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RARE PYN (shiny/holographic) Jun 13, 2018
imagei never do this..but I'm feeling really nice rn
PYN for a compliment

Arris - you use Tengaged the way it's meant to be used, for banter and fun blogs. Top respect man
HaliFord - you're the most genuine dude who puts the maximum effort into his friendships not to mention homie can draw smh like damn son lol
mathboy9 - i always thought it was ironic people hurl autism at you as an insult, to me you've always come across as completely socially aware and able whereas those people... don't. you're a smart and friendly dude
bigbrotherlover7 - you're a straight up no nonsense dude who's always up for a bit of banter, nothing bad to say about u brother
maturo - tengaged would be dead if not for your generous financial support, top respect
theeclipse - tagpro aside, you're one of the people on this site who never takes things seriously and can take a joke on the chin. top respect brother
ghrocky100 - you look like the Mad Magazine boy
semajdude - noah fence but ur kind of gay
1001games - you may be a p*do, but no one can deny your dedication to giving away a gift. very generous
Memphis_Grizzlies - you smile at your haters ^__^ i think you'll come into your element as you get older and they'll have nothin left to say
Lazeric - you're good at frookies bro
Geazybeast21 - you listen to some good music and have funny hair
JonMcGillis - Well JonMcGillis you are an odd fellow, but I must say, you steam a good ham
GoodKaren - you're a good karen, that's for sure
jessloveee - a true friend and a sweet girl, appreciate you always 😘
Matthew09 - a latino sensation, i think you're a wise dude and i agree with a lot of your opinionated blogs
Brayden_ - you're a funny lad and you keep the blog page bumping and you give the best pyn opinions init
QuantumLeap - you're a stand up guy who knows a thing or two when it comes to fitting kitchens
Carsonl - a cheeky ch*nese boy who always has something witty to say
paige54 - at a glance, you might sound like part of a textbook like "ok class, turn your books to paige54!" but anyone who's able to look beyond that will see what a nice, entertaining, and genuine girl you are, a real go getter and a trend setter, all around just a good lass who's always finna cheer people up and give'em compliments, top respect
AdamLovesEverything - you've had some real character development, going from a generic troll who makes edgy comments to a lad focused on one thing- his love for Garret. i wish you two all the best
Nightcore - A real nice young lad, always throwing out compliments and keeping the mood up with his cheeky jokes, top respect mate
AshlynArehart - you've always been nothing but a real sweetheart to me 😊 so nice
Fetish - obviously you're sweet and supportive and all but also i appreciate your blogs and your personality- you're a sassy lass who isn't afraid to be straight up with people πŸ‘Š also damn girl u got a PNG collection on ya
koolness234 - you're the kind of lad who gets things done, impressive academic achievements and whether it's pokemon showtunes or stars u come to PLAY. good on ya mate
nikki101 - you got a fine a$$ and you're a good laugh, can only imagine the kinda fun we'd have in London after a few cheeky drinks and a good hard shag. appreciate u babygirl
JasonXtreme - You're FUCKING XTREME DUDE!!!!! 🀘🀘🀘🀘🀘 YEAH! *downs a monster energy drink*
Anas - a good friend, my gay indian little brother and a voice of reason on tg
temponeptune - damn son you've got some stars finals on ya *whistles* hope you win next time
cswaggerr - the girls are lining up cuz they hear you got swagger
Oliviaxoxo - You're alright
Philip13 - You're a good gay with one long ass profile
zachbbs - Always saw you as JustMe's funny mischievous Tengaged son
tofutime - You shop Nordstroms so hard
Amnesia_ - honestly? you're a good kid. enjoyed talking to you before
Darbe - you've showed that being from Sundo doesn't mean you have to take heroin and stab people, you've become a successful young lad and finally lasted more than a month on one TG account
CutieAmy - You are a cutie. Case closed.
blogs - it took me 12,458 refreshes of youtube to find a friend like you :)
JustMe - you're a good girl and a truly loyal friend
Christian_ - we never talked one on one or anythin but i've always thought you're a chill fella and enjoy bantering with you on blogs, top respect lad
jadennator1 - used to think you were an annoying gimp but now i enjoy chatting to you, my fave Croat, my top survivor player, and i'm glad we have so many shared interests
Bearface - you got the sickest beats brother
BambiBoo6 - Who? It's BambiBoo! I really enjoyed castings with you! Nah but for real you may get some flack for your whiny blogs but I think if people look past your venting you're a sweetheart and a positive gal
