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lol what are you viewing all my blogs for?

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[PIC] SAWCHUK55's Laptop May 5, 2021
imageWhen I send another girl workout snaps
Points: 694 18 comments
help me get in shape May 3, 2021
as everyone knows i'm fat as fuck so for every point this blog gets in the next 7 minutes i'll do a pushup, crunch, and bicep curl and snap it to Kindred7 to confirm i'm not bullshitting

EDIT: 100 pushups, crunches, and bicep curls COMPLETED 🤝
Points: 953 28 comments
[PIC] SELFIE Apr 29, 2021
Just oiled up my abs and pecs haha what do you think? :)
Points: 163 17 comments
Tengaged's Newest SUPER GOLD Level! Apr 4, 2021
imageAll that glitters is SUPER GOLD! Pokemon SUPER GOLD! Going for SUPER GOLD! I aint saying she a SUPER GOLD digger!

I'm only flipping SUPER GOLD aren't I!
Points: 962 35 comments
SLAP YA NAME DOWN and I'll give you an opinion and an arbitrary ranking based on how close we are (or how close we could be 😏 hehe) DON'T GET UPSET if you're low we probably just don't talk that much.


#JustMe - Loyal lass for 10 years and counting who woulda thunk it when you pretended you were never gonna talk to me again for a whole 2 minutes 😉😘
skyler1822 - Sexy, sweet, smart, and nothing has changed between us since 2014 when I first got you hot and bothered. Such a good girl 😘
SAWCHUK55 - A complete and utter beeb. From the Monopoly calls to the stretchy yawns you've always been a loyal, gorgeous, and obedient lass to me and you know I'm always here to handle ya needs
#PureEssence - First off, stop being a lil BRAT and wait your turn. Secondly, you're a true PureEssence friend and you know you can always HMU whether you need advice, calming down, or just wanna trade Kawaii emojis and cheeky opinions. Appreciate u babe
Kindred7 - Sick comment! I love it - despite your neuroticism and panic attacks over top blogs I enjoy every single chat with ya and I reckon we should bring back the thicc lengthy mails and calls to make fun of TG cringe vids. A fine feminine lass and a good friend 😉
VansAccountNumber534 - One of the only active straighties I can ALWAYS rely on to have my back and provide pure, unfiltered entertainment. Stop getting yaself banned lad
#Fritzyyyyy - Ever since the Tapology days you're one of those blokes who's always been supportive and had my back even though we barely speak. Issa shame you're not more active on the blogs page cuz TG is missing out on one of the best personalities here 😎
Blahblahblahblah - Whether we're talkin' bout l*fe, music, or just making fun of incels you're one of the lasses I can always have good convos with 😎 promise me you're not talking to BengalBoy.
BlueStar - Y'know what Kez? Even though we've barely talked the past decade I think you deserve top billing considering we've met IRL and killed every game we teamed up in baque in the day 💪 #Gifnor
rowjone - WATCH YA TONE! IT'S BIG ROWJONE! Top lad in the upper echelon of Br*stol Tengagers
CutieAmy - Like a gay lil bro who always has my back against the jealous cuckolds of Tengaged


