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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is The Petty Queen Mother


I belong to JamesM <333

[22:20:03] JamesM :*: You're without a doubt the most fabulous man I have ever met Dav @_@.

[22:46:22] PicnicBunnyBitch: lose weight? bitch please. i'll make you gain a couple pounds when i stick my high heel up your ass.

Dirty David is an evil man.
Sent by MakeThemDieSlowly,Jul 29, 2012

[00:34:49] Shay.: dave you're an entitled piece of shit who thinks whites owe you something and its really fucking obnoxious

Hey there, sweeties! My name is David, I'm 27 and I am super cute.

1. Victims.
2. Fat people who think they're the shit when they are not.
3. People who blog about wanting to commit suicide so they can get attention.
4. People who like to say that being gay is the same thing as being black.

There are more, but if I see that you fall under one of these categories, I will rip you to shreds.

Baby, we're ALL OR NOTHINNNNN cuz I'm caught in betweenin with you ^_^

I'd walk through fire for you! Just let me adore its the only thing I'll ever do :(

I did it again, I did it control over my emotions, one year older, I still can't focus

\¸ Derby
/ \ -Ian #RackCity -Big Ang blank stare -BIg Ang Love IT -Teresa You Don't Know -Danielle Bye -Renee Farewell -Deena -New York -Doutzen blowing a kiss :* -texting the bae ^_^ -Vicki - SmackDown! - Spanish bitch shakin dat azz

--Favorite Blogs--

The List that Everyone Aspires to Be On ^_^

Mack3199 is my best friend and I'll love him until the end of time <3333333333333333333333
TolisKalkas is my bottom bitch <3333333
Mikedistanz is my hero <333333333333
Shawnpat7 is the asshole I kick it with <333333333
Ianfitz0012 is my Afternoon Delight <333333333
Danger is the child I never want to have <33333333
Aquamarine, BbDamian and ShayyBayy are my bratty children <333333333
FrOntIeRpSyChIaTrIsT is my better half <3333333333333
Samhuss is my heart <333333333
Bonkers is my little Mexican Dream <333333333
Holiday is my partner in crime <3333333333
Lemonface is my favorite little white bitch <3333
JordanLloydFan is my inspiration to stay on Tengaged <3333333333333333
Dorkishbarbi is the cabbage to my muff <333333333
Etienne is my French Canadian Idiot <333333
JustMe is my Kaba Mama <3333333333333
Sjsoccer88 is my cute, Alambama Bitch <333333333

I am the first person to ever be called into The Duel, wonderful. (Made possible by mario101 <3)

Stars 62 - 3rd place
Stars 69 - 14th place
Stars 76 - 15th place
Stars 81- 8th place
Stars 85 - 16th place :)))
Stars 93 - 4th place
Stars 106 - 5th place
Stars 112 - 10th place
Stars 186 - 9th place, and the best fucking game I've ever played. Damn proud of that ninth.

Skype: davidphillips19


Biggest Cam Whore
Best Blog Whore
Best African American
Biggest Skype Game Quitter

Inaugural Member of Kaba Hills

Strawburry Tuhtle <3

The Best OC/Lair Member <333

Official Night Crew Friend

Noob Alliance Prime Minister

Founder of The Motherfucking Shitbags (defunct)

Founder of #RackCity (REINSTATED)


☆★☆ ℳiℓℓionɑiᴙɛs ☆★☆

Bad Boys Club ^_^

Highest Rank: 15th
Dat Brotha Turned Black on February 11, 2010
Dat Brotha Turned Silver on May 30, 2010
Broke 1000 Karma on July 31, 2010
Dat Brotha Turned Gold on August 7, 2010
Dat Brotha Turned Sky on October 5, 2010
Dat Brotha Entered the HOF on October 7, 2010
Dat Brotha Turned Blood on October 31, 2010
Dat Brotha Turned TV Star on January 14, 2011 (15th to do so)
My start date is August 14, 2009.