benp428 - you have a will of steel and a heart of gold
WpwSers196 - a laid back fella who's always down for a duel
moup94 - i loved your buddy cop duo with konohavillage1
ManniBoi - you're a straight talker and you can take a joke just as well as you can take a dick, good on you brother
Kandee_ - you go out of your way to try and make the site better even though most people don't rly give a shit, proud of u buddy
sprtsgy1989 - always enjoyed your unique humour, your raps, and of course your BIG RANT
Sebbers - can't believe we've known each other 9 years now LMFAO you're a super genuine fella and i'm glad we reconnected through the trump tower
PrincessTeePee - you're a quintessential british lass and your body's looking better every day 😏
Ali123Francesca - You have been the firefighter in my life.  You always extinguish the heat surrounding me, and cool me down.
Oliviaxoxo - you're a good girl
Moxanna - LOL is this Max? you've always been a funny fella and a nice dude to me
Sloth_Roman - you seem like the kind of dude who could ride a bicycle without any training wheels, i respect that
paul028 - you smart, you loyal, you a genius, i appreciate you
GrrrImABear - it always makes me chuckle that you used to be SuperPatrick and we faked your death without your knowledge LMAO, you got a good sense of humour and a good head of hair
melindaMrskk - you're really good at the fruit machines
TrollingPenguin - UGHHHHHH my favourite lil man ^______^ *pinches ur cheeks* can't wait for us to play epicmafia games again this summer
_Aria - She said "Hi I'm Aria." I said "No, you an angel, you say hi to Aaliyah" you're a nice young chap with true dedication to the shop game. i'd honestly say that you didn't choose the shop game- the shop game chose you
EliotWhi - a good friend and a good stars ally, cheers mate 🍻
tennisplayer963 - you love your kids
Slice - a top survivor tribemate and a laid back guy
Admir - you're my favourite serbian and digimon trainer
XxLoveWakizaxX - you may be a dude but you're still a prettier girl than a few of the females here
Minniemax - you got the fun loving spirit of a 21 year old
Robbster1313 - my brother from all the way back in 2009, an old school gem
Irelia - God damn, god bless the heavens that sent you
Mickiejames22 - no one shows more love for her men than you
GiGi10 - truly dedicated gamer, congrats on top 50
J2999 - you sound like an old Motorola handset model
BluJay112 - couldn't have asked for a better birthday twin
FireX - you make good waffles
MarieEve - you're a good lil obedient girl
Burgerman2929292 - i love a good burger me and you really know how to promote them
RobbieRIOT - we had a lot of mutual friends back in the day when you were in ETNAL also no homo but u have r8 striking eyes proud of you bro
_Adidas_ - You are Spanish :)
NotNicky333 - you don't let the world hold you back and go out in public with a bowlcut- brave!
Chemicalali - The Turkish Terminator. A nice guy who seems like he'd be fun to play stars with
Rocker917 - straight, gay, or anywhere in between, you've always been a bro to me
Diva1 - best blog commentor and just a genuinely entertaining lass
Pimple - one of my best buds from the early daze
Lemjam6 - Wham bam, thank you Jam. We've always managed to give each other respect from afar even though we never talked one on one, appreciate you buddy
Jasoi - you have a cool name it's like a korean equivalent to Jason
RobertGuajardo - your name makes you sound like a heartthrob from a Mexican telenovela
Funnehliner - always been a funny young finner
joe1110 - water you talking about? i literally always finish my pyns you can go n look if you don't believe me! you're a macedonian stars mastermind and i always appreciate your blog comments mate
iiGalaxyii - a gr8 m8, i really wanted to go further with you in stars, a loyal dude and a smart kid
yoshicoolman - a nice lil lad you're always being positive and having a good time
immaxyman - maxy man, maxy man, does whatever a maxy can! you've got a good head on your shoulders but i'm still waiting for that sign mate
Fritzyyyyy - Where've you been the past few months? I was literally talking a couple blogs ago about how you make the best quality comments LOL. a charismatic character with graphical skills and good UFC picks
NotAfraid - you're a real unique gal who always does her own thang
Minie - skip one person ahead? LMAO relax mihirinie ;) you're my girl and i love playing games with you
koolcoop - you're a real kool dude not even gonna front about it
Points: 537 104 comments
Who finna join STARS with me? Jun 9, 2018
- can tell you what to do and call u a good girl/good boy if you're into all that
- i have ways to relieve your stress on call before daychange (guaranteed for girls)
- good track record of getting f3 allies to final day (sometimes unnommed)
- hot voice big penis


