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Han Jin: My New BFF ^.^

***** CHALLENGE #2 RESULT *****

Are you loser?  Do you feeling like no one listening to you? Do you think Cat no being cute? Then this group no for you... Please be leaving.

From creator of Han's Law of Stars, come Han Jin: My New BFF ^.^!

My name being Han Jin! ^-^ and I having very few friend on Tengaged!  Many people coming to me and they saying "Han Jin!! Add me as friend!!" and I going "I can't be adding you?? It look like animal dying on your head, and you smelling like french fries..?"  That being disgusting, and not right to being my friend. 

So I thinking, I say to self, Han Jin... how can I be finding right friend?  Then it coming to me!! I create greatest competition tengaged ever see!! And now you being here!!

Han Jin: My New BFF ^.^ will be testing beauty, mind, and personality... it pushing everyone to limit.  Han Jin's best friend will having godly quality.

Every week contestant going through challenges... and you better doing good job!! Because those who doing badly, being up for elimination!  And if you hearing fatal words.. "Please Be Leaving"... You no longer in running!

So if you thinking you have what it take to being Han Jin's BFF, then Applying!!

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Han Jin:  My New BFF ^.^

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