~Love List~

retsdir ^_^

Shit List:

If you aren't added, that doesn't mean I don't like you...I just forgot to add you :D

Things said about me over the months:

Dav_o_79-(written from my iPod so prolly has a shit ton of mistakes xD) I finally decided to write this, after being asked several fucking times to do so. You are like my a brother to me... except blacker and gayer :P. I woulda never thought after that 1st survivor that we ended up in that we would end up being best friends, but I'm glad that we did =). love ya! <3
-Mack3199 <333

dav_o_79 AHHHHHHHHHHHH ilyilyiyliyliylyily. Sorry I take so long to respond to your texts, I swear its not on purpose lol. You've definitely grown on first I remember hating you from skype games. Everyone loved you and you always made finals and I was jealous so made hate blogs about you lol. But I always had respect for you, you were so good at old rookies and games in general and were/are really well liked.I feel so bad for taking you out of the HoF :(. Hope we can meet irl sometime, you live pretty close by...I'm pretty awkward and boring at first though so idk if you'd want to lol. :)
-The Amazing MattyBB9 <3333

dav_o_79 - Dav! Where do I begin. You basically helped me find my footing on where I stand on tengaged. You have helped me so much, even from the beginning. I cannot thank you enough for being such an amazing role model, and I will always be in debt for that. You are so sweet, and I value our friendship more than most. =]
-DanielKennedy111 are one of the sweetest kindest most caring people on warmed up to me immediately even though i was a noob and welcomed me into the tengaged'll always be on my favs list and hopefully i can make as good a name for myself as you did...i idolize you :)

#dav_o_79 - The only person who likes to be bitchy/laugh at people more than I do < 3 we both take pleasure in other people's stupidity and misery so I'm glad I have somebody just as evil as I am to laugh at others with LOL. I've known you for a long time now and every day I regret it more and more, jkjk Princess Kaba will always live on in my heart because you're too funny and we have too many jokes to forget :)

Dav-You feel like an older brother for some reason :D. You randomly check up on me and talk on skype and it cheers me up. you've always been so friendly to me and I think I've supported you in most of your Stars cause you really deserve good placings :D. And I admire you cause you're in the army, and I can imagine how hard you work and you deserve a lot of credit for it. Part of the reason why I joined that rookies is cause I've been meaning to get to know you better for a while now!

dav_o_79 -Highly inappropriate, rude, obnoxious, and a diva are all ways to describe you. However, all those things work for you and somehow make me like your personality. I do, however, find that I have to walk on eggshells around you or else you'll just go off on me for no reason. It's hard to distinguish when you are joking and when you are being serious. But you are one of the VERY few people that I've added on Tengaged, so that really says something about how I feel about you.

"just a southern belle soldier who luvs pokemon and black rights!!"

"your a fucking jerk and annoying and STOP posting my pics in games. :@"

"Your a real jerk. Get a personality check assfuck!"

"dude, you're REALLLLLY FUCKING HOT ;)"

dav_o_79 is the Epitome of garbage
Sent by STOKES2009,Apr 11, 2012

"dav_o_79 - Dav doesn't take no shit. You piss him off, your face will pay xD"
-The Original RiDsTeR

"You're a nice guy and I'm glad we've gotten closer lately :) You're a sweetheart."

"you're a doll :) i love everything about u <3"

"Each time I see your name on the blogs page I die a little bit inside."

"I Think black male are sexy , you are black, so you are sexy !"

"you are the gayest, non-gay/half-gay guy i have met. ur love of degrassi and tha real housewives makes me love you like i would a fully gay guy. so over all. i think ur gay. =]"

"Dav_o is like creamed corn, disgusting to look at, but tastes so so good."

"your my only black friend on the internet. LOL <3"

"You're a Legend in its own right, I mean how many people get to meet Ronald Mcdonald ?! Amazing.."

"Your really fun person to be around and your really feisty too(in a good way)teehee.i love how you dont give a crap about what eric(fuckface)has to say and thats what i love about you.<33"

"You've always been a r8 cool, laid back bloke. Always making random conversation and showing your love for British people.
Top respect dav_o"

"Dav is the only man I know who can fit into a size small at Hollister."