christossss - AN ABSOLUTE TOSSSSER! Also one of the most genuine blokes here, you and Marwane are one in the same cept you're Gr*ek and a bit more outgoing
#Marwane - A complete and utter ☁️VAPE GOD☁️. Definitely one of the realest fellas here who's chill, well traveled, and undyingly loyal to his mates
EmmaM - A real genuine sweetheart, we've had chats on everything from casual banter to eating [CENSORED] to DEEP life stuff and it's always been a pleasure
paul028 - Hilarious lil Norn Iron fella always enjoy your lighthearted harmless trolling
titoburitto - BIG TITTY 💪 even though SOME PEOPLE are intimidated by your intelligence and your ability to get b*tches you've always been one of the most banterous and self aware people here
#sokerdude7 - One of my top mates from the old school daze I remember when we used to str*tegize the hecc outta survivor
#iiGalaxyii - Keep your name out of your mouth. Smart dude with solid morals, always enjoy playing and bantering with ya
#joey96 - One of my Top 2 members of the MoreBeastThanYou family and a top-notch STARS ally, entertaining bloke too
Insanity - From our random snaps to running laps you've always been a top notch mate I can rely on for a laugh at any given moment, top respect brother
lemonface - While many will disparage you for saying f[CENSORED], playing Disney Toontown, and spilling the Coca Cola, I think you're a real alright lass who shirks the simps, calls out the gimps, and eats Red Lobster breaded shrimps.
#SeaKing - Feel like you're underrated on Tengaged cuz you're a real charismatic fella and you and ya whole family are nice as hecc
hwest14 - Tengaged's Top Gay Magnet, Southern gent, and a loyal friend, nothing but respect for ya
Matte - Super nice and smart dude and great rep for Brazilian Tengagers
pinkiepie512 - A real 💪STRAIGHT WHITE REPUBLICAN MALE💪 who I can always bro down with about workin' out, genuinely nice lass too and we've ALWAYS gotten along well in every chat
#Willie_ - A CHECK CASHING, PUSSY SMASHING MAD MAN 💪 chill as fk and super loyal to ya mates, top respect Willie
#AmandaBynes - BYNESY BOY 👍 it's a real CHORTLE when our British and Australian banter collides
DaveLooney - LET'S GET LOONEY UP IN HERE! Intelligent and perceptive lad with a good sense of humour, always good for a chat
#David2560 - Respeto maximo
temponeptune - One HECC (sorry for swearing) of a chill bloke. A prestigious owner of the coveted Gemma weave t-shirt t-shirt t-shirt t-shirt t-shirt and a future STARS winner
#kimmal8 - 🙀THE KIMMAL8OR🙀 a top old schooler who's always kept things jovial and fun, top respect lad
#lukesurvives - The biggest ladies man on the 'gaged and it's not even close. Every girl from Irelia to Blahblahblahblah is just DYING to be serenaded with a patented lukesurvives poem and it's no surprise that you're absolutely dripping from head to toe in poontang
#cheritaisdelicious - Gotta put you next to lukesurvives where you belong (metaphorically and physically). You're a good lass with good music taste, even though you have a cheeky Frooks breakdown here n there you get over it quickly and always try ya best to make amends with people and use the site for fun, good on ya lass
SurvivorFan37 - Big Willy 🤘 Tengaged's memelord and original content creator, definitely a fella I could see myself being closer m8s with
Answerable - Smart and good humoured bloke full of top Habbo banter, glad you came back and hope to see more of ya mate
#DaddyDev - 😈THE DEVIL HIMSELF😈 Even though you're *OFFICIALLY CANCELED* I've always enjoyed your self aware, brutally honest banter and I reckon some people just take you WaYyY too seriously or get intimidated by the long flowing hair and Frooks record. If you didn't lose you would've won.
#JasonXtreme - A REAL 🤯🤯🤯EXTREME🤯🤯🤯 dude who encompasses the Canadian spirit 💪 by far one of the nicest dudes here even though we haven't talked all that much
#Olympia - Pia :) a sweet, sensitive American fella who's always sharing his interests and pumpin' out original content. Still can't help meself chortling at the turtle man
#Allison - A house selling, storytelling bad man 😎 don't see you around as much but always enjoy our banter
#abrogated - The best Dru on the site. Your blogs are hilarious and you and ya bro are probably the most legendary pair of brothers here
#anthousai - You're packing some CAKE in those pantaloons of yours :o) it's been a minute and a half but we had plenty of good times back in the days when we bantered in our own language and can revive the bantership whenever
koolness234 - JOSH KOOL 😎 between Pokemon showtunes, blog banter and calls it's been nothing but good times with ya
Slice - Old schooler who's always been nothin' but jovial and entertaining
#smuguy2012 - BIG SMU! A fellow who certainly does not live in a shoe. Always have entertaining convos with ya and you're one of the people who always backs up his friends in a split second which i 🤝RESPECT🤝
#Guigi - A top French Canadian who's always up for a cheeky sarcastic back n forth with his m8s, loyal dude too
#andalarew_2231 - A real STARS legend and one of the funnest fellas to banter with on blogs
#jdog - One of the fellas on Tengaged who knows not to take it too seriously and is always up for a good guffaw, top respect lad
#Lachie227 - BUTTERY BISCUIT BASE! Top Aussie Tengager shame we're not in any group chats together anymore
brandonpinzu - Super chill fella who handles all requests promptly and fairly, glad you're a mod 💪
#Chels052_ - A real 🍁CANADIAN SWEETHEART🍁 been friends ever since we bollocksed up that stars together init
#J2999 - A 🤝POLITE🤝 and 🤝RESPECTFUL🤝 Scouser who has a hard time being anything but positive, always liked ya
#Christian_ - A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW who handles everything with grace 💪💪💪
#Gaiaphagee - CHRIS STONER! A top bro who doesn't take himself too seriously, always had good interactions with ya my man
#Kiara_xoxo - Top notch blog comments and a real supportive lass, always enjoy ya presence here
#phonee - BIGBROTHERDONNY 😎 it's been forever since we spoke but we got along like a Mortar & Pestle when we used to banter in group chats, I remember we used to joke about joinin' stars together then you went on a tear and won 4, proud of you lad
#MrBird - What's the word MrBird 🤘 always a good hearted and supportive fella, rooting for ya when you hop into stars
#pvmlucas - A real nice and supportive fella, muito respeito 👍
#3pi14159 - Had to put you next to ya multi obviously. Good kid who does his homework on time and only partakes in harmless good-natured trolling
#Yawnha - A hilarious kid and a good kid, keep doing you and ignore the angry adults who give you sh!t for not taking TG as seriously as them
#semajdude -


