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[PYO] Post Your Opinion, I'll Post Mine

1stMay 8, 2020 by BengalBoy
imagePost your opinion of me, I'll post my opinion of you. Longer comments will get longer responses and I'LL FINISH 'EM ALL 100% GUARANTEED 👌

paul028 - Big Paul 💪 an absolute NORN IRON LEGEND with creative blogs that people are always tryna rip off. Keep doing your thing lad cuz you always keep things light and humorous here and that's what we need in a sea of people who cry over Frooks and start drama. Also I'm full-on English mate you should know this by now lmao

JasonXtreme - Buckle up ya seatbelt Jase, cuz this opinion is about to get 😱😱😱😱😱😱XTREMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE😱😱😱😱😱 just like you said for me, you're also a fella who's full of energy and positivity. You're here to have a good time with ya homiez and not take things seriously. That's how it's sposed to be- how can the devil take a brotha if he's close to me? A true Toronto rep and glad we became buddies my man

EmmaM - EMMAM 😍😍😍😍😍 you are just the SWEETEST lil thing, you always have nice thangs to say and you're always fun and charismatic to chat to. Love chatting to ya cuz whether it's about White Chicks or methods of eating pu**y it's always a good time. Hope to chat more in future with ya lass

TrollingPenguin - CLAUD 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧 you're hilarious brother, we have about one chat every 3 months but whenever we do you make me piss laughing. An expert on the intricacies of the Tengaged economy and a proper Quebecois superstar.

PrinceVans - HOLY SHOOT IS THAT REALLY YOU? LMFAO guessing this is a copypasta 🍝 but then again you give me a long ass opinion about once every two weeks so I owe ya one big man. You're like my Tengaged little brother, one of the only blokes outside of the Lads I can always rely on for good solid banter. Whenever we team up trolling people it's hilarious but you're a right genuine lil fella as well and I'ma keep shipping #Vansdris. Top respect lad

Lachie227 - LACH ATTACH! I'm very glad to see you back on your account mate, wasn't the same without our occasional jokes about Gregg Wallace and his buttery biscuit base. Always had fun with you in the good ol' days when we'd have a chinwag in that random group chat, top respect Lachie

scooby0000 - Big Scoobs 🐶 you're one of the nicest lil fellas here and it's a shame a lot of people take advantage of your niceness and naivete. With that said, you're always a good sport and always hold ya head up high. You're the real Tengaged icon bud

hwest14 - The epitome of a Southern gent 🤝 even when people are tryna pull you into goofy internet drama you always keep it 💯 and respectful. We've always got along with each other from afar and you've always been a good spot, def the typa dude I could go on a night out with and wingman for one another for our respective preferred genders

Dustingate - STOP THE GAMES, IT'S CGY FLAMES 🏴󠁣󠁡󠁡󠁢󠁿 you've always stood out for ya unique blogs and humor 👍 you're wasting ya time hitting on me but I'll always root for ya chances with nmh95 and the rest of the gays

lemonface - gimp

joey96 - Big Joey P 💪 the time we bamboozled two people into targeting each other and took complete control of the game in STARS was hilarious and I've always rooted for ya champ

Kiara_xoxo - A real good lass who always brings some fun and personality to the blogs page 💪 we haven't really talked that much but you know what Kiara? I reckon we'd get along just fine 👌 hehe

3pi14159 - Big Epi Pen 👍 interacted a few times via blogs and you've always been a solid lad by all means and EVEN THOUGH you accidentally put your password in the username field when you registered your account, I still respect ya champ

Dash - D A S H 🏃 you're the type of lad who can have a proper chat with anyone about anything whether it's esports, the stock market, MMA, or just a good ol' bit of banter. A rarity on Tengaged and I'll always remember the time you inadvertently introduced me to Tyler The Creator so top respect for that

jdog - Y'know what Marcus, I've always felt like Canadian lads are among the only ones who can handle British humour and don't take themselves too seriously (unlike the soft American boiz) and you're a great example of that 👍 always got along well with ya lad

SeaViper - Oh stop it, you! You're going to make me blush! You seem like a true kween yaself pal

Arris - Proper good lad, always down for a chat and a chuccle and always keeps it real. Appreciate you mate keep doing you

BigJoeFrimodt - ALWAYS a good laugh and always coming out with the good blogs. The Dane who loves to entertain.