[26/10/2017 12:59:51] SUE: Stars with you is exciting
[26/10/2017 13:00:12] SUE: I still can’t believe we haven’t been nommed
[26/10/2017 13:00:12] dru: just wait till you experience sex with me
[26/10/2017 13:00:18] SUE: :$

[30/01/2018 13:14:39] Chloe [ Solinne64]: Are you some kind of Hispanic-British?

[31/01/2018 14:21:35] Luca: you are a smarty boy

[10/24/17, 5:20:12 PM] Bluejay//Wes: Dru u are running the shit out of this game
[10/24/17, 5:20:17 PM] Bluejay//Wes: Props on that
[10/24/17, 5:20:56 PM] #Garret: dru has quite the resume
1) running this game
2) most popular in this cast
3) has the 2nd most popular in this cast as his leading lady

who's in?? any1? marieeve justme minie bambiboo6 ashlynarehart princessteepee minie irelia jenzie babeeeidah eliotwhi blogs chibideidara bridgette77 erikdelko dmpwb45 trollingpenguin
Points: 353 32 comments
Tengaged's Top 10 Blog Commenters πŸ’ͺ🏼 Jun 9, 2018
I've always wondered- who are my biggest blog commenters, and what do they want from me? Thanks to recent statistics from my accountant ak73, I now know who's made the most comments on my blogs in the past 4 years as well as all time.

PAST 120 BLOGS (4 years):
SINCE 2010:

As such, I'd like to give these people a special shoutout

10. Irelia
i don't see you as much as i used to but i will never forget you. you will always be my teammate my partner and most of all my fucking bird good luck in future games and remember god loves you and has a plan 4 u. peace sis

bengalboy you are honestly hilarious babe, I was howling reading this omg. I can't get over 'I first became worried when I Valle him for dinner and he replied with good luck noms'
You're almost as funny as me x
Sent by Ladris,Aug 15, 2013

9. Minie
No matter how much she gets into scuffles with AshlynArehart, KatieBell, Penetration and everyone else on the site, Minie will always be my girl and I'll always have her back. From the first time she spammed me to our last Volrac game, my fave Sri Lankan for now and forever. Thanks for the comments baby.

I was initially looking for my name, and didn't find it, I was upset that you actually made one of these excluding me, and then I saw my name! :')
Sent by Minie,May 14, 2016

8. semajdude
As well as being a top commenter, this dude is always down to talk shop and pick up chicks at the bar with me. Nothing but respect for you my man even when you say g*y stuff and call me a p*ssy I know you're a true bro. No bromo.

7. jenzie
Mercedes Jenz :) Jenzo Gracie :) my girl always be leaving cheeky inside jokes in the comments and stays acting like a fucking SNACK. honestly wanna get married? thats how perf u are. sorry if i am too much rn

6. JamesM
More old school than the Wu Tang Clan. My 6th top commenter in the past 4 years as well as leaving me the occasional comment back in the days where he was a Stooge and I was a Lad- two boys from warring factions who put aside their differences to be friends.

