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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


1stMay 11, 2020 by BengalBoy
imageAnd I'll tell you if we'd bang

Dash - No
Akeria - Fraid not pal
3pi14159 - Not into all tha
cococolin122 - That's gonna be a no from me dawg
ShaneDawson12345 - Gonna have to take a pass on that one brother
shellbelle - Nah
EmmaM - yeah we would! (highfive)
Kiara_xoxo - Maybe if you take me out to dinner first
LuckyRabbit - We haven't met yet so I'ma reserve judgment on this one
TrollingPenguin - not rly my target demographic mate
Anas - LMAO sure won't buddy but we would have a respectful game of Pool
MarieEve - don't wanna cause anymore broken laptops
JustMe - you know it!
tofutime - that'd be kinda gay so nah
KingB24 - i'ma respectfully decline this one
PureEssence - yes but your boyfriend will have to sleep on the couch
Decisions - only banging we'll be doing is wallbanging with the AWP on CS:GO
stephlust - na
DaveLooney - that'd be a lil too looney for my liking
Lachie227 - no but i'm sure plenty of guys and gals would go for dat buttery biscuit base
brightongal - prepare ya showerhead 😉
Insanity - nah mate but still fond of the Insanity family
Willie_ - LMAO word we'd fistbump then BOOM but nothing cheeky
hwest14 - nah son we'd just wing man for each other
s73100 - don't think that's the move for either of us lad
pinkiepie512 - i'll give you a workout
Birks4444 - oh hell nah i'm neither gay nor a pea dough
Imthtawesom - LOL she's brightongal now
MarekK27v2 - gonna have to say no brother just not into men
gabrieltrezza - nah mate just not rly my thing
Bridgette77 - Oscar :) no
Druhhbby2 - if our paths cross
lexeyjane - not rly into all that sry lex
jason_2_12 - would be too weird for both of us mate
CocoaBean - not gay and not lookin' to catch gonorrhea
Phenomanimal - nah, we're survivor partners not domestic partners
SeaKing - not workin my way through the family 👀 top respect tho damon
JamesM - it's a no from me james
Johneh - nuh uh
Tammy2144 - gonna have to say no buddy
The_Kid - whoa i'm not c********1
aes222aes - LMAO ruski girl yes but we'd just bang nades in CS:GO
Carriexoxo24xo - nah but you too buddy
tycoon1234 - no mate just not into blokes
spikedcurley - word brother just lil peep bangers
Danger - WHOA get outta here with that gay shit and stop thirsting over wh*te cock
deshonbannedisback - nah buddy let's just play a game of Air Hockey
PrinceVans - simp
xoxokaci1 - like fireworks on the 4th of july ;)
Dustingate - hecc nah
Mario23 - it's a no, Mario
DanceyNancy - nah but we can have a quicc dance
TheJigsawKiller - ight mate we'll watch some footie instead
BigJoeFrimodt - cheers to that!
TolisKalkas - out of the bearded barley? nah
melindamrskk - we'll play Chess instead
temponeptune - absolutely NOT young man
tiffanox3 - if you're into dominant english guys and multiple orgasms yeah
joe1110 - hmm that'd be a little gay
meduncan - a true P!MP but not the typa person i'd bang
Bluejay7622 - nah son we'd just bar hop the six together
Funnehliner - nein
turkeylover - no but i'll stream shawarma by rina shawarma for ya
Guigi - clearly not since i dont even wanna have a drink with you you loser.
RoboZoe - oh no robozo!
Timberlie - no bromo


