the sapporo winter festival and i got a cheap room somehow so yayyyyy. where have you been?? i would love recs
Sent by mathboy9,Dec 29, 2023
My first trip I went to Tokyo and then skied in Niseko for a week!!! At Grand Hirafu. Wasn鈥檛 cheap at all but the snow is AMAZINGGGGGG!!!! So many cool bars around as well!
Second trip I went to Tokyo Kyoto Osaka and did day trips to Nara, Hiroshima and Kobe!!!
I can find my itinerary I made ages ago and send it to you. If you love ramen I recommend Ichiran 馃槀 it鈥檚 a chain ramen place but omg I had it sooooo often it wasn鈥檛 healthy 馃槀馃槀馃槀
Sent by ilovepuppies135,Dec 29, 2023
have fun love keep in touch take pics 馃馃馃
Sent by hausofkimchi,Dec 29, 2023
ilovepuppies135 YESS oh my god i want to go skiing but i havent skiied in a few years so i might have to save that for the next trip!! im going solo so it might be a problem if i fall down the mountain lol but i absolutely LOVE that for you and i might still do it!! id totally appreciate if you are able to dig out the itinerary i loveee reading itineraries it helps me so much.

and yesss im planning on a day trip to nara + hiroshima too!! what did you like most about hiroshima cause thats the one place i havent researched much yet <3 also ichiran is so good they have an outpost in new york but its sooo expensive like that defeats the purpose 馃槶馃槶 delicious tho
hausofkimchi u know i willllllll <3333 we met when i was in south korea the first time omg the memories
Sent by mathboy9,Dec 29, 2023

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