immaxyman - Give me a sign

sjsoccer88 - We've known each other ever since we were little young lads and, you know what Soccer Steve? You're one of the fellas on Tengaged who's never really changed. You've still got the same look, same hairstyle, and same personality and you've always been a good sport who can laugh at yaself as well as others. Good on ya my man and cheers to a drink 🍻

iiVoloxity - IIIIIIIIIIIIVOLOXITY! Another legend of Northern Ireland who always keeps up the banter and blogs about real life insteada frooks and shit. Proper good lad and we as hell would have a good time knockin' back trebles

cheritaisdelicious - CHERRRRITA! You're an alright lass but I think you're a bit inconsistent, you love being snarky but flip out whenever you even assume anyone is being snarky to you and you switch between calling out racism and defending it. Nonetheless, I get along with ya just fine and thoroughly enjoy your music recommendations! Also I ship you and colehausman #GIFlife

Sebbers - Big Seb 💪 you're one of the lads who's always been a top character ever since 2009. No one here can attest to having the same level of taste in obscure music, movies, and everything else as you and you're always a pleasure to chat to. Top respect brother.

MarekK27v2 - You're right lad you gave me a solid opinion a few weeks ago and I appreciate it. A proper old school lad who's always been sound. Had a good streak of merges together and always got along great. Glad you're back mate cuz Tengaged could always use more genuine blokes like yaself

Paige54 - LMAO sorry for removing ya off my first page lass but in terms of having hilarious chats full of random memes and making fun of inappropriate creepers, you're always on the metaphorical first page and a solid m8 👌 you've always been one of the kindest people on here yaself and you're always a top notch addition to group chats. Appreciate ya buddy *ruffles ya hair* *ticcles ya chin* *boops ya nose*

shellbelle - Michelle 👍 you're a fun lass to chat to every now and then, dunno what you're on about with the spoiled stuff but think ya might be projecting! Def the kinda lass I'd hit the shine with and I think the last song I listened to is Semi Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind.

TolisKalkas - Not rly into all that but you've always been a top bloke and a real fixture of old school Tengaged for me 👍

Insanity - You've been one of the nicest g*y men on this site. We've always had a good old chortle over shocked expression SnapChats and everything else. You're the typa dude who can find the humor in anything and that's why we get along like a pair of mittens 🤜🤛 top respect mate

Guigi - You're a disgrace to the Quebec flag. Nonetheless always enjoy our banter in group chats and mails 🤘

Matte - MATTE 👍 I always think it's weird that Tengagers complain about Brazilians on Tengaged and claim that they're disrespectul because you're a prime example that it's straight up not true. One of the most friendly and respectful fellas on the site who's easy to chat to, well traveled, and smart. Top respect amigo

DaveLooney - LET'S GET FUCKING LOONEY UP IN HERE! LMAO at the rugged reference, you're a smart fella yourself who clearly has a sicc sense of humour and I also appreciate that you're a respectful Tengayer who's not tryna get on the straighties and just enjoys a good convo. Def the kinda bloke I could play Air Hockey with

The_Kid - Lil Dyl 👍 one thing's for sure lil fella, you don't need to try and be like me cuz we need more peacemakers on this site. You're one of the friendliest and least dramatic people around which is saying a lot considering you're younger than most of the people here and still manage to be more mature. Appreciate ya bud and keep livening up group chats as ya do

BBlover96 - LMAO glad you're on the drink pal. We've never had much interaction and I only really know you for talking about being #1 in the HOF but you've always strucc me as a kid with a good sense of humour and a good head on his shoulders. Thanks for the opinion 👊

SAWCHUK55 - WHEW we've given each other enough long ass opinions this week so it's time to try a new approach hehe! Appreciate ya just as much beeb and glad we're back to talkin' like the good ol' days

RomaRiola - Definitely my fave Argenkrainian on the website and I don't see that changing anytime soon! You're great to chat to and I'm sure we'll become better friends in time 😉

pinkiepie512 - Grace! You're a Southern lass who's ALWAYS full of character even though sometimes I have to rush to turn the volume down when I press play on one of ya vlogs. Always enjoy chatting to ya in group chats and I'll give ya a workout alright!