5. owlb0ned
Stays perched high on my list of top commenters despite barely being online this year. A true and intimate friend, one day our paths will cross again and we will raw once more.

yes owl bone me again
Sent by owlb0ned,Feb 17, 2016

4. Oliviaxoxo
While Tengaged is majoratively boys Olivia is the 5th woman to grace this list so far with around 50 sarcastic Welsh comments on my past 120 blogs. Are the demographics skewed or do my blogs just attract the right people?

lol i wanna print off that pie chart and frame it on my wall next to the pic of your avi i have
Sent by Oliviaxoxo,Oct 15, 2016
oliviaxoxo only thing i want against my wall is you ;)
Sent by BengalBoy,Oct 15, 2016

3. blogs
Right up there with the top 2 of all time- he may be absent from my blogs the past 4 years but to be fair he was travelling the world and sending Diva postcards of what to comment. Cheers you big Habbonizer.

2. JustMe
What a shocking surprise! With 120+ comments in my past 120 blogs and hundreds more since 2010, Sue safely takes her spot as my #2 blog commenter. It would probably be more if she didn't used to hate blacks!

bengalboy I'll give you something to milk ;)
Sent by JustMe,Jun 15, 2015

1. Diva1
Aside from myself, Vickie is my highest blog commenter of all time with almost 600 comments in 1000 blogs. And she doesn't just win based on quantity, oh no, she also brings the quality with hilarious and charming comments everytime. Even when she has nothing to add she'll always leave an "Oh shit! That's funny!" or "Oh lordy :O". My best commenter alongside her sidekick Gemini (rest in Z*****per).

I usually scroll down your blogs slowly. They are like unwrapping a surprise gift and wondering what will pop out next.
Sent by Diva1,Jun 24, 2014
Diva1 a bit like undressing me then
Sent by BengalBoy,Jun 25, 2014

7 fine women
2 gays called James
1 ben blogs
and a partridge in a pear tree

konohavillage1 - 5th highest of all time. Not on the recent list but I rember the days he'd comment saying "you don't have to comment all mine @_@" but I'd still go through all 20 of his active Janelle Monae blogs cuz that's what friends do πŸ‘
dav_o_79 - 7th highest of all time and the topic of many of my early blogs, thanks ya big goon
PrincessTeePee - Not on the recent list but a top commenter of all time, appreciate you babe
Etienne - Top respect.
Timster - Used to comment each other's blogs all the time till he got too busy as a Roblox celeb
Fetish - I always feel so special when you comment on my blogs even tho I feel like you’re lowkey making fun of me
Fritzyyyyy - One of my top commenters based on quality. Where's he been the past few months?
Yoshitomi - Dunno how she's not on any of the charts I feel like we're always exchanging comments Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

Thanks for the comments everyone and top respect πŸ™
Points: 424 32 comments
REMINDER Jun 8, 2018
image 1001games no matter how many hate blogs you make, you'll still be a pathetic incel who got exposed for sending his dick to a minor

and don't claim you're getting "bullied" i've seen you attack tarag, saraj10, oliviaxoxo, alanb1 and a whole slew of other people for no reason- you get what you give bitch boy
Points: 932 40 comments
Tengaged's Top 10 Worst Moderators Jun 6, 2018
imageWhile some Tengagers beg for moderators now, they probably don't realise what an embarrassing mess the site was in the past. Rando would constantly appoint new mods, most of which ended up being power hungry, attention seeking hall monitors who couldn't do their job fairly. Here are 10 of the most criticised, hated, and overall worst mods in the game.

10. Nexus
Who even was this dude lmao

"It wasn't me." - NexusCain

9. Ghoul
Sean always seemed pretty level headed and stayed outta drama, but according to his mod partner amartin there was a more sinister side to this ghastly ghoul!

