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RARE PYN (shiny/holographic)

1stJun 13, 2018 by BengalBoy
imagei never do this..but I'm feeling really nice rn
PYN for a compliment

Arris - you use Tengaged the way it's meant to be used, for banter and fun blogs. Top respect man
HaliFord - you're the most genuine dude who puts the maximum effort into his friendships not to mention homie can draw smh like damn son lol
mathboy9 - i always thought it was ironic people hurl autism at you as an insult, to me you've always come across as completely socially aware and able whereas those people... don't. you're a smart and friendly dude
bigbrotherlover7 - you're a straight up no nonsense dude who's always up for a bit of banter, nothing bad to say about u brother
maturo - tengaged would be dead if not for your generous financial support, top respect
theeclipse - tagpro aside, you're one of the people on this site who never takes things seriously and can take a joke on the chin. top respect brother
ghrocky100 - you look like the Mad Magazine boy
semajdude - noah fence but ur kind of gay
1001games - you may be a p*do, but no one can deny your dedication to giving away a gift. very generous
Memphis_Grizzlies - you smile at your haters ^__^ i think you'll come into your element as you get older and they'll have nothin left to say
Lazeric - you're good at frookies bro
Geazybeast21 - you listen to some good music and have funny hair
JonMcGillis - Well JonMcGillis you are an odd fellow, but I must say, you steam a good ham
GoodKaren - you're a good karen, that's for sure
jessloveee - a true friend and a sweet girl, appreciate you always 😘
Matthew09 - a latino sensation, i think you're a wise dude and i agree with a lot of your opinionated blogs
Brayden_ - you're a funny lad and you keep the blog page bumping and you give the best pyn opinions init
QuantumLeap - you're a stand up guy who knows a thing or two when it comes to fitting kitchens
Carsonl - a cheeky ch*nese boy who always has something witty to say
paige54 - at a glance, you might sound like part of a textbook like "ok class, turn your books to paige54!" but anyone who's able to look beyond that will see what a nice, entertaining, and genuine girl you are, a real go getter and a trend setter, all around just a good lass who's always finna cheer people up and give'em compliments, top respect
AdamLovesEverything - you've had some real character development, going from a generic troll who makes edgy comments to a lad focused on one thing- his love for Garret. i wish you two all the best
Nightcore - A real nice young lad, always throwing out compliments and keeping the mood up with his cheeky jokes, top respect mate
AshlynArehart - you've always been nothing but a real sweetheart to me 😊 so nice
Fetish - obviously you're sweet and supportive and all but also i appreciate your blogs and your personality- you're a sassy lass who isn't afraid to be straight up with people πŸ‘Š also damn girl u got a PNG collection on ya
koolness234 - you're the kind of lad who gets things done, impressive academic achievements and whether it's pokemon showtunes or stars u come to PLAY. good on ya mate
nikki101 - you got a fine a$$ and you're a good laugh, can only imagine the kinda fun we'd have in London after a few cheeky drinks and a good hard shag. appreciate u babygirl
JasonXtreme - You're FUCKING XTREME DUDE!!!!! 🀘🀘🀘🀘🀘 YEAH! *downs a monster energy drink*
Anas - a good friend, my gay indian little brother and a voice of reason on tg
temponeptune - damn son you've got some stars finals on ya *whistles* hope you win next time
cswaggerr - the girls are lining up cuz they hear you got swagger
Oliviaxoxo - You're alright
Philip13 - You're a good gay with one long ass profile
zachbbs - Always saw you as JustMe's funny mischievous Tengaged son
tofutime - You shop Nordstroms so hard
Amnesia_ - honestly? you're a good kid. enjoyed talking to you before
Darbe - you've showed that being from Sundo doesn't mean you have to take heroin and stab people, you've become a successful young lad and finally lasted more than a month on one TG account
CutieAmy - You are a cutie. Case closed.
blogs - it took me 12,458 refreshes of youtube to find a friend like you :)
JustMe - you're a good girl and a truly loyal friend
Christian_ - we never talked one on one or anythin but i've always thought you're a chill fella and enjoy bantering with you on blogs, top respect lad
jadennator1 - used to think you were an annoying gimp but now i enjoy chatting to you, my fave Croat, my top survivor player, and i'm glad we have so many shared interests
Bearface - you got the sickest beats brother
BambiBoo6 - Who? It's BambiBoo! I really enjoyed castings with you! Nah but for real you may get some flack for your whiny blogs but I think if people look past your venting you're a sweetheart and a positive gal
benp428 - you have a will of steel and a heart of gold
WpwSers196 - a laid back fella who's always down for a duel
moup94 - i loved your buddy cop duo with konohavillage1
ManniBoi - you're a straight talker and you can take a joke just as well as you can take a dick, good on you brother
Kandee_ - you go out of your way to try and make the site better even though most people don't rly give a shit, proud of u buddy
sprtsgy1989 - always enjoyed your unique humour, your raps, and of course your BIG RANT
Sebbers - can't believe we've known each other 9 years now LMFAO you're a super genuine fella and i'm glad we reconnected through the trump tower
PrincessTeePee - you're a quintessential british lass and your body's looking better every day 😏
Ali123Francesca - You have been the firefighter in my life.  You always extinguish the heat surrounding me, and cool me down.
Oliviaxoxo - you're a good girl
Moxanna - LOL is this Max? you've always been a funny fella and a nice dude to me