"Well to be honest I really don't want your fucking fake ass apology and I don't want your guilt trips anymore. I'm fucking done. So I hope when Rhino does win, because of his popularity, you queef your little ass off and you two can run off into fucking fairy ****** land together and make little babies. Cause I mean in the end, it's what you want. Enjoy it."

Dav. What is there to say about you? You are hands down the person that has introduced me to the most people on Tengaged… you’re probably the person I’ve played the most games with (and lost the most to) and you’re definitely the person who reached out to me and showed me what Tengaged was ALL about (you know, the gossiping, the rumors, the t-mances… ugh, luvsdrama.) You are an amazing guy with a mediocre smile (giggles) and you truly, truly deserve the best in life. I know that you’re going to be successful at whatever you do because you’re a god damn determined individual who knows what he wants and most of the time gets it. I admire you a lot for everything you’ve been through in life, the way you live and the way you assert your opinion when you feel it’s necessary to do so. You’re kind hearted and you hold a lot of people close to your heart, and I wanted to make sure that you knew in this blog that you really are one of my best friends on here. I’ll take your drama and your racist bullshit any day just to still be friends with you, buddy J don’t leave tengaged. Here’s to many more 2nd places for me against you in the future J

#Dav_o_79 - David!!! You truly don't know or fathom how much I appreciate you on here. On the exterior, we see someone with a rough aura to them. One who won't take crap from anyone and everyone and will let their presence or thoughts be known to whomever steps foot in front of them whether it be through their fuh-mazing rage hate rant blogs or public service announcement blogs. On the interior, however, I see someone who is kind, loving, hilarious, bubbly, and just downright awesome. David, even though some people here may be quick to judge you - just know that you truly are an amazing person. You've been like a Tengaged father figure to me, I always used to laugh and/or smile at all of those old Skype messaging conversations we had in which you would act as like a weirdo luring me with candy and always calling me a cutie... I miss those days, they were so cute!!! One thing I remember of you too is your days in Kaba Hills, and the rise of the word "posh" on Tengaged. Even though we don't talk much, just know that I will always love and appreciate you!!! In turn, thank you for being that base of support of quirkiness, comedic relief, and fun, thank you for the drama that you lovingly provide, and thank you just for being yourself and being so great to me. When everyone seemed to write me off and dislike me immediately, you still stood by my side and gave me a chance - and I thank you for that. Thank you for everything, David. I hope all is well with you and your family, and may god bless ya. I still love you, know that and never forget it. < 3

dav_o_79: I like that you are one of the realest and truest people on here who is not afraid to say what they are thinking. One of the reasons that I don't give a shit when I say stuff. It all comes out eventually and they might as well hear it from you.
I dislike that you always kid with a majority of your friends and I don't think I could have a serious conversation with you without saying "baby" in it hahaha.

I went from hating you for that rookies and wanting to kill you, to then voice chatting with you at 8am in the morning all for my accent :P

Dav: Hehe you called me sweetie (blush). Dav you are the biggest HBIC diva on tengaged. You can be such a bitch calling people gerbil lookin bitches and what not but I will always love my Dav_o. Remember when I asked you to veto me instead of yourself? xD I love you so much and consider you a really good friend of mine. Even when you forced me to watch Fashion Show videos on Youtube with you and Willis. I trust you 100% and know you have my back as I have yours. Continue being you *salutes*

i dont know woo the hell u are show sum respect god i just wanted to join a survivor u need sum jesusssssssssss
Sent by adam12,Jul 26, 2010

shut the fuck up dav_o_79 you are a weak bitch i have no time to argue with a pitiful bitch over the internet. if you have problem come see me in new york and we can handle our problems there. POINT BLANK and in that order
Sent by wavykidq,Aug 30, 2012

