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Hello, my name is Lazeric

You know me I be the hoes choice :)

鈻圱V Star(X) May 11, 2017!!

First & Only Shop! (2/16/18)

Bomb ass name with a bomb ass personality! I鈥檓 a great friend who鈥檚 loyalty runs through the roof!

馃専Nice guy with Greek god feelings.

馃専Be honest to yourself don鈥檛 you ever pretend

馃専Loyalty has an expiration date you just have to wake up and realize it has expired!

馃専 I do what I want for myself and my gameplay and I make no apologies for it

馃専 I am not ok with coming up short .. I HAVE EVERYTHING TO PROVE!

馃専 We ain鈥檛 picture perfect, but we worth the picture still!

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  4. I鈥檓 the king, you the queen
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  16. Completed Season 1 of Riverdale
  17. Riverdale is great so far
  18. Is Riverdale worth watching?
  19. 6 more people Donate Health please
  20. Goodmorning all :)

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  1. Bambino said: ..dont know what you watching for! @Lazeric..

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