"When the ghosts and Ghouls attack, Scooby eats a Scooby snack!" - scooby0000

8. je7467
Big Je became a mod by the tried and tested method of incessantly licking randomize's ass. Not sure how much he took part in all the bans going on since he mostly just blogged about being a mod for attention, but I have suspicions he was the goof who banned me for a joke about circumcision . He soon left his post to focus on his budget Tengaged rip-off, Scoderk.

"I believe in moderation in all things, including moderation." - DanielKennedy111

7. brandonpinzu and JustMe
This duo gets some props for trying to undo Johneh's damage and eliminate some of the dumb rules towards the end of moderation, but during their reign there were a lot of blatantly biased bans such as instant punishments for anyone who was mean to ShayyBayy or Kentuckyy. Not to mention this inappropriate mail Brandon sent me!

"They're not fit to moderate a game of Scrabble." - Lemjam6

6. NoelSarah and Jubbzy
While these two were in power there were all kinds of dumb harassment bans, bans for putting rap songs on your profile, bans for saying " slice" (seriously), people banned for cheating on Noel's OT without proof, and a few stupid and inexplicable perm bans. Noel also managed to get the entire moderation panel hacked by falling for a phishing link. As nice as they were, it wasn't exactly a shining example of moderation.

"I had to be Athena for 3 years and ask a hacker to get my account back. Thanks Noel!" - Patrick319

5. DiNoM
This fella drummed up a lot of hate in his tenure as an anonymous moderator, culminating in Aquamarine furiously trying to track him down via his IP address. Personally I didn't see him do too much except using the Tengaged_Moderation account to flirt with Mikey_Elite and argue with Tengagers, but I was also pretty inactive at the time.

"His outstretched anus will remain etched in my memory forever." - blogs

4. amartin
People always insist that "nice" users like Yoshitomi should be mods, but amartin proved otherwise. Every week without fail she'd make a breakdown blog lashing out at the entire Tengaged public calling them ungrateful shits for not blindly agreeing with the abundance of stupid and unfair bans. To be fair she was being e-stalked by angry Tengagers, but it seems she enjoyed the attention just a little too much to step down sooner. Super nice girl, dogshit moderator.

"amartin? We'd be better off with Steve Martin!" - WpwSers196

3. Johneh
Despite claiming to have no powers, this cheeky lil fella would constantly be hopping on to the mod panel to get revenge on anyone he didn't like then letting Sue and Pinzu take the blame. After getting the entire mod team demoted, Johneh retired to pursue his career as a drag queen, but you'll still see him pop in once every few months to make a blog saying "remember when people thought I was a mod ;p haha".

"A jumped up pantry boy who never knew his place." - koolness234

2. @BioDork
One of the top mods in the era of dumb bans. Eric really earned his spot by having a meltdown one day and banning the entire site as some kind of wacky protest against himself. A few hours later, randomize unbanned everyone and Big Bad Bio retired to ORG games.

"I can still hear the screams of those banned accounts to this very day. Never forget." - MikeRORO

1. Genevere
When she wasn't sexting with multiple underage boys or whipping her tits out to The Lads, you'd usually find Ginny arguing with people like Sebbers or perm banning people for no reason purely out of pettiness (rip #surstromming). These blog comments do a pretty good job of explaining what a mess moderation was back then . Well deserving of the title Worst Mod of All Time, proud of you Ginny.

"She touched my avatar inappropriately." - JamesM

So before you go making petitions asking for 10 new mods, just think of the times we couldn't go a day without someone being banned for something they blogged 2 years earlier and we had snitches like this running around . I'd rather just have randomize perm the multi users and call it a day.
Points: 824 44 comments
Omg May 27, 2018
EDIT: Sorry for confusion guys, 1001games had a breakdown cuz I acknowledged his status as a known virgin p***do
It’s πŸ‘πŸ» a πŸ‘πŸ» fucking πŸ‘πŸ» joke πŸ‘πŸ» about πŸ‘πŸ» a πŸ‘πŸ» 21 πŸ‘πŸ» year πŸ‘πŸ» old πŸ‘πŸ» virgin πŸ‘πŸ» (much rarer than a caterpillar)

No need to overreact!
Points: 288 20 comments