Downeaster - On the Downeaster Alexa! It's funny we've low key known each other forever but never interacted much, after having a few proper convos recently I can tell we get along GREAT. You're a genuine girl with a quality sense of humor and your music taste is on point too. Def someone I'll be talking to more in future and beating in again 👊

peterya - Peterya 👍 only met ya recently but it's always great to have people on Tengaged who can hold a solid convo and use the blogs page for entertainment rather than DrAmA. A stand up fella yourself

Nikk1Grahame - Y'know what buddy? I think you're a person yourself

cotbey - cotbey 👍 one of the best Drews around 👍 no problem on the plusses and comments champ I do it for anyone who comments on my blogs so you obviously left me some good solid comments. Another fella who's friendly and not into drama, top respect.

Tester - You too pal

Judi - LMAO always liked ya, you're a great sport and always up for a laugh. I'll forever be shipping #JudiColeWorld

Johneh - LOL funny bloke even if you made the site rage with ya moderating

Macda27 - Well Mac I can confirm that will *NOT* be happening but nonetheless you're a nice kid and I ship you and garrievans

JustMe - My leading lady. Is it JustMe or is the shadiest person on tengaged is old enough to be the mother of most of you all? You're the last one I thought would STAB ME RIGHT WHERE IT HURTS. We will never be friends after this game! NO WAY!

PureEssence - From Notice me Senpai ^_____^ to the Weakest Link to the Kawaii Emojis ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) to our Fastings drafts to watching that film and being like WHY DID HE SUDDENLY GET 2 YEARS OLDER *screen says 2 years later* oh... to all the good music and lengthy opinions we've shared to making fun of you for eating a banana with a knife and fork, we have nothin' but good memories, heh! We always go through spurts of either talking all the time or not talking at all but either way you'll always be my favorite fan ♥‿♥

zachbbs - One of the dudes around here who gets misjudged a lot, you're smart, well-traveled, and good to ya friends. Looking forward to hearing more about your travels too champ, always wanted to go to Granada

FireX - 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥FIREX🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 one thing's for sure lad, whenever I see an ORG game announcing the players I'm always expecting a MEET FIREX blog. You're a cordial character who just does his thang and you're a good sport. Good on ya my man

captainzacsparrow - A Scouse lad who's always brings some much needed British banter to the blogs page 👍 underrated bloke, you always stay positive and entertaining no matter what 💪

cococolin122 - WHOA! Easy there lil fella! Funny kid and I thought your flirtmance with LB123 was hilarious (albeit creepy on his part)

Washed_Ravioli - Definitely deserve an award for one of the best and most unique names on the site 🏆 you got ya boy thinkin' of washed ravioli now smh I hope that isn't some kinda euphemism. You're chill with a good sense of humor, that's all ya need in life champ

Gerasimov - BIG CHAD 👍 I actually remember you from way back in the days LMAO, IIRC you were in The Epics along with Kyle, Matt, Cam, and Evan McCreary and we had a big convo about grunge bands. Top bloke and glad to see ya bacc buddy, let me know what you're listening to these days.


I think you're a tengaged icon omg, I've never been to canada or met someone from it but if their anything like you omg im gonna marry one
Sent by paul028,May 8, 2020
I've always loved your energy and positivity! I think you're one helluva jokster and your blogs are great. I'm actually bummed out tho that I wasnt here when you were looking for suggestions on where to go while you were in Toronto! But you're basically a 6ix homie at this point! All love bruv
Sent by JasonXtreme,May 8, 2020
Dru I think you're really genuine and hilarious to talk to. I love how you can crack a joke and put a smile on my face when I may not be feeling the best. I love how you're able to have meaningful conversations when you're not making people laugh. I'm glad we're friends :)
Sent by EmmaM,May 8, 2020
One of my fave ppl on this site fr fr love u king
Sent by TrollingPenguin,May 8, 2020
God, this is gonna take a while to write. Dru, you've been my friend now for a few years, but it feels like it's been decades because of how close we are. You're one of the realest people I've ever met on here and I love you for it. You're charming, witty, and absolutely amazing ♥. Your humor never ceases to make me smile or cheer me up on a shitty day, and you have no clue how much I love and appreciate you! You allow me to vent or talk about useless bullshit, so thank you for that. You're the milk to my cookies and I wish you the best in life because you damn well deserve it!
Sent by PrinceVans,May 8, 2020
honestly you're one of the funniest people on the website and there's not a lot of comparison. i wish we had been closer friends back in the day when this tie had consumed my life. our mixed appreciate for masterchef uk star greg wallace will forever stay in my heart thanks man