Delete this.....
Sent by Dash,May 11, 2020
RLY Dru? Thirst Trapping on Tengaged?!?!
Sent by Akeria,May 11, 2020
Sent by 3pi14159,May 11, 2020
me :(
Sent by cococolin122,May 11, 2020
im a boy so we can like watch porn without kerking if you want i aint with the sucking dick shit
Sent by ShaneDawson12345,May 11, 2020
Delete this....
Sent by shellbelle,May 11, 2020
Sent by EmmaM,May 11, 2020
are u hacked
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,May 11, 2020
Sent by SAWCHUK55,May 11, 2020
I didn't post my name haha I said delete this XD
Sent by shellbelle,May 11, 2020
Sure tell me!
Sent by LuckyRabbit,May 11, 2020
omg exciting
Sent by TrollingPenguin,May 11, 2020
i'd be like "sure will buddy"
Sent by BengalBoy,May 8, 2020
Sent by Anas,May 11, 2020
Sent by MarieEve,May 11, 2020
Sent by JustMe,May 11, 2020
Sent by tofutime,May 11, 2020
Sent by KingB24,May 11, 2020
Sent by PureEssence,May 11, 2020
Sent by Decisions,May 11, 2020
Sent by stephlust,May 11, 2020
i can change the gender of my avatar if u want
Sent by DaveLooney,May 11, 2020
Sent by Lachie227,May 11, 2020
Sent by brightongal,May 11, 2020
Sent by Insanity,May 11, 2020
We'd do the bang after we do our signature handshake.
Sent by Willie_,May 11, 2020
Sent by hwest14,May 11, 2020
there is no worry at all on that side
like 0 chance lol
Sent by MarieEve,May 11, 2020
Sent by s73100,May 11, 2020
Sent by pinkiepie512,May 11, 2020
Sent by Birks4444,May 11, 2020
Sent by Imthtawesom,May 12, 2020
Sent by MarekK27v2,May 12, 2020
Sent by gabrieltrezza,May 12, 2020
Sent by Bridgette77,May 12, 2020
Sent by Druhhbby2,May 12, 2020
Sent by lexeyjane,May 12, 2020
Jason XD
Sent by jason_2_12,May 12, 2020
Sent by CocoaBean,May 12, 2020
I need to know
Sent by Phenomanimal,May 12, 2020
Sent by SeaKing,May 12, 2020
id hit it
Sent by JamesM,May 12, 2020
Sent by Johneh,May 12, 2020
Im dead at Jadines message
Sent by Tammy2144,May 12, 2020
LOL this is funny
Sent by The_Kid,May 12, 2020
Sent by aes222aes,May 12, 2020
i know its a no but im here to say i love u
Sent by Carriexoxo24xo,May 12, 2020
Sent by tycoon1234,May 12, 2020
Only banging we're doing is listening to some bangers from Gus
Sent by spikedcurley,May 12, 2020
Sent by Danger,May 12, 2020
Sent by deshonBANNEDISBACK,May 12, 2020
Eiffel Tower me with yanderboy surely
Sent by PrinceVans,May 12, 2020
Sent by deshonBANNEDISBACK,May 12, 2020
i'd be like "sure will buddy"
Sent by BengalBoy,May 8, 2020
Sent by Birks4444,May 12, 2020
Sent by xoxokaci1,May 12, 2020
Sent by Dustingate,May 12, 2020
Me :D
Sent by Mario23,May 12, 2020
Sent by DanceyNancy,May 12, 2020
Ik ur str8, so how bout we skip the sex and go catch a football match instead
Sent by TheJigsawKiller,May 12, 2020
I'd rather go to the pub and wingman each other tbh
Sent by BigJoeFrimodt,May 12, 2020
Sent by TolisKalkas,May 12, 2020
Sent by melindaMrskk,May 12, 2020
Sent by temponeptune,May 12, 2020
Sent by tiffanox3,May 12, 2020
Will your willy fall off if you say yes to a guy
Sent by joe1110,May 12, 2020
Sent by meduncan,May 12, 2020
Sent by Bluejay7622,May 12, 2020
Sent by Funnehliner,May 12, 2020
stream sawayama by rina sawayama
Sent by turkeylover,May 12, 2020
clearly not since you dont even wanna have a drink with me you loser.
Sent by Guigi,May 12, 2020
Sent by Danger,May 12, 2020
me if i was a girl
Sent by RoboZoe,May 12, 2020
me no homo
Sent by Timberlie,May 12, 2020
Ok ouch
Sent by temponeptune,May 13, 2020

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