Sloth_Roman - you seem like the kind of dude who could ride a bicycle without any training wheels, i respect that
paul028 - you smart, you loyal, you a genius, i appreciate you
GrrrImABear - it always makes me chuckle that you used to be SuperPatrick and we faked your death without your knowledge LMAO, you got a good sense of humour and a good head of hair
melindaMrskk - you're really good at the fruit machines
TrollingPenguin - UGHHHHHH my favourite lil man ^______^ *pinches ur cheeks* can't wait for us to play epicmafia games again this summer
_Aria - She said "Hi I'm Aria." I said "No, you an angel, you say hi to Aaliyah" you're a nice young chap with true dedication to the shop game. i'd honestly say that you didn't choose the shop game- the shop game chose you
EliotWhi - a good friend and a good stars ally, cheers mate 🍻
tennisplayer963 - you love your kids
Slice - a top survivor tribemate and a laid back guy
Admir - you're my favourite serbian and digimon trainer
XxLoveWakizaxX - you may be a dude but you're still a prettier girl than a few of the females here
Minniemax - you got the fun loving spirit of a 21 year old
Robbster1313 - my brother from all the way back in 2009, an old school gem
Irelia - God damn, god bless the heavens that sent you
Mickiejames22 - no one shows more love for her men than you
GiGi10 - truly dedicated gamer, congrats on top 50
J2999 - you sound like an old Motorola handset model
BluJay112 - couldn't have asked for a better birthday twin
FireX - you make good waffles
MarieEve - you're a good lil obedient girl
Burgerman2929292 - i love a good burger me and you really know how to promote them
RobbieRIOT - we had a lot of mutual friends back in the day when you were in ETNAL also no homo but u have r8 striking eyes proud of you bro
_Adidas_ - You are Spanish :)
NotNicky333 - you don't let the world hold you back and go out in public with a bowlcut- brave!
Chemicalali - The Turkish Terminator. A nice guy who seems like he'd be fun to play stars with
Rocker917 - straight, gay, or anywhere in between, you've always been a bro to me
Diva1 - best blog commentor and just a genuinely entertaining lass
Pimple - one of my best buds from the early daze
Lemjam6 - Wham bam, thank you Jam. We've always managed to give each other respect from afar even though we never talked one on one, appreciate you buddy
Jasoi - you have a cool name it's like a korean equivalent to Jason
RobertGuajardo - your name makes you sound like a heartthrob from a Mexican telenovela
Funnehliner - always been a funny young finner
joe1110 - water you talking about? i literally always finish my pyns you can go n look if you don't believe me! you're a macedonian stars mastermind and i always appreciate your blog comments mate
iiGalaxyii - a gr8 m8, i really wanted to go further with you in stars, a loyal dude and a smart kid
yoshicoolman - a nice lil lad you're always being positive and having a good time
immaxyman - maxy man, maxy man, does whatever a maxy can! you've got a good head on your shoulders but i'm still waiting for that sign mate
Fritzyyyyy - Where've you been the past few months? I was literally talking a couple blogs ago about how you make the best quality comments LOL. a charismatic character with graphical skills and good UFC picks
NotAfraid - you're a real unique gal who always does her own thang
Minie - skip one person ahead? LMAO relax mihirinie ;) you're my girl and i love playing games with you
koolcoop - you're a real kool dude not even gonna front about it

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omg a shiny pyn..
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shiny and holographic? must be pretty good!
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shiny pyn? sign me up!
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Insult me
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ummmm hi
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lmao hey
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ME please bengal sir
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no thanks im good
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wow it took me 12,458 refreshes of the blog page to load this shiny blog!
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Sent by blogs,Jun 14, 2018
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I should of fucking known you would say that
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sure :D
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BengalBoy Me :D
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wpwsers196 is in a duel with BengalBoy
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try it
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got lazeric so good oop
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Give me a sentence of 7 wordz exactly.
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Also meeee with a gif and not the friggin monkey wombat banana one js :)
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Also do mine with a gif and not the friggin monkey wombat banana one js :)
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ohh me
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Diva1 <β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” keeping my blog comments up there!
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wow I wonder if I made it on time
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this is the 5th time im pyning on your blogs so idk how you never do em
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Gabbie <3
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Skip to Minie bengalboy
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me pls BengalBoy
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Yes please
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Aww! Thanks Dru!
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