forever buttery biscuit base
Sent by Lachie227,May 8, 2020
A tengaged icon who has great positivity
Sent by scooby0000,May 8, 2020
Cool dude, funny, very authentic and memorable
Always had a super high opinion of you and I think we’ve always been cool! I think you’re loyal af to your peeps
Sent by hwest14,May 8, 2020
You have a massive cock. And you challenge me on amount of tengagers slept with bengalboy
Sent by Dustingate,May 8, 2020
Sent by lemonface,May 8, 2020
legend period
Sent by joey96,May 8, 2020
idk how it happened, idk when it happened but you are the king of tengaged. number 1 and I never seen you bad mouth someone on here before
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,May 8, 2020
I don't know you too too well but I'll whenever I've talked to you you seem like a great person and you seem like one of the nicest and most genuine people on this website
Sent by 3pi14159,May 8, 2020
One of the few normal people on the site. A massive troll who just wants to have fun and a good laugh. A top lad
Sent by Dash,May 8, 2020
you're an absolute stud. Hilarious guy. A true class act. Always a good dude to chat with
Sent by jdog,May 8, 2020
You seem like a true Kween
Sent by SeaViper,May 8, 2020
Chill and funny dude . Always nice to talk to!
Sent by Arris,May 8, 2020
Your a fuckin badass with a heart of gold. Also, you're funny as fuck and I think I want to be you when I grow up
Sent by BigJoeFrimodt,May 8, 2020
Very funny and entertaining
Sent by immaxyman,May 8, 2020
Uhm. We’ve known each other for awhile but I guess our first personal interaction was when you and paddy interviewed me lol. But honestly you’re a good guy. Tbh I didn’t care for you at first bc I thought you were one of those over the top people who always joked and never had a serious side but you’re a cool dude! I think you are very easy going and I enjoy our brief interactions we have now. Maybe one day when I visit overseas in the future when can meet to drink!
Sent by sjsoccer88,May 8, 2020
You say it how it is and are sound af and comment under all my blogs. Youd be the type of person I'd go on a night out with to some scaldy club in Belfast (Thompsons Garage?
) and we'd get both equally fucked off our head.
Sent by iiVoloxity,May 8, 2020
Lolz you laying a thirst trap for your fans. Um I don't know you that well, but I obviously see you on blogs a lot. Sometimes you say funny things. You usually like my songs. You seem smart enough to recognize when someone is being snarky, and also, to not say jif.
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,May 8, 2020
You're a stand up lad who's hilarious and complex.  Top lad on this site.
Sent by Sebbers,May 8, 2020
I've done it before in a good bit of detail and not much has changed.still an iconic personality on this website :)
Sent by MarekK27v2,May 8, 2020
Well you moved me off of your front page so you kind of suck, but other than that you're a top notch guy who is also defender of tengaged against the pedos along with Mr. SimpVans. You're a super nice guy and I write the same thing every single time there's a pyn. Probably one of the people I've talked to the longest on here and definitely one of the funniest and kindest people on this site <3
Sent by Paige54,May 8, 2020
You seem funny tbh. Also you never told me if you was spoiled because it seems like you are. Don't really know much about you except women here throw themselves at you like your the last bottle of shine. What is the last song you listened to? I did put what you said last time in my bio :) aint I sweet!!
Me holding a convo in the pyo
Sent by shellbelle,May 8, 2020
kiss me slut
Sent by TolisKalkas,May 8, 2020
You’ve been one of the nicest str**ght men on this site. Every time we chat it’s always been very pleasant. I’ll never forget when we would send piss snaps to one another (with the penis not visible of course bc that would be gay). Too respect m8
Sent by Insanity,May 8, 2020
that picture is a disgrace to the quebec flag smh.
Sent by Guigi,May 8, 2020
I find you very funny and a great dude. Always that I talked with you, it was very nice and I think we met each other in 2017 or around even if I've played here since 2010. I usally like British people and you are one of them :) It's nice chatting with you I hope we can go on a call someday to see if I can understand your british :P I'd love that. Keep moving tengaged forward dude
Sent by Matte,May 8, 2020
I like your personality and I loathe most people's. I also think people need to tell you that you're intelligent more often because you clearly are... I'm gay af but I feel like it would be really fun chopping down trees with you.... or like any other rugged activity maybe
Sent by DaveLooney,May 8, 2020
1 of my good friends from the chat. You always make me laugh. Someone I look up to and want to be like in the future. Love you Dru AKA BengalBoy
Sent by The_Kid,May 8, 2020
Well I’m drinking too so personally I think you are funny and don’t take this too personally and you are always a breath a fresh air in the crazy site

