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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

yes my [REDACTED]th game ended yesterday

10thDec 17, 2023 by mathboy9
yes I'm just blogging it about now but I want to say thank you all for joining and participating even when I disappeared and being a great time in general

thank you to my loves:
hausofkimchi for having the messiest arc and being there for me as always
survivorfan37 for claiming and being hilarious
crissy15 for being fabulous and charming as always
minie for always reminding me to spam and keeping the charity in CHECK much love
mmabatlokoamolefe for not launching a Mmaba missile on my charity
electraviv for gracing us with your presence and making me ctfu
brandonator for joining even when this game literally pushed you out of the top 200 I tried to carry you. should've tried harder oops
absol for being a lovely robot presence #diversity
vixens for being a lovely latino presence #diversity
notnicky333 for being my longest tg friend that's crazy
singsongers for joining logging off and getting immediately slain
sam_hamwich for joining for stars support just for me to forget stars was happening... well 馃槶馃槶


Sent by Absol,Dec 17, 2023
always a pleasure <3
Sent by Crissy15,Dec 17, 2023
Sent by Vixens,Dec 17, 2023
Sent by Minie,Dec 17, 2023
Sent by hausofkimchi,Dec 17, 2023
Wow mathboy (if that鈥檚 even your real name), I spend FIFTEEN whole T dollars on you for nothing?
Sent by Sam_Hamwich,Dec 17, 2023
I really enjoyed becoming best friends with hausofkimchi throughout all of this! I love her! So cute and funny
Sent by ElectraViv,Dec 18, 2023
Not a fan of robot diversity.
Sent by SurvivorFan37,Dec 18, 2023
Not a fan of robot diversity.
Sent by SurvivorFan37,Dec 18, 2023
Sent by hausofkimchi,Dec 18, 2023

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