NicoleF - Hope you had a good bday big man, underrated and oft-misunderstood guy who's hella nice and supportive to his homies
#KrisStory - It's a KrisStory baby just say yes! From pulling jenzie to getting 2nd in STARS you're always chasing ya goals and you're a champ when it comes to self deprecating humor. Hope you win sometime in 2021
#Chic - My homies are always blasting "Eat My Pubes" on the aux cord
#BlueBarracuda - Big Blue LaQ 😎 it's prolly been about 10 years since you were at the peak of your activity but you haven't skipped a *BEAT* and gone right back to the same ol' trolling and long-winded unique and creative content. Top character who's always good for a back and forth
#EmzThorne - GET IN THE CORN, HERE'S EMZTHORNE! Always been a funny troll
#dorkishbarbi - IS DORKISH A GIRL OR A BOY? One of the seven wonders of Tengaged. You're a hilarious character and it's always good entertainment to see you troll people the same way you did back in '09
mathboy9 - An absolute MATHS WHIZ who's always countin' the numbers in STARS. Even though you've took a lot of SLACC on here you handle yaself well and apologize when things go too far, good on ya lad
#ghrocky100 - Tengaged's Top YouTuber, taking the spot from big sportsgeek 💪
#FireX - 🔥🔥FIREX🔥🔥 super supportive dude who goes out of his way to pay back favors and show appreciation to his m8s
#iSandeh - THE SANDMAN 🤘 a fella with lighthearted blogs who's loyal to his mates, i respect tha
#colehausman271 - Big Cole Hausman 😎 the kinda fella who will take your girl and your Frookies win
#KingB24 - LONG LIVE THE KING 💪 don't think we've had a convo or nothin' but in all our blog interactions you've always been an extremely nice kid, rooting for you to become a stars winner and a top streamer
#Ratchett - The Jake Peralta of Tengaged. Only talked a coupla times but from what I can TELL you're a fella who likes to joke around but always has his mates' backs
#Tommeh208 - A classic BRIT all about smashin' crates and gettin' drunk with his m8s, entertaining dude and good stars player
#Macda27 - Hilarious lil Kiwi bloke, pure entertainment in group chats and full of personality
Singsongers - Absolute pussy destroyer and genuinely funny kid
#Washed_Ravioli - New school legend with one HELL of a username
#Mrkk - Super nice kid with impressive language skills
#lexeyjane - Wasn't rly into all that before (you were a bit too dramatic and petty) BUT since I came back you've been nothin' but good fun on Jackbox calls and blogs, the typa lass I could share a dr*nk and a jo*nt with
#joshgillespie - JOSH GILLESPIE 👍 just a friendly approachable lad in all my interactions with ya
#sosyomomma - Definitely up there in my Top 14 Drews
#Survivor8 - Big Mike 👍 an old school ETNAL staple
#Brandonator - Some people might find you a bit too TUMBLR but personally I reckon it's good to have a fella who stands strong in his beliefs even when it's unpopular and in between that you're a good ol' banteror who sees the light side of things
#ohhayy - MOVE OUT THE WAY, HERE COMES OHHAYY! You've always been hilarious ever since the days MikeRORO would adamantly insist you're a real girl
smi9127 - Goodness me, here comes smi! Haven't seen you this active on TG since the Slut Lake days and, let me tell ya pal- I'm not complaining!
#Flickgamecolin - Good lad, a top gambling bro 💵🤘
#MastaManipulator_11 - Big Mig 👍 what a guy
#Typhlosion37 - A top STARS analyst and all around nice kid
#SmoothStalker12 - Nice sensible lad who loves a good egg hunt, shame we never properly talked till we were tryna collectively clear out P Diddys
#Tyler93 - Chill dude who doesn't mind a smidgen of banter, haven't talked much but I've always gotten along well with the 6ix homies of TG
#doobee - Hilarious lil fella, the people who don't like ya just don't get your unique patented brand of humour and trolling
#JonMcGillis - An absolute McGillis to behold. Always enjoy your lighthearted blogs and comments
#Galaxies - A good lad with great PYNs, glad you've grown up from ya past and learnt to focus on the positive
#Midiaw - Ahmad The Lad 👍 a REAL polite and courteous bloke, don't think I've ever seen you be anything but positive and uplifting
#BBlover96 - The true alpha male of the Hall of Fame and you've always been a nice funny lil fella in my experience