You're seriously pathetic. I'm not even reading the comments on this blog because i couldn't care less but you are a lame excuse for a grown man. You need to start acting your age. You want respect? Then you need to start respecting others. You have no right to be calling anyone a retard, especially not sprtsgy1989, if you actually got to know him, you'd understand he's a great guy. I just don't understand how someone your age is such as nasty piece of work ...
Sent by Kellyt210,Sep 29, 2012

At the end of the day, i'm not the immature 22-24 year old that sits on their computer and talks shit about people, to make them feel bad. I'm the better person :*

Because you need to realize, you can't act like a fucking immature piece of shit your whole life

Davos stop fucking kick me you ugly cunt. We all know you’re jealous of me and its ok. The bottom line is, I was born with good genes and your mother and father (that you never knew) are ugly as fuck, and produced an ugly disgusting embryo like yourself. You’re fucking disgusting and vile. You attack people for no fucking reason and you have no morals. You think you’re a hot shot or some big bad wolf because all the people you attack let you attack them, and roll over and lick you’re fucking ass every time you fucking speak. Well, I am going to stick up for myself, so you’re not gonna sit and attack me at your convenience. You think you’re the shit when you’re literally nothing. You’re an racist, ignorant,un-educated, in denial,self-centered, cold hearted, inconsiderate BITCH. You’re nothing and you will never be nothing. You’re a 30 year old man living with you’re fucking sister. You’re homeless and your sad. You never had a proper life and you never had love in your heart, so you attack people and make fun of people to hide your insecurities. Well, its not my fault you had a hard life and was treated like shit, so don’t take out your anger on me, because I am done taking your shit. Stop fucking addressing me, stop attacking me, stop insulting, and last of all stop mentioning my fucking life. Cause, at the end of day, I will be 100x greater than you’ll ever be. Jealousy is a disease, you rat face bitch.

[20:34:06] lind: Dav I hope you get ran over
[20:34:27] lind: I hope u get striked by a lightening

[11:57:44 AM] Mikeeeee: stfu dave, you arent my real friend and you have never been, you dont know whats going on in stars, you arent in the game, you have no room to talk right now

By the way
15thDec 3, 2012 by Milkisgood
Amartin was the best mod ever, if you didnt see that you are as brain dead as dav_o_79

To be real
Mar 28, 2014 by Funnehliner

Youre what... 23 years old? And go to army? yet youre such an immature little prick lmfao, jesus

He's scum, I wouldn't even acknowledge his existence if I were you, basically what everyone else does.
Sent by RasCity,May 18, 2015

Jun 21, 2014 by hobnobgpro
does dav_o_79 comment on every fucking blog like he owns this place?

go clean some floors for the army and get the fuck off this website

by kaylee17 2 min ago
i think im lactose and tolerant

From sharkskin bought in shop Sex in the City
You have followed all of da instructions I have eva given you and fo dat I give you dis reward. You know you ma n**** boo boo. If I die on da operating table tamorrow den dis will be ma last gift. Yo teeth are da light dat shines in da dawkness of ma clit.

[10:09:07 PM] #Montana: Id hit a pregnant bitch tbh
[10:09:10 PM] #Montana: Its just hitting two in one
[10:09:15 PM] #Montana: Like, salee [:
[10:09:18 PM] *** ♥ardnaxelA# removed #Montana from this conversation. ***

by RoboZoe 1 hour 21 min ago
whats endurance
+0 pointsby dav_o_79 1 hour 21 min ago
RoboZoe, what did you get in Endurance?

[4:10:26 PM] Rjjjjj: OMG, Its fizzerays fault!
[4:10:39 PM] Rjjjjj: He told me I can make multies, as long as I don't get join games with them!

[1/7/2014 23:13:37] Kev, Drake <3, Volcom!: because you look like shit.

"The Davil beams a big beaming grin,
The sort which leads you up the streets of sin."

Infamouskydd was here.
7/8/2010 at 1:43 AM

Are you talking about Tengaged? Because being unpopular on Tengaged is basically a free pass to a social life.
Sent by SusanBAnthony,Oct 20, 2011

From Tengaged_Moderation
No title
Sep 21, 2014 21:11:31
to dav_o_79
Dude lay off the harassment of other users and the creation of constant drama or you will have an extended blacklist. I have very little patience for that.

