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Racism on Tengaged

1stJun 2, 2020 by BengalBoy
Just gonna say quickly I think it's great that so many people on Tengaged have owned their past actions, apologized, and learned from them. With that said there's still people on this site posting racist shit even today and they need a reality check.

Case in point: maturo, you're constantly crying about people "judging you for your past" but you've made racist posts today, multiple times in 2020 and countless times before that.
- Calling Lifeiscool a "cotton picker" over a Frooks is racist ( )
- Calling Birks4444 a terrorist and "little Osama" because he's Asian is racist ( )
- Posting swastikas is racist
- Making jokes about dav_o_79 being shot by the police is racist
- Calling skyler1822 the n-word is racist
- Repeatedly telling Birew34 "back of the bus n****r" is racist

Plus various other incidents, not to mention the racist multis that just coincidentally log on to blog the same insults to your enemies as soon as you log off (e.g. )

This isn't trolling lil fella, this is a whole half-decade history of you being racist, denying it, trying to make YOURSELF the victim cuz "people judge you", arguing and trying to justify it, then doing it again.

Multiple people have called you out on this including Danger, Funnehliner, koolness234, Thirteen, holllyy1230, RaverKid and various others so there's 0 excuse.

If you want attention so bad, then try growing from your past, learning, sincerely apologizing to the people you were racist to and *not doing it again* instead of posting swastikas on the blogs page and arguing with people about it like you did today. Same goes for any of you other racist nerds on TG.


++ king
Sent by fabianoo,Jun 2, 2020
Sent by peterya,Jun 2, 2020
Sent by Funnehliner,Jun 2, 2020
its so good that you of all people are calling me out
Sent by maturo,Jun 2, 2020
Sent by JamesM,Jun 2, 2020
inb4 top blog
Sent by brookie_cookie,Jun 2, 2020
Sent by Dash,Jun 2, 2020
Every month he says “Don’t judge me on my past, but on my future” then goes on to post a swastika next month.
Sent by Danger,Jun 2, 2020
Here for this
Sent by crimsonteer,Jun 2, 2020
I will never approve racism
we are all humans
Sent by MarieEve,Jun 2, 2020
Tsk tsk tsk
Sent by 3pi14159,Jun 2, 2020
Sent by KingB24,Jun 2, 2020
Sent by purplebb4,Jun 2, 2020
Sent by sandym89,Jun 2, 2020
dru calling out racism is something we can all stan.
Sent by HeavyRain,Jun 2, 2020
LMAO wow if he was a female you wouldn't have made this blog.
Sent by lemonface,Jun 2, 2020
LMAO wow if he was a female you wouldn't have made this blog.
Sent by brookie_cookie,Jun 2, 2020

such a shame it took someone with more notoriety than I to get people to pay attention, but I’m so thankful to you Dru
Sent by RaverKid,Jun 2, 2020
lemonface brookie_cookie LMAO if you girls were ever to sink this low you'd get the same treatment!
Sent by BengalBoy,Jun 2, 2020
Sent by jmain14,Jun 2, 2020
Sent by ponga,Jun 2, 2020
when bengalboy snaps you know it's serious
Sent by CocoaBean,Jun 2, 2020

You can't grow from your past if you don't learn from your mistakes and CHANGE them maturo. I would think someone that has faced many challenges in life would be a little more compassionate and caring for others, but apparently the hatred in your heart has grown more and more as time passes. I think it's time for you to seek some serious help, I'm not trying to be funny you need counseling. Whether this is how you really feel, or if you do it for attention, you need professional help.
Sent by JustMe,Jun 2, 2020
Maturo is complete gutter trash, what else is new
Sent by Birew34,Jun 2, 2020
Glad you posted this. Sick and tired of white people using their mental health to justify their racism. If you hate yourself so much, go hurt yourself and spare others of your bullshit.