#ilovetosing - All I know is you love to sing and there's nothin' wrong with that!
#bigben1996 - Big Bad Ben! A legend of the group game scene
#quackattack817 - A man with a real superhero origin story behind his name
#Jaxon - Your name's easy to type and I respect that
#ITZ3THAN - Only interacted with ya once or twice but you're a good lad that's for sure
#joey65409 - You seem like a good fella just don't know ya too well
hamburgerbunzz - 🤠HOWDY COWGIRL🤠 you seem like a solid lass we'll hafta get to talking
Tester - BIG TESTER! Nothing against ya lad but I dunno you that well and the IDK/INDIFFERENT category was lookin' kinda empty
#SeongWoo - Who's this fella
#JonoB - Goodness me, it's big JonoB! Not sure we ever interacted but you seem like a well-mannered fella and Tengaged's top South African rep
#benp248 - Goodness me, it's Big Ben P! Don't know a lot about ya lad cept you used my stars sign for 7 years but you seem like a nice chap and we have a few mutual m8s
#harrywasnak - The Big Wasnak! Don't know ya too well but you seem like a good chap
#Cheeseman2468 - The Big Cheese 😎 bit of a simp but always a nice lad in my experience
#manopause - Dunno what your old account was but you seem like a funny lad


#FighterMan - You've got some nerve showing your face around here after not updating your PYN.
#7unarEclipse - Sorry champ I'm gonna have to put you in the bottom category for using a 7 instead of an L. How could you?
#immaxyman - You still owe me a sign
#Zuelke - lol mason you're mad pathetic.  i tried to help you out but you still suck up to the big strong white guys because you're a loner and want their attention.  lemme forget to ever give you any advice from now on because you're too clueless to take it.
#Norris - Your name just reminds me of Norris Cole from Coronation Street and he was a right wally wasn't he
crimsonteer - Claiming I'm not going to update? Absolutely ridonculous.
Points: 866 124 comments
Despite keeping it hush in public, ya boy went through the entire interview process and got rejected smh. While I understand them not wanting a muscular British fella with a big [CENSORED] in the cast, I'm surprised Aquamarine, Kindred7, Sebbers, konohavillage1, lemonface, Vanili and Sparticus142 all got rejected.

WITH THAT SAID I'm excited to see how this cast shakes out. As everyone knows MmabatlokoaMolefe is my biggest homie but we'll see how he handles a massive popularity threat like corey1 or my boy Petro (Nano). Gaiaphagee has also informed me that if he wins he'll be changing his nipple tattoos to 2 STARS 1st place ribbons.

GOOD LUCK LADS AND LASSES BbDamian ZEEnon Phenomanimal dorkishbarbi gagaluv JustMe BB5lover bamold1999 Lemjam6 Chic PureEssence 3pi14159
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