--Wall of Etienne Shame--

mikec51 Clone who the fuck is rosa sparks..
Sent by Etienne,Jun 10, 2012

Lol what's a fire hydrant tharealmike :S
Sent by Etienne,Sep 3, 2012

uve been aborted? :O
Sent by Etienne,Sep 6, 2012
yeah etienne...
Sent by Blitszims,Sep 6, 2012

wait who is gabby douglas? :
Sent by Etienne,Sep 6, 2012

so i ordered a fitness product online
Sep 18, 2012 by Etienne
and they delivered it today. on the bottle it says:

should i be worried lol...

No, just don't try and fucking eat it.
Sent by dav_o_79,Sep 18, 2012
The point of buying this product was to fucking consume it dav_o_79. It cost like 80$ so fuck it I'm taking it.
Sent by Etienne,Sep 18, 2012

Is Jamaica a part of the United States?
Oct 26, 2012 by Etienne
Like Hawaii?

I just learned Delaware
Feb 16, 2013 by Etienne
is the name of a state?

It sounds more like the name of a brand of home products like Tupperware or w.e

Did you know
Mar 4, 2013 by Utsumi
etienne volunteers at the local animal shelter on the weekends?
He's such a good person!!

Wait what is that?
Sent by Etienne,Mar 4, 2013

what is the room called
Mar 16, 2013 by Etienne
in a house where you eat? like not the kitchen, but the room beside it where there's a table with chairs and you sit and eat.. like not the living room, but the other thing.. what is it?

Everyone has always known you're Nick though? Haven't you been out as a guy for like, years? You've posted plenty of pics of yourself and made signs to people........................
Or is this blog a joke? lol I'm confused
Sent by Etienne,Apr 11, 2013

Markb101 Hunny of course I did that lol not only I covered myself in deodorant but I also covered myself in Playboy perfume, but I still smell like shit especially my genitals and my ass I can tell..
Sent by Etienne,May 17, 2013

I don't wanna sound ignorant at all
Sep 16, 2013 by Etienne
But how does Britney's baby have cancer? But not Britney herself?? How can she not be affected by it if it's in her..

And can it be treated?
From Etienne
i don't get your blog?
Sep 27, 2013 02:04:05
to BbDamian
why did you add Rs in front of your words?

how do you say this?
Oct 5, 2013 by Etienne
when you rub an animal with your hand, like a cat or a dog
what is the word for it?

Nov 6, 2013 by BbDamian
[8:50:28 PM] Etienne/Steven: america is next to canada
[8:50:42 PM] Jon | BbDamian: and mexico as well
[8:50:48 PM] Etienne/Steven: no its not

LMAO my blog was a joke so stfu
and i do know english
and i play dumb a lot on here so grats on not catching up on it
Sent by Etienne,Feb 27, 2014

god i can be so ditsy
Mar 9, 2014 by Etienne
i had no idea plastic melted once you put it in the oven? cuz i just put a plastic plate with food in it in the oven and it all melted and now my food is ruined lol.

when you delete text messages
Apr 13, 2014 by Etienne
on iPhone in iMessages, does it delete only for you? or for the other person too?

when you go to church
Jun 9, 2014 by Etienne
that sounds so fucking ugly i'm sorry
whoever came up with that should be in jail
i thought it was just called the service

ik this is random but i was reading through coreyants' older blogs and saw him talking about going to mass and i was like wtf is that

r white people gonna become slaves
Jun 23, 2014 by Etienne
once they r a minority in america in a few decades

On a scale of 1 to 10,
Mar 10, 2016 by Etienne
how trashy would it be for me to piss in a cup in my car on the side of the street?

I literally can't move my legs cuz I have to pee so fucking badly since I drank an iced cappuccino while driving. There's people walking on the sidewalk who might see me but I almost don't care at this point...

Going to dinner with my daddy
Apr 17, 2016 by Etienne
and he texted me "My treat."

What does that mean?



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