Minorities aren’t responsible for you failing at life.
Sent by Anas,Jun 2, 2020
why are the ugly fat ones always the most racist ones i-
Sent by AkeriaChanel,Jun 2, 2020
Sent by KevsssInDaHouse,Jun 2, 2020
Sent by top20fan33,Jun 2, 2020
Well said, there is just no excuse for any of it! ❤️
Sent by Becksta20,Jun 2, 2020
man thats messed up
Sent by Ihearyourhot,Jun 2, 2020
Damn man. I defended him for years smh
Sent by astone929,Jun 2, 2020
maturo we are friends and always will be but come on what you said to birks whos a good friend and others is so wrong bro :(
Sent by The_Kid,Jun 2, 2020
I wasn't aware of almost any of these things. This blog made me extremely uncomfortable. These are extremely disgusting things to say to anyone, and it's all recent :/ Joe, I'm not sure what is going on that makes you feel like it's acceptable to say and do these kinds of things, but I am so beyond privileged white kids thinking they are cool and edgy for endorsing this type of behavior.
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Jun 2, 2020
So thankful for this.
Sent by Birks4444,Jun 2, 2020
this blog is everything tg has needed
Sent by holllyy1230,Jun 2, 2020
Sent by koolness234,Jun 2, 2020
I literally want u inside of me sooooo bad
Sent by Bridgette77,Jun 2, 2020
dru calling out racism is something we can all stan.
Sent by HeavyRain,Jun 2, 2020
Sent by turkeylover,Jun 2, 2020
Cancel Culture
Sent by Crayadian,Jun 2, 2020
lemonface snapped
Sent by Minie,Jun 2, 2020
Sent by Macda27,Jun 2, 2020
yes ! and he told me he changed from his past smh
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,Jun 2, 2020
Sent by FromMeToYou,Jun 2, 2020
I think in general being wh*te is racist
Sent by _Adidas_,Jun 2, 2020
omg yikes i didn't know most of this
Sent by brightongal,Jun 2, 2020
Sent by gagaluv,Jun 2, 2020
AND DONT FORGET AustinRules6969 add him to that list, he called me a “cracker”.
Sent by Matthew09,Jun 2, 2020
Sent by 3pi14159,Jun 2, 2020
Sent by SharonMaItems,Jun 2, 2020
Sent by Moonfelar,Jun 2, 2020
Sent by alexclow345,Jun 2, 2020
y i k e s
Sent by Fritzyyyyy,Jun 3, 2020
Sent by NotNicky333,Jun 3, 2020
everytime i read this i get kinda... ya know
Sent by brightongal,Jun 3, 2020
justme I feel like bengalboy's blog was the receipts and now its a deep psychological issue. But you seem to know him personally and I don't so what do I know? :P

If he was attempting to be edgy to troll, thats just embarassing on his part lol. Picked the worst time to be a racist troll online lol..    and anyway these are said like its no big deal and I cannot fathom WHY someone would/could say this to people with whats happening!!

My theory is he's never had the attention he wants so badly, so he comes here cause even negative attention is a thrill for these people.
Sent by ShayyBayy,Jun 3, 2020
Sent by dbescot,Jun 3, 2020
Sent by ashszoke,Jun 3, 2020
racism on tengaged; there isn’t a dark mode yet so this bright ass white screen is blasting out at 4 am
Sent by PrinceVans,Jun 3, 2020
IDK I don't really think theres any excuse with the current world climate and information we have access to, alot of us were shitty as kids but as adults theres no room for "hateful trolling" imo
Sent by PaddyScrilla,Jun 3, 2020
This is really sad.
Sent by immaxyman,Jun 3, 2020
'trying to make YOURSELF the victim cuz "people judge you"'

oh how you captured his whole essence
Sent by joe1110,Jun 3, 2020
How sad
Sent by yoboyy_luke,Jun 3, 2020
I love u for that. Maturo is a guy who doesnt like me for being a brazilian
Sent by Chandelier,Jun 3, 2020
exposed tengaged edition
Sent by WorkBitch,Jun 3, 2020

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