Now hit me with your best shot
Sent by BBlover96,May 8, 2020
Oh and you are hot
Sent by BBlover96,May 8, 2020
Sent by pinkiepie512,May 8, 2020
pinkiepie512 it's opinion for opinion lmao
Sent by BengalBoy,May 8, 2020
you are my ying to my yang honestly couldnt imagine u notin my life i absoluely adore u beeb
Sent by SAWCHUK55,May 8, 2020
Very nice and trusthworthy! Hope to be good friends ❤
Sent by RomaRiola,May 8, 2020
OH LMFAO!!! Dru you are such a king!!! You are absolutely hilarious whenever we talk and me and you have a lot of the same interests which I love soo much!!! You will always be my fave workout buddy!!! XD
Sent by pinkiepie512,May 8, 2020
youre one of the funniest people ive met tbh and like just so fast with jokes i never understood how u did it lmao i always aspired to be that way LOL and ur just an overall great conversationalist and friendly to everyone!
Sent by Downeaster,May 9, 2020
funny guy, super nice. We havent talked too much, but i can say for sure that every interaction has left a smile on my face. Funny, nice, and above all genuine, a real stand up fella.
Sent by peterya,May 9, 2020
I think you’re a person.
Sent by Nikk1Grahame,May 9, 2020
One of my fav memories of you from like 2015/2016 was looking though all my active blogs and seeing a +15 and a comment from you on every single one

It was always so random and unexpected and made me feel good!
Sent by cotbey,May 9, 2020
I like you
Sent by Tester,May 9, 2020
youve always been super nice to me and chill and honestly i respect that whether you actually liked me or not i always respected you
Sent by Judi,May 9, 2020
I would
Sent by Johneh,May 9, 2020
Hot daddy. Wish you’d fly to NZ and lose most of your standards for me x
Sent by Macda27,May 9, 2020
[21:22:37] Su3 ~JustMe~ *LM PL KH RT NA*: You know, I dont need your friendship, I dont need you, I thought you were a nice guy, so I talked to you, but if you are gonna treat me like shit then dont even bother, Im not a dog, im not gonna keep running back to you if you start being an asshole to me.
Sent by JustMe,May 9, 2020
one of the kindest and funniest people ive met on tg! even if we dont chat as much as id like us to bc of life and school, you are one of my best friends on here and always know how to make me laugh :) you're very genuine and helpful as well with just about everything. love u senpai ^_^
Sent by PureEssence,May 9, 2020
I think you’re hilarious. You’re very easy to get along with! You’re easy to talk to, and outwardly very confident acting.
I enjoy hearing about your travels, I always have a travel bug.

No bad opinions really. I tried to think of one, but you’ve never done me wrong 🤷‍♂️.
Sent by zachbbs,May 9, 2020
Your very nice and helpful. We have probs never had a legit convo but ill always help you and your always help me. Also bro your blogs are 🔥🔥🔥. We get to see not only the funny side of you come out but the serious side as well
Sent by FireX,May 9, 2020
One of the nicest people I've met on here, honestly one of the first people I remember welcoming me and being nice on here, always friendly and I like how you can turn anything into humour. Keep being a certified g my dude 👌
Sent by captainzacsparrow,May 9, 2020
hi hottie i lave u
Sent by cococolin122,May 9, 2020
I don't know you much but you always plus my spam and it seems like you're a Tengaged legend and I remember when you came back after being gone for months and everyone lost their minds lol. You seem like a really chill and good guy overall who is beloved
Sent by Washed_Ravioli,May 9, 2020
Hey Dru, my old account was Chad814. I know you as being a really chill and funny guy who could talk about good music with me for hours. Crazy to see you're still on this website, I hope we can talk a bit more. Anyway, you're genuinely nice to everyone on here and that's so rare to see.
Sent by Gerasimov,May 9, 2020

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